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Does your ds/dd leak at night? - Page 3

Poll Results: Do you get nighttime leaks with your baby?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 38% (64)
    DS stays dry in cloth
  • 40% (68)
    DD stays dry in cloth
  • 7% (12)
    DS leaks in cloth
  • 1% (3)
    DD leaks in cloth
  • 6% (11)
    We use sposies, no leaks
  • 5% (9)
    We use sposies, and they still leak
167 Total Votes  
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No leaks.

dd (11 mos) wears a nightlight w/heavy wetter insert and either a fuz easy, toot sweet or sugar peas wool cover. Many times when I change her in the morning the outer layer of the NL is only wet in one spot. This is after sleeping for a good 12 hours straight.

ds (almost 3) wears a fuzzi bunz stuffed w/2 joeys.
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I have a boy, and NEVER a leak. I use fitteds(mostly my pocket fitteds) and wool(either covers or longies) and I never have a leak with him. I never have to the best of my memory.
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We haven't had a leak in a very long time. We currently use an SOS with an SOS doubler for night under knitted wool pants. In a pinch I will grab and OV lined RB and add a doubler and that works just as well (under same knitted wool pants).
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Originally Posted by gottaknit
If they do not leak, please describe your nightime diapering system. (Especially if it's a boy! )
Premium Prefold, with 25-28-31 layers of hemp in his wet zone, snappi'd, topped with thick wool longies or a thick soaker (both made of a 9-ply cabled yarn).

Sometimes the soaker feels a tiny bit damp to the touch, but not enough to where his sleeper or sheets/blankets are damp or wet.

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I have a 5mo DS who stays dry every night he wears a FB with two inserts (of varying kinds - whatever's clean! :LOL). We occasionally go with a fitted and wool - Fussybutt fitteds are the best we've tried, and can hold up to a full night, along with a two-layer organic wool RumpWrap cover! So, we're in the "rarely to never leak" category.

ETA: I don't even use a doubler with the Fussybutts, but I have used a doubler with a hemp Mutt and it's worked great, too! Our stuffers for the FB are usually one microterry insert on top, then either another microterry (MOE), a hemp insert (JB, DIA, JamTots), or a PF under that. I have recently ended up with one of the above plus 3 or so smaller doublers, and that's worked great, too.
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My girl leaks a ton - soaks if we don't use (unbleached) disposables. I know many hate them, but at least we discriminate against the mainstream stinky pampers and such. DD can't use wool anymore because of her eczema, so we aren't sure what else to do. I am curious what works for other heavy wetters.
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both kids wear a FB stuffed with one hemparoos prefold (green serging) and one medium JB...no leaks
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DD did well in FBs at night for a few months then started leaking. We switched to Tots bots with a jb and fleece liner covered by wool and that worked great. Then she developed excema and we had to start using sposies for night. I tried to go back to cloth for nights last week and she got all red and angry after just two nights. I wish we could do cloth 24/7 but it just wasn't working.
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Ds is 28 months old and we use Wonderoos at night with 3 Moe Micro Terry inserts. And man is that diaper heavy in the morning!!! Every once in a while we will get a leak, but that is when i us a FB or HH.
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After many many diaper and cover combinations we have found something that works for us every night. It's not hit and miss, no leaks in well over a month. I have boy that is 17 months old and is a heavy wetter.

Loveybums organic velour diaper or one of her quick dry velour diapers.
Sugarpea wool cover (which this shouldn't matter, any cover should work).

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ds and dd stay dry every single night in Fuzzi Bunz
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My 22 month old wears a drybees windpro fleece pocket diaper at night with a microfiber/hemp fleece trifold - no leaks. (unless he takes it off in the morning) -ugh, boys! LOL www.drybees.com

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I voted no leaks on DS (8 months) but it took some experimenting to get to that point, and we do still have the very occasional (maybe 1x/month) leak, but that's mostly if he has had extra to drink and is in the dipe for longer than usual.

We put him in a medium FB stuffed with 2 Wonder-Fulls inserts at around 6:30 pm and don't change him again until between 4:30 am and 7:30 am.
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Evan only leaks if his fb isn't tight enough, he seems to be inbetween snap szs so I never know which one to pick! lol Evan just wears a FB w/ a med HH stuffins insert. AJ wears a FB w/ a joey and a hempers pf. He used to have to have a joey and a premium pf in there, but he doesn't wake up at night anymore for a drink usually so he's good in a less bulky diaper.
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No leaks for my dd, now. I was getting leaks with fuzzi bunz, but they just didn't fit her right.

I use my own fitted's (stretch terry diaper with a four layer french terry insert, topped with micro fleece) and a wool cover. She wakes up wet, but no leaks
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Boo's not a boy, but we use fb at night stuffed with one MOE microterry and one joeybunz. She's pretty full in the am but no leaks.
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I have a boy and he never has leaks at night now that I've found what works. Every night I use a Fuzzi Bunz in the next size up (I use a large at night but med or petite during the day). I stuff it with either a hemp fleece prefold from Baby Kicks or a premium cpf folded up in the front. Then I put on either fleece or wool pants over the FB. He never ever leaks using this and it doesn't make for a giagantic booty. He used to leak all the time especially in disposables. I tried so many different combinations until I found this worked best.
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both my dc wear fuzzi bunz stuffed w/hemparoo prefolds. never had a leak
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A cloud 9 softie and recycled sweater wool cover works for us. The diaper is really really wet in the AM but it doesn't leak! The C9s are large on her (on the tightest snaps) and I think that helps. I line them with suedecloth, too. Any wool cover seems to work pretty well. I think of her as a pretty good pee-er and she is a night-nurser too, but so far it's worked... hope I don't get jinxed by saying this
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no leaks here...we use a fitted w/ lots of hemp doublers and 7thheavenbabies wool cover...love that wool. once i switched to that, never ever had another leak!!
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