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Where does your baby/child nap?

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How old is your child? where do they nap? if in bed, do they nap alone or do you lay down with them?
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Depending on the day I either nurse him to sleep in my computer chair or our bed. He sleeps on the couch or our bed depending on where I am and what I'm going to do during his nap. He is 22 months. If he is on the couch I put an otoman (sp?) next to him and in bed there is a body pillow on either side of him.
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DD is 12 months and she always naps on my lap. I nurse her to sleep while sitting at the computer or reading and then I just stay there while she sleeps.
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My dd is 15 mos and she usually sleeps in my bed. She has done this for ages. We have a guard rail to help her from falling out, and I respond as soon as she cries. This is less of an issue now that she can get out of bed herself. She has never fallen out of bed. I sometimes nap with her but not usually.

Alternatively she sleeps on my back, in the stroller, or in the baby seat. She seems to sleep best in bed tho.
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My toddler naps in my bed, even though he now spends the night in his own bed, in his own room. And he does require me to lay down with him, and most days even stay there for most of his nap. I've pretty much gotten into the habbit of napping with him.

He falls asleep on his own at night, in his own room ... but for whatever reason he's not ready to do that at naps, which is fine with me. Still get my snuggle time.
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our kids - ages 18 months and 3 1/2 - nap in the family bed. it's the only bed in our house, so there's not really any other option. they usually fall asleep in the living room in my lap and then i move them to the bed. i don't lie down with them, since they rarely nap at the same time. i would if i could, though!!!

however, for the last few weeks ds has preferred to remain asleep in my lap (he's there right now in fact - you can tell from my crappy typing.) he'll wake up if i try to transfer him to the bed. dd went through this phase as well, so i know it will end eventually.
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my dd is 8 mos.

she mostly naps in her stroller. we started doing it when she had a cold and needed to be upright and just worked really well so we kept doing it. she likes us to kind of jiggle the stroller back and forth until she falls asleep (which i do while surfing mdc ).

other than that, she naps on the couch or chair of a room that i'm in.

usually i nap with her if she's in the family bed.

occasionally she goes down for a nap in her pack n play (not very often) but sometimes i rock her to sleep and transfer her into there.

oh and she takes a lot of naps driving in my car. that's her favorite place to sleep. her eyes are closed before i get to the top of my street and as long as the car is moving...she's snoozin'.
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DS is 1 year and naps on me during the day or with DH in the evening when I'm at work. When he was just a couple months old he would nap in our bed after nursing. But now if I even attempt to put him down, he wakes up and doesn't get a nap.
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DS is 11 months. He naps in our family bed most of the time and occasionally in the sling. I usually lie down with him while he nurses to sleep and then either sit next to him and work on the laptop or get up and leave him in bed. Our bed is on the floor and he knows how to crawl out of it backwards so I don't worry about leaving him alone. I used to stay in bed with him for most naps but he doesn't seem to need it anymore.
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My ds used to nap only on me or in a sling/carrier. At about a year, he started napping in bed after I nursed him and lay with him. That's how we do it now. We lie in his bed, he nurses, then we snuggle until he falls asleep, then I get up.
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Cassie takes most of her naps in either the baby swing or her bouncy seat. I feel horrible about it, but that's where she sleeps best- other than in my bed at night or my lap. I use her naptimes to get things done around the house and I am afraid to leave her upstairs by herself, even with the monitor.
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From being a newborn to about 4 months old DS always napped in my arms.

Then I got the hang of nursing lying down, and now he naps in the family bed.
I WISH I could stay in with him and take a nap too or read... but his nap times are my works times. So when he falls off the boob I pop up and get to work.
He's 8 months old yesterday!
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My DD is almost 12mos.& naps on our bed. I usually nurse her to sleep & then sort of hang out in the bedroom while she naps... it's really limiting so I am planning getting those Snuck Tuck bed pillows. Anyone use them?

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in our bed
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dd usually naps on me, or in the sling/wrap. she will take the occasional nap in her swing, too. I haven't actually tried putting her down to nap, although we do now put her down in the cosleeper a few hours before we go to bed. maybe I should start having her nap there too... but I don't mind her napping on me either
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Usually with DH but some naps are alone on a king sized IKEA (quite low) bed on the floor with a baby monitor.
He fell off a couple of times when he was younger but the bed is really close to the floor. No harm done.
I am not worried about him falling now because he is able to get off (feet first) by himself now.
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Hi Sunny!

LB naps in our bed with me When we're out, she'll nap in the carseat or in the sling - I just put her in it lying down.
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Hi Sunny!

LB naps in our bed with me When we're out, she'll nap in the carseat or in the sling - I just put her in it lying down.
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dd is 8 weeks old and she sometimes nap alone in our bed.
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My DD, 18 months sleeps anywhere usually. On the couch, on the floor, in our bed-or if we are out in the carseat usually-she'll wake up when we get her out.
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