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vitamin E oil for stretch marks?

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what do you know about it?
where and how to buy a good vitamin E oil (if it's theoretically supposed to work, of course)?
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The consensus I've found is that no matter what you do to try to prevent them, stretch marks will come if they were meant to come. It's genetics...if you have skin that stretches well, you will be much less likely to have stretch marks at the end of the 10 months than if your skin doesn't stretch well. Of course moisturiser and drinking lots of water may help, but it doesn't help everybody. You would be able to find lots of lovely creams and oils at whole foods, I found something called jobacare, it's pure jojoba oil and it is so gentle to even the most sensitive of skin.
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I know all the stuff about the stretch marks and unfortunately my skin does not seem to be the type that will stretch nicely. but we can try to help it, right, even thouigh I know that nothing is a guarantee.
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Trader Joe's sells Vitamin E oil that is very reasonably priced. It's also great for your skin, though it may not prevent stretch marks! You can also try Palmer's Coco Butter oil, that you can get at most drugstores. I love it - in my opinion it smells a lot better than baby oil. Sorta like chocolate!

Good luck!

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And come to think of it, Palmers also makes a Vitamin E oil....I've never tried it though because I love their Cocoa Butter oil.
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Thanks Jen!

I am currently using Palmer's Coca Butter Cream. But slately it does not seem enough. I put a lot on, and it gets absorbed in a snap and I don't feel like it's leaving my skin all that soft. I'll try their oil!
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I just got some vitamin E oil. I it. I find it really leaves my skin moisturized. I used it with my ds, but I didn't put it on my thighs and that is where I got all my streach marks! I use it along with another moisturizer because the oil itself is so sticky. I am 29 weeks and no new marks yet I know if they are meant to come there is nothing I can do to prevent them but it is nice to pamper myself.
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I love using vit E oil! I even use it on old stretch marks. For me they have faded quite a bit. It is worth a try!
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Kathleen, what do you mix your oil with?

and what kind/where do you guys get it?
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Mine is now brand from the natural foods store.

I use it straight on problem areas. I use olive oil everywhere else.
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the oil I am using is "nature's gate" pure vitamin E oil Roll on, I put it on first, i will leave it for a minute, then i use some moisturizer on my fingers and go over the spots that i put the oil on and every where else. I am using "natures gate" "organics fruit blend ultra-hydrating lotion", (it was on sale) I bought both of them at the health food / organic store here in Vancouver, I think it is owned by wild oats an American company.
I like natures gate products because they always list all the ingredients, they don't test on animals or use animal by products. My skin is sensitive and I have had no reaction to either of these so far (about ten days of use) I also have been using them both on my face, the vitamin E is really good on my forehead and above my nose which has been very dry lately.
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I really believe that my extra-vigilant (ok maybe obsessive) use of oils has kept me stretch mark free so far- my mom has horrible deep stretch marks that started at like 6 months- so I don't really buy the genetics stuff- of course it could be that I have my Dad's skin.

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I started to use "Mother's Special Blend" after I get out of the shower (it's a blend of almond oil, cocoa butter, vitamin E oil, and other oils) and I use pure Shea Butter every night before bed- I use Olive oil too from time to time. The thing I look for in a product to prevent stretch marks is that it has to be OIL- not some sort of lotion that has oils in it- but pure oils- no water based stuff since they absorb so fast and don't moisturize as well.

This along with the fact that I drink TONS of water, eat a healthy diet rich in nutrients, and haven't gained much weight (25 pounds at 35 weeks) I think has kept me stretch mark free- I just hope that my skin will stretch a little more for me these last few weeks
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I agree with the pp's that either you are going to get stretch marks or you're not, and oil is probably not going to make a difference. But, who cares, because rubbing oil on yourself is a very soothing and loving thing to do for your baby and yourself, nevermind stretch marks. Last pregnancy, I bought a bottle of "Belly Oil" from the health food store, I forget the brand, but it was a nice herbal oil with an olive oil base. I have also seen "Belly Balm" that is more like a salve, that is also supposed to be good. This pregnancy, I'm going to make my own oil. It's going to be an infusion of herbs (calendula, lavender, rose petals, and chamomile) in almond oil. I just got the herbs last night and can't wait to start using it!

Incidentally, my last pregnancy, I faithfully rubbed the belly oil on my breasts and belly every night before bed, and I never got stretch marks. This pregnancy, I'm 24 weeks already and have not started using oil yet, and so far I don't have any stretch marks. I don't care if i get them or not though, I just want to use the oil cause it feels good!
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