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any other Hindus out there?

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Just curious . . .

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hi darshani, i'm not hindu per se, but i majored in world relgions in at uc berkeley, studying mostly religions from india, and then i got intensely into yoga and lived in a little yoga commune for a year here in ca doing asana practice, karma yoga, etc, and then i read the teachings of ramana maharshi and poonjaji, and they really touched my heart, and i was attending satsangs with other folks that are into them (basically, advaita vedanta, nondualism, kinda zenish, very sweet and beautiful), and THEN I gave birth to my little goddess Serenity and became a full time devotee!!!
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Nice to meet you! What a beautiful name for your daughter! If we have a son next time we are considering Santosh for a name. As you probably know that has a similar meaning.

Aum shanti,
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We are Vaisnavas. =>:-)
I am from here- US and my DH is from India.
We have 1 ds named Vrndavan das. I'm currently pg due in May.
Hari Om
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Namaste and congrats on your expanding family (and belly!). :-)
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I would say, yes and no. Yes, because DH and I have spent time in India at an ashram, and were married there in a Vedic ceremony. Our son's name is Shankara. We resonate with Hinduism more than any other relgion--we have pictures of Hindu deities in our home, along with figures and symbols from other religions; we sing bhajans--though not as often as we used to, but listen to tapes of Hindu devotional music often. Then, I also say no, because more recently we don't find ourselves identifying with any particular religion or philosophy persay. I think if anything we could call ourselves Advaitans--love Ramana and Ramesh Balsekar, Nisargattata, etc., and others who are not Hindu and would not label themselves "Advaitan" but they pretty much are. Anyway, I am rambling and perhaps not making sense, but I remember from another thread, Darshani, that you are going to India soon-yay! We really want to take DS when he is older. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip. I love India so much. I didn't get to travel around much to temples and other holy sights, but would love to some day. Namaste!

Oh, I just noticed you are in AZ, USAmma. Where? We are in Prescott Valley. Will you be coming to the all-AZ gathering in Jan? Or will you be in India by then? Hope to meet you some time. Heather
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Hi Heather,

I think you are whatever you feel comfortable being. I go through very religious phases and then other phases where I get out of religion for awhile but still maintain my core beliefs. That part of me has not ever changed, only what I call myself. Hinduism most closely fits what my core beliefs are, and dh and I agreed that we are going to raise Abi as a Hindu so that's what we are.

I'm in Chandler. I am so sad I'm going to miss the gathering! Maybe we can make it a monthly or quarterly thing and I can catch you next time. We are leaving on the 4th. I am keeping a journal while I'm in India if you want to travel in spirit with me. You can find the link on my website. www.darshani.com

I would love to meet you sometime in person! You sound like a neat person!

Aum shanti,
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I checked out your webpage and read some of the journal. I loved seeing the pictures of your wedding--brings back memories and "homesickness" for India. I'm sorry to hear you won't be at the gathering, but I'm sure we'll do it again sometime. I would love to hear how you met your husband, etc. It's wonderful how his family welcomed you so lovingly. I have a good friend who married an Indian man (he was raised in the US and his family is here too), and his family was NOT happy about it. I'll be sure to visit your journal now and then while you're gone. I really look forward to meeting you someday.
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I'll meet up with you again on these boards later! The marriage issue-- I got lucky in the IL department I think.

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HI Darshani!!!

Hi Darshani,

I keep running in to you at all the NP boards! You are in India now...and for the record...yes Darshani hit the jackpot in the in law department for sure! My husband has met her parents and can vouch that even he was a bit jealous to that she and her hubby have such a flexible family.

To everyone else, my name is Jyotsna, and I am married to a man from India too. We have three beautiful children and we are also Hindu.

I am Scottish American, and all three of our children are adopted from India. Someone here mentioned that they have a friend married to an India and the inlaws aren't happy. I can understand that. That was exactly how my inlaws felt in the beginning. However, they have all mellowed out for the most part. I have traveled to their home twice now..just recently there this summer. I guess there is a part of me who wishes they would boldly embrace me...but they are so very traditional that they can't really do that. They accept me via my husband.

I tried to put a photo with my post earlier, and it wouldn't stay. I will try it again now.

Jai Ganesha,
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I'm so glad to find this thread -- I did a search for "Hindu" just before starting a thread looking for other Hindus! I'm from India and I am Hindu, married to a white American ex-Catholic! It is hard being surrounded by only one religion and culture IRL, so it's good to find some others here online. Not that I am particularly religious at all, but one's spiritual foundations have a way of informing one's everyday life.
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Hi summermom, Just wanted to let you know that there's a new list through SAWNET (South Asian Women's Net) that has a lot of Indian women living in the US and Australia. You can email me for more info and I'll send you the address. Most of the women seems very NP and AP. We are just having a discussion on family beds right now

darshani @ darshani.com (take out spaces)
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While I am not Hindu, I do nanny for a family that is. The mother is from India, the father is Indian but grew up in New York....They have two beautiful girls!

Ira (the mother) told me that her marriage was arranged, but she did have a choice to marry or not. Her Dh and her have been married for 10 years now, and love eachother very much.

Because I was never exposed to "other" religions (other meaning other than Christianity), this has been a little of a "culture shock" for me. Both the husband and the wife have gone to Montesorri (SP?) so they are familiar with Christian beliefs, so this makes it esier for me to relate to the kids. We don't talk religion a lot, but it is hard because they have idols all over their house. So Priya (the oldest age 6) is always telling me about "the elephant god" and how she prays to him, I tell her about how I pray to Jesus. We just share, nothing else. I am not trying to convert her kids or anything like that.

I guess I am not much help around here, just wanted to share. I am glad that my DD will be exposed to other cultures, since I grew up in an "all white" area, I hope that she learns to love other cultures as much as I have.

BTW: Darshani how did you meet your dh?

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