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Poop smells like bread-yeast?

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I have a 6.5 mo old dd who has eczema-which is a lot better due to 2 weeks on an elimination diet-she is totally breastfed. However, dh remarked her poops smell like freshly baked bread, which they do. Is this a sign of yeast? If so, what do I do to get rid of it? I'm taking pro-biotics 2-3 times/day and giving her some once a day. Is there anything else I should do?

I see that in "Is this your child?" by Doris Rapp, she suggests mycostatin or Nystatin powder or tablets which "make the yeast cells explode." Does anyone have any experience with these? She says they are virtually nontoxic, but I wonder.

I had to take antibiotics (Keflex) for 20 days when dd was about 2-4 wks old due to a breast infection. I lost a lot of blood at birth so I think my immune functioning was low. Then when she was 6 wks, I had to take 10 days more of the antibiotics because they found a piece of placenta still inside which was getting infected. I was told there was minimal transfer of the antibiotic thru the breast milk, but I wonder if there was enough to throw her out of balance.

Thanks in advance for all your help!
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I would seek out a naturopath and do some tests. It's probable that you are the one with the yeast problem and you are passed it onto your DD (like I think I did with my DS).

Natural antifungals that are safe while bf'ing (and some are safe for your DD too) are cod liver and flax seed oil, coconut oil, vitamin c (sodium ascorbate), grapefruit seed extract, grape root extract, psyllium, Candex and probiotics.

But I think you should see someone to recommend a regime for you both.

Sounds like you and Moneca (Mountainmon) are in the same position...have you seen her posts?
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