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It's funny but I am from England and my name is not pronounced like the book Madeleine, (as in rhyming with Caroline) like it is here in the USA. It has always been pronounced Mad 'elaine', as in rhyming with 'lane' and sometimes people pronounce it like Madelyn. Whatever
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That is interesting. We have enough trouble with people insisting on calling Caroline Carolyn so I'm sure their names will end up rhyming no matter what we do. :LOL I give up!
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We have had names picked out a long time ago. It's weird, though . . .I don't know if I love them, but I can't bring myself to think about it anymore. I wanted it decided early in the PG and that was that!

I thought I'd feel better after the u/s-- that way I could really think about just ONE gender-- but the u/s left us hanging. DH IS psychic, though. He's predicted 7/7 babies' genders so far, and he says girl this time, so that's what's in my head. On the off chance that he's wrong, though . . .ack!
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We had a heck of a time deciding on a boy's name, but the girl's name came easily. At least, after DH admitted that he didn't like the girl's name I'd been in love with since high school. So we renegotiated and it took us about 5 minutes. Boy's name took us about 2 months or so.

If Sprout's a girl, she will be Natalia Grace.
If Sprout's a boy, he will be Gabriel Dean.

The "Dean" is a family tradition. My grandfather, great-uncle, and father all share it as a middle name.

Story that makes me giggle: DH had been set on using William as a name, because it's a family tradition in HIS family, sort of. None in his generation, but his uncle, his grandfather, and several other family members share the name. I was -not- -thrilled-, but for tradition's sake and with some cajoling I agreed. Then he was talking to MIL about the names we had picked out, and she HATED William. Why? "Too many men in the family have that name!" Hee hee. That just makes me laugh.

If this baby is a boy, and later on we have another boy, the middle name of Son #2 will be William.
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well, our baby is back to having no name. according to my girls the baby is a girl, and will be called Sister. so, for now that's "it's" name LOL. my DH was not in love with the boys name we had chosen, and i'm having a really hard time finding something i like to go with arthur as a middle name. for a girl, we can't even come close to deciding. i've put all of the names i like and LOVE and there is not a single one of them that my DH will agree to. it's kinda a PITA, because right now, this child won't even have a bunch of names for us to chose from LOL. we'll have to come up with something after they're born i suppose.

if you have any suggestions for girls and boys names please throw them out here for me LOL
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With our first 2 children we pretty much had their names picked out. Our first boy was to be named after dh. We don't have a name picked out for this one. All of our children are named after family.

dd #1 Karolyn Marie
dd #2 Kristin Elaine
dd #3 Katie Lyn
ds #4 Cresencio Clayton
dd #5 Elsa Ann (I wanted Kamryn Jade long story on that one, but her name fits her now)
ds #6 Rocco Drake

Katie, Elsa and Rocco all waited a couple of days before they were named. Another nice thing about homebirth. lol
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Nothing like waiting til the last minute...I just bought a baby name book yesterday as I can't find our old one that has all our notes in it. I've been looking for it for months now and with 7 weeks to go finally gave up.

Last night I finally told dh that he needs to suggest some names as it's been driving me crazy that I come up with an idea and then he comes up with problems around it. Well, maybe that's not entirely true, he's really pushing for Oblio from Harry Nilsson's THE POINT story, which I just don't know if I can do. I like the way it sounds and feels in my mouth, but it ISN'T a "real name" and ds#1's name Finn was about as funky as I want to get, but who knows maybe I'll change my mind. Our closest friends just used the name Oliver, which I had always envisioned as the 2nd boy name we'd use and for some reason I feel like it's not an option anymore.

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We have decided on Clara Violet for our little one.
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