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Wellbutrin and Nursing? OK?

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Is OK for me to be taking this antidepressant and nurse?? If not can someone reccommend a med similar to this that is OK to take??
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It should be fine. Here's what Dr Hale has to say about it: http://neonatal.ama.ttuhsc.edu/discu...tml?1106082985
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Honestly, none of the antidepressants (and they really are more alike than not) have been shown to have any negative effects, it is just that there hasn't been enough time or research to prove it. Welbutrin has been around a long time and used a lot. If it is helping, I would stick with it.
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Thanks mamas!! I called the pediatrician about it and they said it was OK. So, I called my internist and he said that it is OK to take but he doesn't reccommend it since there are no studies in breastfeeding women. I was considering trying to get off of it anyway. So, we are going to try it. I did let my DH know, so if I start falling back he will let me know, if I don't realize it.

The thinks what threw me into depression are no longer factors so I am hoping and praying that I can do this!! I would love to be free from myself AND free from drugs. KWIM!? But I defenately DO NOT want to feel the way I did before Wellburtin.

Wish me luck!!

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Doctors have to tell you not to take it- cause they can not ethically do studies on children like that- right- oh lets see if this hurts a kid- right!
But as you see here many moms take many different medications- and they do not hurt their baby while bfing.
Just my two cents.
I would go with dr. hales book.
And if he oks it and your babe seems fine- he is fine.
GOod luck tho if that is what you want to do!
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The whole reason why I asked in the first place was because I noticed a difference in his temperment when I didn't or forgot to take it. Granted, he was in a much better mood when I did take it and all.. it obviously is effecting his personality, and I don't want to continue to "feed" it to him if I can live without it! We are going to give it a go and if things start going 'downhill' I will get back on it! I definately dont want to go that route again!

All the doctors I talked with all said it was fine to take. ALL OF THEM!! But my internest is alway so personable and honest with me and when I asked what he would suggest for his self (if he were me) he said that he would try to do with out it. I am greatful he is honest. My pediatrician and OB all said no problem taking it, but I was interested it trying to do without it anyway. Since, as I said before, all those factors that caused it are no longer a factor!!

Thanks for the info mammas!
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