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I am moving!!! Help me pack!

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We are moving now! I don't have to rush too much to get our stuff moved as we are at my mom's house. We will be renting a house a few minutes away!!!

Where should I start??? We are starting to move stuff over tonight or tomorrow! Dh thinks I am packing right now! I don't know where to start!!!

Thanks mamas for your help!
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Well, I'm not too sure what kind of direction you are looking for but will say that this is a wonderful opportunity to get rid of a ton of stuff!

Also that Starbucks is a great place to get boxes, if there is one nearby. We moved three times in three years, and one of those times I was working at Starbucks and took their boxes home -- they are the perfect size to carry. Good luck!
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Just looking to see if there is a method that makes packing/unpacking easier.

Any moving helpful hints.

Thanks Melissa!
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Depends on how you're doing it-you said the new place is close and there's not a big rush to get your stuff rom your mom's? Here's what I would do: First thing to go is the barest of bare essentials. Pack as if oyu were going on a 1 week vacation to this house. What would you bring? Some changes of clothes, a couple towels, toiletries, some food and the smallest amount of pans and dishes you could stand. Then furniture. Beds, kitchen table/chairs, washer/dryer, dressers, end tables, shelves. Ok. See it's starting to look like a home? Now, what do you miss? The rest of your wardrobes? Kitchen stuff? That's what's next. The things you can do without for a little while but really help the day to day living go more smoothly. Then the rest of your stuff.

My best advice is to PURGE while you're going through everything anyway to pack it. Have a bag and a box available at all times clearly marked as donations.

If it's the opposite, and you're moving things first then people, just reverse everything. Start with the stuff you won't miss. Get as much furniture as possible set up ahead of time. Decide where things will go in the kitchen.

One thing that helped me a lot was having room tape. I got it from u-haul, basically it's just brightly colored tape and each color has a room name written on it. You could also just use various colors of duct tape or something, pick one color for each room and put a big strip of it on each box in the right color. It's a lot easier, when you have a truckful of boxes, to glance at the tape color instead of trying to read each box(which you should still mark very detailed-ly) and figure out where it goes.

I've moved so many dang times in my life. Hope I helped a bit.
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Thank you Sarah!!!
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Let us know how it goes!
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ITA with color-coding boxes and rooms they are to go into. And definitely do take this opportunity to purge-purge-purge!

Don't waste time putting dishes in newspaper or other packaging if you can avoid it- you are just making a lot of extra work for yourself. Use your dish towels, bath towels, and the lik to pack them.

Don't put boxes down in one place and then distribute them- take them where they belong before they touch the floor.

Empty boxes completely once you start- don't leave things in there because you aren't sure where to put them, or you'll find them there 2 year from now. Either find a home for them or toss them.

Good luck!
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the best boxes I ever used were the boxes that alcohol comes in, those things are STURDY! If you have a liquor store nearby pick up some
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We ended up just moving almost everything over......but we put it ALL in the detached garage.

That way I can bring in one box at a time and find a place for each thing. We moved about a week and a half ago. So far, things are going pretty good. I will keep you all posted!

Thanks for the support mamas!!!
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Thanks for the update- glad to hear things are going well.
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