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Does your ds/dd leak at night?

Poll Results: Do you get nighttime leaks with your baby?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 38% (64)
    DS stays dry in cloth
  • 40% (68)
    DD stays dry in cloth
  • 7% (12)
    DS leaks in cloth
  • 1% (3)
    DD leaks in cloth
  • 6% (11)
    We use sposies, no leaks
  • 5% (9)
    We use sposies, and they still leak
167 Total Votes  
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Do you have a ds or a dd, and do they leak (in cloth) at night?

If they do not leak, please describe your nightime diapering system. (Especially if it's a boy! )
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No leaks with our Fuzzi Bunz DD is a super heavy wetter and flooder. We stuff with 2 JB's, a wool doubler in between those, amd a microterry insert or towel on top.
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My dd is a pretty heavy wetter herself. We use a FB stuffed with a Lullaby Diapers hemp insert and two doublers-one in the insert, one on top. No leaks, ever.
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I voted for ds. I use whatever diaper-doesn't matter to me which-usually a firefly nightime dipe or a rb fitted,size 1.Then I take 2 thick doublers, add in. Then, snappi a prefold around it all, then a wool cover-in a medium~his sisters size~or a bummis snap cover. Sometimes I add an extra doubler between the prefold and cover-sometimes not. His little butt is SO big. But he can still crawl if needed and he seems very comfy. And anything less and he will leak. He is always very wet in the morning!But the cover is mostly dry
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We were having major leaks until we realized that her covers were too small!

Now, even though she can flood a diaper, a premium CPF is plenty for her at night. And she has been known to leak out of a sposie at night. I think she is a "power" pee'er than anything. She saves it all up, and then opens up the floodgates!

We often stuff a pocket with a couply of Joey Bunz and a microfiber towel. That works well, too.
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I use either a Darling Diapers AIO or my own with 2 hemp doublers, and we never have leaks. Ok, rarely to never
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Dd has become quite a heavy wetter and the only time I have had wet sheets in the morning is when I forgot to put on a cover...:LOL I always make sure the diaper is snug around her legs and I think that's what has saved us. Dd holds her bladder for hours and then pees all at once.
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DS wears a Sugar Plum Baby OV w/ snap-in trifold soaker (OV topped of course ) with a SCC double layer wool cover over. He doesn't leak, BUT if he's wearing pj pants, the pants creep in b/w the cover and diaper and get wet : I'm thinking of getting a Tiny Tush organic wool pull up soaker to remedy that
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I've never had any luck with dd in pockets at night ...but that's just us ...I think it's because I could never find one that fit HER perfectly ... and then there were the repelling issues.

Back when she was a heavy wetter (which she isn't really anymore) we only had leaks when I skimped on the absorbancy ... hemp doublers saved us!

Nowadays the only time we have leaks is when the wool covers need lanolizing (and right now I can't find the bottle of lanolin I had on the bathroom counter ...darned PG brain) ... night time diaper is a hemp fitted of some sort with a 4 layer hemp french terry doubler and a joeybunz fleece topped doubler as well or just a plain FCB maybe with an extra doubler thrown in (favs are FCB because I don't have to go searching for a fleece topped doubler :LOL) ...and I'm hoping we'll LOVE the nightlights (if they EVER get here) ...
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No leaks here - thank goodness! Well except for the time (twice actually) that my mom got her ready for bed and didn't put a cover on....but those don't count. :LOL
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We use FB stuffed with a HH insert and a micro insert for DS. No leaks at all. If all FB are dirty we grab a hemp pocket fitted stuffed with the same. We add a wool doubler and our Aristocrat. It's a bit more bulky but works great . Ds can be a heavy wetter at times, not every night.

Hope you find a system that works for you
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No leaks for dd here. We use a sugarbums hemp fitted with snap in doubler, a wool liner and another hemp doubler. We cover that with a trim wool cover and put knitted longies or butt sweater longies over that. In the summer we just use picklepants over the diaper combo and that works great.

I do sometimes have leaks with my four year old dd if dh forgets to double cover. She typically wears a PUL aio to bed and we put either a wool cover or butt sweater longies over that.

I think the double cover does the trick for us.
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No leaks in cloth

Toddler boy

System: Poochies or other thick fitted with fleece topped doubler. Under the doubler but in the diaper, 2 hemp inserts (jbs or similar). All that under wool or fleece pants (usually fleece).

This will hold him all night. Lately, he's been waking and requesting a change (or two) overnight, though. The last dipe I put on him in the middle of the night is usually dry in the morning (last night he was dry from 4 am until 9 am).
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No leaks here- I voted for ds, though I have both.

dd (toddler)- sugar plum baby hemp fitted with trifold soaker, Bumpy wool cover

ds1 (toddler)- Peewell fitted diaper, Aristocrats or Bumpy wool

ds2 (infant)- sugar plum baby or peewell fitted, Aristocrats or Lana wool
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Not a lot of leaks here on our toddler...just very recently as he's starting doing the holding pee thing...He wears a fleece lined Muttaqin to bed under an Aristocrat or lambswool pants. This has worked for six months quite well.
Our baby leaked all the time in cloth so he wears sposies. His Nightlight is pretty good- it's the cover issue we're having problems with. Hoping Jaime will solve that one this week
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***Please don't hate me****

I put Jack to bed in whatever is handy, usually one of the same fitteds we use for daytime, and some recycled sweater pants. He never leaks, he is never completely soaked, he nurses all night to boot. He doesn't care if he is wet either.

I do change him when I go to bed, about midnight, then around 7am when I get up. So he isn't in the same diaper for hours and hours like some of the heavy sleepers here.

I will not be surprised if his pee patterns change, but it is pretty easy for night right now.
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No leaks but he will wake up wet!

I have 2 options I'm using currently for my 16 month ds heavy night time wetter.

1. Fuzbaby Sleep tight, but I take the doubler and fold it in half and stick it behind the flaps so at the boy wet zone I have 12 layers!!!!. Then use one of my wool covers. But he wakes up damp with this system, some times I put a suede liner in.

2.FluffyMail Night lite I was so lucky to get at the last stocking, these are completly fleece line so he wakes up dry, and the doubler you stick in the pocket has been enough for us, but if I neede I could stick another doubler at the wet zone. This also just in one of my wool covers.
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No leaks....usually. A week ago he started peeing like a...ammmm...I don't know....but ALOT!

We just change our system all of the time and experiment. Last night he had a fleece/flannel insert, trifolded ubcpf, and a premium ubipf snappid on top with an aristrocrat cover. The premium and aristrocrat were not even wet this morning!!!

Bulk him up! And then you can experiment with trimming the system down.
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Most nights we put DD in a Little Beetle with a doubler and top it with knit wool pants or a RumpWrap. Occasionally we'll use a premium UBCPF with an infant CPF as a doubler. No leaks. But after reading in this forum I think DD must be a pretty light wetter (she was sure an explosive BF pooper, though!).
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We uses ddipes for night only and even they leak. Especially dd1. One morning, she was wet from the shoulders to the back of her knees.

I still haven't find the right nightdipes for my dds.
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