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"For God so Loved the World. . .

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that he forgot his only son. (John 3:60)" Madeline age 6

My DD is in AWANA. Did any of you do this as a kid? Do any of you have kids in this. What do you think? I don't hate it but think there are some things that could be done better. Her first year sucked. We decided to try it last year because my friend assured us it would be better because she was going to be in the classroom . and I must say it was awsome. The head teacher was sooooo great (we love her ) and Mary made sure Madeline'special needs were met. ( she is very sensitive and an introvert who needs her special friends close by to be happy and secure in a crowd). So that leads us to this year. DD is a year behind and I still think it is too hard for her. She obviously doesn't get John 3:16. I really want her to understand the verses she is memorizing but that is hard with the KJV. I am going to talk to her teachers tonight and see if she can learn them in the NIrV which is a childrens translation. I mean she doesn't get begotton (heck, when she asked me what it meant i relized I didn't even know. I told her it meant something someone got : dumb!). For those of you who were in it did it make you hate learning Bible stuff? Did you care what the verses meant or did you just want the prize? Did you have a good time and blow off the whole memorization/prize thing?

What are your thoughts on this?
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the Greek word for "only begotten" suggests "one and only son"

Issac is referred to as Abraham's "only begotten" son as well though Abraham had two sons **shrugs**

maybe it is over my head??
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lilyka, I was in awanas. Only for a very short period of time, it was my first church experience when I was living with my mom. When I moved in with my Dad, he didn't do to church, but I wanted to. So it did bring me into actually going to church regularly (well up til the teen years)... too bad I didn't have a parent going with me to help find a good warm happy church for me to go to as a child. I just went with friends to very angry "God will strike you down!!!" churches. Which has really formed a bad opinion of churches with me now...

But anyways! In Awanas, or the other children's programs I was in, yes I was concerned with the prize, but the verses meanings did get thru me too. Even without a children's version of the bible. Was a little bit harder, but my teachers always made sure to explain things on my level.

Its nice that your DD's teachers are concerned for her happiness and comfort! Hopefully you can fill in any gaps of explaining the verses to her...
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