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ever expanding me..

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i am feeling huge latley.. i felt fein, great in fact i was saying to my partner how weird it is how great i felt, than bang.. third trimester hit me like a ton of bricks!!!
any nice third trimester resting, meditation.. trix of any kind?.. i am not feeling bad.. but i am getting that nest, prepare the space for the birth vs dead tired feeling.. my irons are good.. so it is just rest time i guess...
Planning for this UC birth is feeling more smooth than my previous births.. less hyper energy.. but still i want to be ready too..
I added my belly shots to my signature too if anyone is interested..

edited to fix the word *meditation*.. gee somehow i first typed medication..
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What a great progression of images.
Thank you for sharing.

Yes, it feels like this is a time to rest and move inward.
Last time around, I used to listen to Ani DiFranco's song, Pulse,
as I fell asleep at night...
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great pictures!!

well, it's so different for everyone, but for me, following my body's want of movement/stretching and my body's want of rest has really helped the adjustment. but best for me, or i should say, the most efficient for me has been bodywork/energy work. even though it seems to make more room in my body for the baby and i swear my belly's bigger after a treatment, i feel more able to accommodate the growth. oh, and trips to the hot springs up the road don't hurt! but how many people are lucky enough to have close access to that. how about hot baths and strawberries and lavender/chamomile tea.

i think just all the extra pampering i can fit into my uber practical lifestyle helps me remember to soften the space for the babe...that it's not all building materials and tools, and earth moving.

pamper yourself if even just in your mind! and remember it'll all be over sooo soon, maybe too soon.
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Amazing photos!! Wish I had taken more pics when I was pg.

And you made me homesick for WA State. I would LOVE to see the West Coast of Cananda.

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aren't you just beautiful! love all those belly pics. where were you married, it looks spectacular! (looks like the Appalachians... which I sooo miss every once and awhile, although looking at the last post it is WA?)
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I live in BC Canada.. i was married about an hour from where I live..
thanx for the feedback everyone.. it feels so much better being able to express my feelings!!
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What gorgeous pictures. I especially love the fire belly ones. Thank you for sharing.
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