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How many of you have a name/names picked out? We call our baby *Inshallah*, it means god willing, although we are not religous people the name stuck as we lost two babies the year prior to this pregnancy, so in the beggining i had a real issue with my partner talking too positive about the outcome of this pregnancy.. i thought he would jinx it..so he started adding Inshallah, when he reffered to the babe...it stuck, I am not sure if it will be the name... we are waiting to meet the baby until we pick anythign for sure.. somethign about choosing name for another human being feels weird too me, if we haven't actually met.. but we have lots of choices (too many probably).. just curious what peole call theri babies, or what names (unless it is private of course) peopla r thinking about...
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We picked out the names long ago. We had both names picked before I got pregnant. We weren't "trying" really but we weren't not "trying". We found out it is a girl (my feeling was right!) Her name is Neveah Ann. I felt very much aware of the fact that she is a girl and what she would be like in the very beginning. I have dreamt of her alot. I can't wait to see her! Its getting close.

The boy's name was going to be Logan Clay.
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We've picked our names out already, but good point about picking a name out for a person before you've met her. We can always change our minds if the name doesn't fit, I guess.

Anyway, we've picked Sophia Rosemary if it's a girl. We picked the names based on sound and meaning/significance. We like Sophia for its connection to knowledge, and Rosemary was my grandmother's name. Also, we garden and we love herbs!

If it's a boy, we've selected Dmitri Alexander. My husband's family is Slovak, and there are a couple of Dmitris or Mitros among his ancestors, but that's just a coincidence. We were surprised to find out after picking the name that it was the name of my husband's great grandfather, so his grandmother is really happy.

We also found out later that Dmitri means "lover of the Earth" (didn't realize the connection to Demeter), so that really sealed the deal for us. Alexander means "defender of man," so the meaning of that one worked out, too.
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Still deadlocked here and getting nervous.

I want Ethan. He wants Ian. Can't seem to come to much of an agreement on anything else.
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We decided on a boy's name a long time ago-- right in the beginning of this pregnancy if not before. Girls' names had us completely stumped until recently, when we finally settled on one we think will work. Our name dilemma alone makes me think this is a boy, since we had the opposite problem with our daughter (chose her name immediately, had settled on something for a boy). We're keeping the names to ourselves until the baby is born.

hawkfeather- That's such a lovely name, especially given the significance. Hopefully, if nothing else, you can use it as a middle name.

sarajane- I love Neveah-- did you come up with it on your own, or did you read it somewhere? It's one of those perfect unusual-without-being-too-strange names that we're always searching for.

julesmiel- Rosemary is still a strong contender for this baby, if it's a girl. If we end up with a redhead, she will almost certainly be Rosemary. Otherwise, we'll go with Plan A. Pretty name!

sip217- Those are two great names. I've always liked "E" names for boys-- Ethan, Evan, Everett-- so I would vote on your side. But Ian is wonderful too-- you can't go wrong!

Y'all have such good taste!
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We have two girls' names and two boys' picked out in case our favorites don't seem to "fit." We're not telling anyone though, inlcuding internet folx :P

No middle names, though. :/
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we had three boys names and three girls names narrowed down, but after my grandfather died last week we decided on one boys name. it incorporates my mil maiden name, my grandfather's name, and my DH's middle name. for the girls we have the three, but i'm not crazy about any one of them. her middle name will most likely be my Sil's middle name as our bella has her other aunt's middle name.

we like long pretty names, kinda classic ( leaning more towards royalty type names LOL) alexandra and isabella are our two girls, but it's really hard finding a third that goes well with those two. and the other criteria is that a cool nick name has to come out of it. like alexandra is xandra, and isabella is either bella or belle. i think picking a name for an unborn person is an IMPOSSIBLE job LOL.

so, i guess you can say we're still working on it LOL.
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We're really undecided. I have a hard time with boy names. Plus we have the problem of someone not liking every name we come up with, so we're not telling our mothers any more ideas!!

I really would like to have 2 or 3 that we both like, and then pick one after we see him.

For now we call him Sprout. Dh says at this rate that'll be permanent, LOL.
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ours was dubbed by dd as "Ooey" weeks ago. of course, that's not what we'll call her when she's born -- though it might stick as a nickname.

we like Lydia, Madeline, or Alexandra for a girl and we're torn on what it'll end up being. we're probably going to wait until we've met her face-to-face to give her a name.

for a middle name we're settled on Joy.

none are family names. though, the one with the most significance would be Lydia. i like it because she was a strong, female character in the Bible (she's in a leader in the church in Acts). though it's not one of those biblical names or characters that's too common or well known. madeline and alexandra are just names we like.
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I love Neveah-- did you come up with it on your own, or did you read it somewhere? It's one of those perfect unusual-without-being-too-strange names that we're always searching for.
Well, it is a name/word I actually made up years ago for a totally different situation and when I thought of it thought...that would make a beautiful girls name. I am not one for ordinary names really. I wanted something different so I went with it.

It started out being Heaven backword but we changed the spelling to eah instead of aeh.

Turns out the name has been thought of before (of course, they all have practically). It is actually a Slavic name that means butterfly. The name Nevaeh (heaven backward) is a pretty much brand new name that is American meaning well...heaven.

Ann is my mothers middle name and it is Hebrew and means gracious.

We are having a gracious butterfly.

I know, I'm being cheesy.
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Last time I got to choose first name for a girl and middle name for a boy. Dh got to choose the middle name for a girl and first name for a boy (he's pretty adamant about the boy's first name, you'll see in a minute). Because dd is a Leo and that zodical sign is strongly associated with the sun and fire, I went with Serena (plus, I liked how it sounded, especially since I say it so much these days! ) Dh chose Vennice, since that's his maternal gradmother's name.

For this round, Dh is choosing the first name. He likes Alexandria if it's a girl and Jayme if it's a boy. I've decided on Rose for a middle name. Girls happen quite often in his family, so having the girl's name ready was more important for us.

HOWEVER, I'm pretty certain this is a boy. So finding a middle name for Jayme has been difficult. I've asked if he'd be willing to go with James, but no, it has to be Jayme. Jayme would have been his older brother, but was a full term stillbirth. No one seems to know why. My MIL felt supersitious and went back to starting all her children's names with the letter K. (Her's starts with L, my FIL with J and all the kids are K. They had decided to try a new letter.)

So... feeling somewhat superstious, I've finally settled on Phoenix. Meanings of name are important to me and Phoenix just feels right.
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well, now, only dd and dh and i know this babys name, but it has been in place since sometime late in the first trimester. i really feel that i was told his name, by him or his angels or the creator, or SOMETHING, it just felt different than, 'we chose a name'.

first let me tell you how dd's name came about, forgive me if i have shared this before, i just love the story because i think in a way, many of us HAVE met the babies inside of us before they are born. when i was pregnant with dd, we had a boy name and a girl name very certainly chosen. well, two weeks before my edd, i had this sudden pannicky feeling, the girl name was wrong, and i couldnt live with it. in its place a girl name instantly came to me- not one that had ever been on our list. the second i told dh the name he loved it too. lo and behold, we had a baby girl. and she is exactly her name. i really think that at the moment i changed my mind on the name, it had to be because i got this sudden sense of who she was. maybe that was the moment her spirit descended into the body for the first time? or maybe i was just suddenly more open and able to hear her message, since we had sort of kept our fingers crossed for a boy?

with this baby, his name came to me just as strongly, same feeling as with dd, middle name and everything. i told dh, and good thing he liked it, because there is really no debate to be had, this is the baby's name. no big surprise when the ultrasound revealed boy parts .
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What a great thread!

My dh & I have a hard time deciding on names. It was as hard this time as it was last time. Well, I should say girl names, we had a boy name picked out immediatly w/dd (before we found out she was a girl). Our boy name was Cole Thomas (my dh is a Thomas).

With dd we settled on Olivia as we both liked the name (we hadn't agreed on any other names). Her middle name is Anne for my sister.

This baby is Charlotte _____. We haven't picked a middle name yet. One being considered is Rose, but it's not set in stone yet.
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it's really interesting how some names really suit people VERY well. like my girls, alexandra and isabella. i forget the exact meaning of alexandra, it's the male version of alexander, and it has something to do with being a defender of mankind or something like that. well my alexandra fits her name's meaning to a T. first off she is small but STRONG. she has a lot of natural beauty and is quite fair, she reminds me of a little greek goddess LOL. she has long blonde hair and light blue eyes, and is extremely protective of her family. her little sister isabella, which holds a meaning close to beauty, is truly a beautiful child. she looks more italian with light brown hair, darker blue eyes, and has darker features than her sister. she too is petite, and just beautiful. she is also more "delicate" than her big sis.

i don't think that any other names would've suited them. i'm SOOOO anxious to see what this baby comes out like . so we can get the perfect name for them too.
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I'm really into passing on family names but we had a tough time with a girl's name because it had to go with Edith as a middle name. Edith was my very beloved great grandmother who passed away a few years ago.

Girl: Corey (unsure about spelling) Edith (g'gma's name)

Boy: John B. Jr (aka Jr.) just like my DH, his dad, and his dad's uncle.
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I think today we finally settled on Grant.
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we were lucky enough to have agreed on names RIGHT away and have never looked back. since 8 weeks ! our names are:

augustine isaac
olive adeline

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Oh we had the worst time picking a name. We have very similar taste in boy names but not at all in girl names. Still with DD it didn't take us nearly this long. Just about two weeks ago we finally agreed on Madelyn Claire. Madelyn means strong woman and Claire means smart. How can that not be a way of blessing a little girl? That could change if she's born and we just think no no but we went through literally hundreds of names before getting to this point. I suggested it and Dh said he could live with it and by a couple of days later it was definitely the name.
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Great name! My name is Madeleine Claire!! I have been very happy with it.
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Ah that's neat! I didn't realize until I checked that Madeleine and Madelyn are actually two different names with Madeleine meaning strength giving vs strong woman. Our DD is Caroline which is why we're doing Madelyn vs Madeleine so that their names don't rhyme.
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