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Hi! I'm Jennifer, and I'm the mother of a just turned 2 year old daughter Avari. I completely suscribe to the philosophy of child led weaning and I know that I'm going to need lots of answers and support in the years to come!
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blessings fellow mommas...

I've been nursing babes since 2000 and my older sister is amazed at "how perky my boobs still look." And I am just happy that I have a husband who is so into this little family of ours, its a crazy fun ride, isn't it!?

My almost 4 1/2 yo still nurses before bedtime, but not in bed for a short while now and wow, sleep, glorious sleep!

Be well sister-mommas!

Momma to Nadia 8 (self weaned at 3 1/2) and Sonja 4 still happily hanging out at the mommas milk fest
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Hey! My son is almost seven months old, and we're nowhere near ready to wean, but I'm trying to figure out how long to play keep away with my food, and when I should give in and let him have some.
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Child led weaning is what I have been doing for a while now, but I did not realize it, I just knew I had decided when I thought my daughter (2 years, 3 months old now) should wean (at one year, I thought) and she strongly disagreed, so I kept pushing the wean-by date back and at this point I'm not sure there is one any more...
It has been a struggle because most people I know think I am weird or indulgent because they don't get it and they have thought that I just need to "take the situation in hand and stop the nursing".
My DD is a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, intelligent kid who knows her own mind and the CLW has been her idea, her father and I have just been going along for the crazy ride.
So we take it day by day and my little one shows no signs of giving up the "ookie" and I have dealt with accepting that my plans for weaning are not her priority! Forcing her to wean is not what any of us wants and I have really explored and tried to resolve my feelings about EBF and nursing a toddler, which were ambivalent at first. I still struggle at times and I hope to get and give support to other mamas on this journey.:
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Still going strong with my almost two year old and no end in sight! But am starting to feel a little lonely in my neck of the woods. His friends have been weaned for a long time now!
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Hello everyone, i'm Janet, i have 3 children and am still breastfeeding my youngest (4 year old girl).She shows no signs of stopping and I'm completely committed to child led weaning.
I have two other children, both boys, one of 9 and the other one is 6.
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I'll post an update. Not sure when I last posted to this thread! My younger daughter was 4 in May and I really did hope she'd wean by her birthday, but that was not to be. Now, she nurses only at bedtime and for less than a minute. Sometimes she forgets. I don't know when she'll stop but this means a lot to her so it's cool!
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I think this is great! I've always subscribed to the "minimum of 2 years" of nursing but never made it with my first two dd's. I was on hormonal BC with both and it either changed my milk or completely depleted it and so they "weaned" at about 16 months.

This time, I'm practicing Natural Family Planning and my almost 15 month old shows absolutely no signs of slowing. I'm excited! I am in it for the long haul. I spoke with my dh about it today and asked what he thought and he said, "I think you should nurse her till she wants to stop". I LOVE HIM!!! Having his support means the world to me.
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Hi Im Bonnie

My son is 3 months old today. I am so surprised and happy to have made it through these last 3 months still breastfeeding. It was very hard for me, because I had to deal with gas, fussiness, oversupply, overactive letdown, latch problems, allergy problems. Now we are finally starting to get the hang of it, and even though it's not quite perfected - It feels good to know that we made it through this much and we can take anything else that comes our way God willing.

I have always believed in Child Led Weaning.
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I'm Ari,
I have been a nursing mama for 5 years and and 5 months!
I have been excited about joining a forum for child led weaning and now I can join do to my faster connection.
I can feel that ds is almost done, but perhaps I can offer support and experiences.
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Originally Posted by ChrUnschoolingmama View Post
This time, I'm practicing Natural Family Planning . . .
How? Is your LO night-weaned? I still don't feel like I have a dependable enough rhythm to my sleeping to be able to count on temps. DD wakes up once or twice a night, usually in the early morning. I wouldn't be able to make her wait for me to take my temp before joining her in bed and nursing her back to sleep! sigh... I just wish I could go back to NFP, but I think it will have to wait.
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nothing wrong with motherlove

Hello everyone, I am new to the boards. Happy to find you and this thread. I am nursing my second babe. She is 18 months and has every desire to continue. I do too. My first decided to move on from the breast at 2 1/2. One of the best decisions I've made is to honor my girl's process. What better expert than my own child on her needs of nurture at the breast. As my mother said about CLW, "there's nothing wrong with motherlove.":
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Originally Posted by caryyorkbirthart View Post
As my mother said about CLW, "there's nothing wrong with motherlove.":

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Hello! I am Melina, 26, mama to 19 mo b/g twins Oscar and Matilda. They've been bfing since birth, initially mostly pumped, since they were preemie. Matilda was nursing from breast exclusively at 2 weeks old and Oscar was bottlefed ebf for 3 months. I fought against nipple confusion hard for those months, and with the help of my MIL, he finally got it and within a day we were fighting nipple confusion again- he wouldn't take anything but mine! Not entirely sure how long breastfeeding will fit into our life/family situation, but I fully intend to give CLW a go. We're planning on playing it by ear. I hope to make it to 2 years, and from there, who knows?
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Hey ladies,
I only read the first few replies, but I'll add my info...
My name is K and I'm a first time mom to ds who is about to turn 18 months. I never actually thought I'd be able to breastfeed - my nipples are (were!) very sensitive. But after a bit of a rough start, my son nursed exclusively until he was about 6 months.
Since he turned about a year he's really cut back on the nursing. I think we're maybe pulling back in tandem, because I work nights and if I would be too tired to wake him up when I got home I would wake up totally engorged and uncomfortable. Since I don't nurse him to sleep at night, it's been a nice transition for me to cut back.
At this point he only nurses upon waking. If he wakes during the night he'll just come in bed with us, nurse, go back to sleep, and nurse again when he wakes up in the morning. It's nice, the bonding, without all the added pressure of having to make sure I'm nursing often enough or ending up with mastitis....
I hope with all of my heart that the rest of our nursing goes equally on the same sort of mutually comfortable basis. I know that I can't forsee cutting him off, so to speak. And I hope as long as I'm happy continuing to nurse that it's a nice thing for him too. I'm not ready to quit - it's so sweet!
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Hi I'm Lizette and I'm nursing my 21 month old DD Ana....with no signs of stopping. I'd never thought I'd do CLW but it's looking more and more like that's what's going to happen!
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I'm Melanie. I didn't get to nurse my first, now 4, due to horrible advice. We had ONE decent nursing session after we came home from the hospital, where beyond not helping me, I was actually asked "what are you going to do when you get home?" when on my last day there I was *begging* for some answer for this baby who would not stay awake and nurse.

He did ask a couple times when the new baby, now almost 21 months, came on the scene. It was more about curiosity and I think just to see what I'd say?

and now I came mostly to talk about where to go with 21 month old DD, who seems to have fully weaned herself with a baby brother due anytime.

I don't know if I belong here or just at 'beyond infancy' since we're not even really past 2, but I figured if anywhere, people here would have experienced where we are.
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Hi! I have three boys and I actively weaned DS1 at 3y9m. DS2 turns 4 this weekend and I think he has weaned himself, although for the last 5 months or so he's been nursing maybe once every 6 weeks although I can't remember when he last had his most recent breastfeed... DS3 is 9 months old and breastfeeds whenever he likes. I'm planning on doing CLW with him too.
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Hello! I'm Celeste, mom to three kids. Kalynn, now 6, who I nursed til she was 17 months, and 2 year old twin boys, Ronin and Ryker who are boobie addicts, they show no signs of stopping!
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My intro.

Hi. I am ErinEmily. My children are ds born Feb 03 and dd born Mar 05. Both still nurse to sleep every night and several time during the night.

I am in search of others with older children who still nurse.
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