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Trying to explain to DH the different abbreviations he's seeing, but want to make sure I've got 'em right myself.

UA, UC, UAC, UAHB, ect... They all mean/pertain to an unattended (child)birth?

Unassisted Vs Unattended... Is there a difference between the two? Are we talking about mother only birth vs no birth professional in attendance?

Also "free birth/born"... Different way of referring to an unattended birth?

Any other abbreviations out there that I should know about before I turn DH loose on the links I have collected in the past couple of days? Thanks for helping out this newbie.
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Hi Desdamona!
UA - unassissted
UC - unassissted childbirth
UAC - I think this is Unassissted After Cesarean
UAHB - UnAssissted Home Birth
UBAC - Uassisted birth After Cesarean
I don't think there is really a difference between unassissted and unattended - they both mean no paid birth attendant/medical attendant
Yes, freebirth/unhindered birth can be a way to refer to UC.
And one I'd like to add is UP - unassissted pregnancy (no prenatal care other than what the mother does herself - which btw is the most important stuff anyway! nutrition, exercise, rest)
and welcome to this board - it's great!
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Thanks for deciphering for me... I'm glad to find a "tribe" that feels more right than the May 2005 board... Although they are a great goup of ladies in their own right
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Generally when someone says their birth was "unassisted" they mean there was no professional birth attendant present, but the birth may have been attended or assisted in various ways by family or friends. There are definitely subsets of "unassisted" -- no midwife, non-professional family or friends essentially acting as midwife, family or friends acting as support, no family or friends... etc.
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