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How important is Early Weight Gain in a Twin Pregnancy?

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I posted this in my due date club, but then I got to thinking that maybe I need expert Twin advice!!!!

I am TRYING to gain!!! I wanna! I really wanna!!! I am trying sooooo hard!!!!!!!! I felt bad right after my last appointment when I hadn't gained, and then I relaxed...but now as the new appointment is coming up....I am feeling anxious again.

I have my appointment in a week....and I know my MW is going to rip me about it : I haven't gained. She wanted 24 lbs by 24 weeks. So, I'll be 15w and no gain yet! With multiples apparently you should gain at least 1/2 of your weight before the third trimester. Early on, I lost 5 lbs in one month, and then 9 lbs, and now I just haven't gained, but am not losing. I am getting *really* close to my 150 g of protein a day (I'm usually right around 120 but trying to boost it w/ protein powder.). I am eating 'full fat' dairy and cheese. Protein powder added to everything I can stomach adding it to. I've even splurged on 'empty calories' on most days just to gain...which feels totally silly! That's not 'good gain', KWIM?? I just can't seem to gain. I had a the nutritionist review my 5 day diet recall and most days I am getting almost 4,000 calories a day I am 5'10" and 155 lbs. She said I must just have a high metabolism.....LOL So, I'm going to take that to the MW appt and show her I am totally TRYING.

This does follow the 'pattern' of my previous pregnancies. I had no weight gain up to 30w with my first and at term I'd gained 30 lbs and he was 8.5 lbs. Then with my second I hadn't gained anything up until 24w and ended up gaining 35 lbs in the 10w until he was born at 7 lbs 14 oz for 34w!!!

Maybe my MW is over-emphacizing this?? Or maybe I'm just over-freaking about it!!! LOL I'm just wondering *how* important early and increased weight gain is for the babies. I know they are growing well as I can 'see' that in my nice big pooch! And I am eating well. I just wonder how important that ultimate number on the scale is.

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I actually lost weight in the first trimester because I had so much morning sickness. I couldn't keep anything down. During the second trimester I began to maintain my (then) current weight, and I think it was around the time I hit week 24 or so I started putting on some pounds. I never was urged to keep gaining, but that may be because I had some extra pounds I was carrying before I got pregnant....? I remember trying to eat 3000 calories a day and it just wasn't possible. I was so sick in the beginning and then I had so little room in my body for food (it was taken up by babies! ) that I don't think I ever reached my daily caloric goal. Everything was fine in the end. My girls were about 4 1/2 pounds each & they were 2 months premature.

The last thing you should do, though, is get stressed about it. That's the last thing you or the babies need. I think the important thing is that they're growing well and you're eating the proper nutrition.

Are you following Dr. Barbara Luke's diet? She's got good info on adding extra protein--which I was always told was more important to emphasize than actual weight gained. If you haven't yet, check out her book "When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads".

Good luck!
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I wish I had your metabolism.

I didn't gain much in the first 1/2 of my pregnancy, before I knew it was twins. I tried hard to get enough calories through the last half, after reading about how important it was. I didn't eat nearly as well as you, it sounds like, and my twins were 8 lb 2 oz and 9 lb 2 oz. I went to 39 w 2 d.
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Thanks!!! I'm trying not to freak out...it just keeps creeping back in a little here and there when I start thinking about my appointment next week! I'm not following Dr. Luke's diet, but I *think* I have that book. My IM bought a ocpy of every twin book available on Amazon for each of us! I'll go check out Dr. Luke's protein suggestions!

Hi Adria I talked to you on Amity's...thank you for all your advice! I sometimes wonder if knowing so early that it's two has made me more worried than if I didn't!!! I have been visualizing 37 weeks for these two....but I am warning them....no more than 7 lbs each....as I think of your almost 20 lbs of baby!!!!
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I was told to gain 24 lbs by 24 weeks too, but only gained 10 even though I was eating quite a bit. By the time I delivered at 38 1/2 weeks I had gained 40 lbs. My babies were a good size 5 10 and 5 12. Do the best you can, but don't worry too much about it. Congratulations on your twins. It is truly an adventure and a blessing.
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I agree with the others, it sounds like you're eating great! So the babies should be getting what they need, don't stress about the number on the scale.

I lost 20lbs in the first trimester (thyroid issues, didn't know it was twins, so not as big a concern since I was overweight to begin with . . . ) gained that back plus another 20 over the rest of the pregnancy. My girls were born at 35 1/2 weeks & weighed 5lb 11 oz & 5lb 2 oz respectively. I may not have gained a lot but they got what they needed IMO.
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I didn't gain any wieght in my first trimester, I was so sick. During the second half of the pregnancy I felt better and ate and ate and ate... and my boys were 7.1 and 7.11 when they were born.

Don't freak out, it sounds like you are getting a lot of nutrients!
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No advise, but a funny story...

At 7 1/2 months, I had gained no weight at all ( permanant morning sickness, heavy to start, and a 1 yo to chase). Midwife sent me to an MD, just to make sure all was well. MD said I simply HAD to gain; eat anything and everything that you can. I asked, "Does that mean hot fudge sundaes and espresso milkshakes?" He said absolutely, and he wrote on a prescription pad, "Hot fudge sundae, once daily, with whipped cream", and "espresso milkshakes, PRN, administered orally". I thought this was terribly funny, until I went into early labor that very night, and never got one single prescription ice cream!!! Ahhh, the great injustices of life!
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mamarhu!!!! That is SOOOO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am also having trouble gaining weight. WHen not pg, I look at chocolate and gain a lb. but now . . . I DON"T EVEN WANT CHOCOLATE!! What is that?

I gained a total of 15 with my son and he was 8 1/2lbs. So far, I have gained about 12 at 27 weeks with these 2. And I am sure I am eating at least 3500 calories a day, many days more than that. Whole milk, cheese, eggs, eggs, potatoes, pasta, smoothies with protien powder, even fast food occasionally, sigh.

My OB isn't worried either. They are measuring fine, so he said to relax and eat whatever I am craving. Because of my first pg, he thinks I just have a really efficient system while pg.
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No advice or funny stories here, just a link: www.drbarbaraluke.com has her latest info. Also, her latest edition of her book has recipes. Good stuff! I highly recommend her online nutritional service. I paid $250.00 and we corresponded every week during my pregnancy and still keep in touch to this day. She's awesome and she can tailor a diet to your particular needs and issues. I can't recommend her highly enough.

That being said, it sounds like you're doing all you can. I mean, how much more than 4000 calories can a person eat? :LOL Keep up the great job!
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Tell your MW to lay off, or you'll go elsewhere. You don't need to be stressed, you need support. You sound as if you're eating great, skip the junk food. I was told it's hard to get enough eggs, so I ate a few a day, for protien and cholestrol.

I had horrible Morning sickness. I lost consistently. When I delivered I'd gained 60lbs! Most of it piled on the last trimester and a half. My ultrasounds showed babes of healthy weights, so it was me who was suffering.

Have a great twin birth!
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Thank you for asking this question and to all the mamas with your good replies. I've known about three weeks now that we're expecting twins and have been eating so healthfully and just so much.... but still have not gained much overall and was starting to stress about it.

Part of me was amazed that the ultrasound that told us there were two showed the twins were perfect sizes for their ages because I had been SO sick from about week 6 to 16, and subsisted mostly on French toast and cream of wheat -- it seemed like a miracle they had grown at all when I was eating so little (and throwing up so much). So I keep hoping that now that food is staying down, and now that I'm eating much more of it throughout the day (and night), they will continue to grow and thrive...

Anyway -- just wanted to say thanks for the reassuring words.

Mama to DS (born June 2002), wife to DH (married Sept. 1995) and expecting twins (early July 2005)
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I didn't gain anything my first trimester with my twins. I had pretty bad morning sickness until about week 13 though. I wound up gaining quite a bit the last half of my second trimester and gained 35 lbs total when I delivered at 32 weeks. My doctor had wanted me to gain 50-60 lbs by the end of the pregnancy. I think I might have made it if they hadn't come early. With my singletons I always gained slow at the beginning too.
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Holly, how are you feeling these days?
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I am feeling alright. I forgot to come post over here though! We lost one twin Ultrasound this week showed her heart no longer beating and she was smaller than the other one--who is doing great though! Since it was an early loss and they are fraternal, it shouldn't affect the other baby. We are just watching things closely for a few months and hoping for the best.
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Holly, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope you allow yourself to grieve as much as you need to. Take care of yourself. I'm happy to hear that the other one is doing well, though.

I wish you all the best.
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