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Mamas, how about we move all the discussion not related to the new forum over to Personal Growth?
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A suggestion for those of us not yet eligible....

Maybe we could open a private Yahoo group to discuss our struggles...? I'd really like the chance to share my struggles in a truly safe place.

PM if interested.
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That's a great idea......a few months to go for me!
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I'm still puzzled when and how we get into the private forum, once our year is up.

I clicked on the link in the Surviving Abuse forum over a week ago and asked to get in, stating that I met all three requirements (female, 500 posts, member for a year). I've clicked twice since to repeat my request. Nothing; I still can't access the forum. I PMd all the forum moderators a few days ago, but haven't gotten any response at all. Anybody got any idea what I can do now, to get into the forum?

Of course I know it's against the User Agreement here to complain about moderator in/actions, so let me explicitly say that I'm of course not complaining. I'm asking a question, and asking for suggestions, and I'm carefully putting this in the Q&S forum for that.
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You may want to PM CM.

Hey, I rhymed!
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Yeah, I did.
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Sorry, then- I've got no other suggestions for you.
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Thanks anyway, for posting. If I somehow haven't demonstrated enough the 3 qualifications -- my join date and # of posts are here to my left, but maybe the mods think I'm a man? maybe I'm misreading the date and I'm not eligible until July? -- my RESPECTFUL SUGGESTION would be that they reply to my PM and say so. If the forum has a fourth, unstated qualification to get in -- you have to be personally known by existing members or something? -- then my RESPECTFUL SUGGESTION is to make that explicit in the thread so applicants like me understand that they aren't guaranteed approval and entry.

Shrug. Oh, well.
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Seasons....your not a man

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Just kidding...

I am sure they will get you in there soon.

Sorry you have had to wait
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(Batting eyes) Aw, AngelBee , I was hoping you'd notice my girlishness. Is it my demure, giggling manner? You just get me so nervous and silly!

Oh, wait. You're married . POUT.

Yeah, I guess I just wait some more. But perhaps, if it's taking the forum moderators more than a week to allow applicants in from the current click-here system, then they might consider another moderator just to review applications (are there so many? or is it that hard to review them? just wondering), or another system for applications. I know they're volunteers, of course. But perhaps some people might get discouraged, feel unsupported etc., if they like me have to wait for weeks to get in.
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I hope you get in soon Seasons. I have to wait until Sept
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Not everyone will get accepted into the foroum based on the criteria of post count and registration date. Members that have displayed behavior of concern in their posting here at MDC may be denied. Such an issue is not something for public discussion so let's not ppost here to question admission.

Seasons, I will reply to your PM. I have had computer issues so I'm a bit behind on things.

I'm closing this thread now and ask that any questions related to the Surviving Abuse forum be PMed to stafl, the SA moderator or to me. I invite those of you who do not yet meet the criteria or who were denied admission to the private forum for whatever reason to post to Personal Growth. If you feel a need for privacy you are welcome to request a guest username to post under for that purpose.
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