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Do you have any IRL friends still nursing?

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Are you a lone ranger or do you have real life friends who nurse older babies and up? I dont' know if I would have emotionally handled family pressure ok without my friends to see nursing their babies to remind me it's normal. But I know a lot of mommies out there are alone? What about you? What's your support network look like?
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Umm... I have hung out with Meco (MDC mama) a couple times. I think she is still nursing her 2 yo, but actually I never asked. Hmmm... Meco, are you?

I only have a few friends w/ babies, most are younger than mine, and the older toddlers were all weaned around 6-8 mo. One mama friend (with 2 toddlers) was soooooooo impressed that I was still nursing at 9 mo. It was wierd, I didn't know what to say. She was paying me a compliment, but I didn't know how to take it without putting her down, yk? Her dh is a doctor, so it's not like she doesn't know the benefits...

I do wish I had EBFing friends. But at least none of my friends have criticized me for it. If they are thinking anything bad, they aren't saying it, cuz they know I would rip them a new one. But I don't think they're thinking it; I think for the most part they know I am an intelligent person who makes informed decisions, and they respect me.
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Well, given that many of my friends we met at LLL, yes I know several people still nursing.

Two good friends recently weaned their sons (one at 2.75 the other at 4.75). Another good friend is still nursing her son who is 52 months (her DD weaned at 5 years).

Several of the mothers at my DD's "school" are nursing their children who range in age from babies to almost 2. I am quite certain DS is the oldest child who is nursing there (or that the people have *ever* known).

Family--- my nieces and nephews were nursed from zero days to 14 months. But, they are mostly older (the only one younger than DS is actually my sis's step-son).

Other friends--- weaned at or around one year (at the latest).

At this point I don't really need the support to feel "okay" about what I am doing. I am much more confident than when DD was say, 13, 14, 15 months... or even harder 24, 25, 26 months. I do wonder how I will feel when/if DS is still nursing after DD had weaned (50 months) but I have another 9 months to deal with that, lol. The oldest nursling I have known well IRL weaned right at 5 years, so if he goes longer than that I am sure it will be a big time of questioning for me, but that is a LOOOOOONG time away.
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most of my homeschool friends who have younger children nurse them. All of my playgroup friends nurse their babies, some nurse older children as well. I am really amazed at the amount of real life support I've found! Nobody bats an eye at the idea of my almost four year old still nursing occassionally.
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I know lots of mamas here in CT through Friendly Forest and a couple other groups who nurse "older" children. I know tandem nursing mamas, mamas nursing (or who have nursed) 3, 4 and 5+ year olds, pregnant and nursing mamas ... I'm very blessed!

When my oldest was young I had a different group of "mainstream" friends. We slowly drifted apart and I think it was mostly due to the fact that my parenting style was much different from most of theirs and my belief that child-led weaning is best for our family made some of them uncomfortable. A few were friends since high school and it was disappointing to lose their friendship, but I think I'm much better off being friendly with them when I run into them but not hanging out with them.
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Coming out of lurkdom to say, I have only met two people IRL who have /had nurslings as old as dd#1(29 months). One was at LLL and the other an online friend from another board I frequent. I have one friend from church who nursed her dd until 15 months. Th eother babes I know were weaned at a year or less.

It is very hard not to have real live people to talk to about nursing todders and tandem nursing. That's why I'm so thankful for internet.
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I know at least five mamas from church who nursed until 12 - 13 months and then felt it was time to promptly wean.

But in our AP playgroup, there are some mamas nursing 3 year olds still. It's fun when we've gone to the museum as a group. You could see one mama nursing a 19 m.o., another mama nursing her 13 m.o. and then her 3 y.o, and another mama nursing her 2 y.o. We're quite a site.
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We are stuck in a very conservative area. I am fairly new here, so only know a few mamas with children of similar age (between 1 and 2 years old) The other mamas weaned at 12 months, like it was a milestone. Paige is 15 months and still nursing like a champ. We plan to self-wean.

One of the mamas in our playgroup made a comment about Paige's extended bf-ing, saying that she weaned as soon as the ped recommended year was up, because didn't want her daughter to remember it.

Now, I am happy to say that my dh is very supportive. He told the woman that he hoped Paige would remember bf-ing, and how much she enjoyed her special time with mama. I my husband!

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Unfortunately, it seemed like I was the only EBF'er on the planet. None of my friends BF'ed, and none of my family either chose not to BF or only BF for 6 weeks.

That is awesome what your DH said, Hokiemum! I think DD does remember nursing, she self weaned at 17 months, which is fine by me!
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When ds was about 8 months and we went to LLL for the first time, there were several moms nursing toddlers and/or tandem nursing. That was a big huge encouragement to me for looking into it further, and once I'd realized how healthy it is for both of us, a huge help in continuing in spite of some family pressure.

Now I am acquainted with 3 mamas "still" nursing, only one isn't an MDC mama.
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I'm a Lone Ranger. I don't know anyone IRL who has nursed passed 12-13 months.

My playgroup friends all stop nursing before 6 months.

DD is 25 months and I plan to CLW
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I remembered one! I know an AWESOME woman who bf'ed her dd until age 3! Her dd is now 17. This woman is not a friend, we just have friends in comon, but we have met a few times and each time ds has nursed in front of her and she is soooooo encouragng. As much as I love getting support here, there is just nothing like IRL support.
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I don't know anyone irl who has a nursing toddler. I know of 2 women in a club who have olderchildren that were in LLL or nursed until 2-3yo. The rest of the women I know either nursed until 12mo or didn't nurse at all.

Thank goodness for my DH and MDC!
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I am very fortunate that my two closest girlfriends IRL are also nursing a 12 month old and a 13 month old. Also, I am in MOMS Club and there are several moms nursing babies beyond a year
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The only person I've met in Wichita, KS that is or was nursing a toddler is our local LLL leader.

I'm the lone ranger, and while I don't get really any push-back from DH or relatives or friends, I don't exactly have "support" either.

I have an acquaintance who's having a baby in Julyish, and I'm really hoping that she might nurse longer than a year, by seeing me do it. She's kind of a dunderhead, though, so she probably won't.

It would be sooo neat to know someone who's like me IRL.
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I'd say I'm a lone ranger, I have one acquantance that I know has EBFed but she lives across country so I never see her. I use to work with her mother. I think most of my friends and family think I'm a freak and some have eluded to that but I'm too old to care what they think!

I do plan on going to my first LLL meeting at the end of this month so I'm hoping to meet like-minded Mommies.

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Through LLL I know lots of extended nursing mamas, but outside of LLL, no. One of my IRL friends nursed her son until he was 21 months & intoduced me to cloth dipes.

HokiMum- I have nursed *in* Kingsport, when we were eating lunch there while passing thru. I love NIP in places like that, trying to subtly encourage (or shock ) other moms.
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My Aunt nursed my cous until after her 2nd bday. So that takes the pressure off me a little. As for friends...nope, I don't know anyone who extended bf.

-signed 19 mos and going!
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I know at least a couple mamas who nursed their toddlers when I used to live. One woman I know nursed her about 2.5 yo son through a subsequent pregnancy and told everyone in the playgroup (not an AP playgroup) she planned to tandem. She reads Mothering, don't ya know. Another woman I know nursed to around age two, but I'm not sure if she weaned when she got pregnant with the next one or not. I moved, and I don't know anyone here, though. I hope I'll meet some IRL friends here who nurse longer than the norm soon.
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I now a couple of mommas in RL nursing, but their babies are both under a year yet. I don't know if the one will go beyond that or not, and the other posts here and most certainly will if I'm any judge of comments.

Most of my friends are beyond this age with their kids.
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