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Sofia Rose is HERE!

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I am Bobbi, Tricia's friend, letting you all know that sweet baby Sofia is here!
Tricia had a Dr appt at 1pm--Dr checked and stretched her cervix...she was 4cm--that could be stretched to a 5! 80% (or 90%) effaced...and not sure what station.
Dr wanted to break her bag to get labor going since they live 1-1.5 hrs away. We went to lunch so Tricia could think about it. She weighed the + vs - and decided to let them break it. At 4pm we arrived at the hosp. At around 5pm the DR broke the bag and she had a good contrx pattern going, but all pains were 'talkable' (she could talk thru them). By 7pm the pains were getting intense--but Tricia really concentrated and worked thru them without pain meds. The nurse checked her around 830 and she was at 7-7.5cm, fully effaced, but at 0-+1 station.(I think).
Then it was a flurry of activity...nurse left, she had some strong contrx close together...then she threw up--salsa and sangria from lunch and mango 'naked juice' during early labor! (shes gonna love that I included that...)
At about 845 (only 15 min after the nurse said she was at 7-7.5) she was pushing like crazy!...at 902, Sofia was born...minimal tearing, no drugs, and Sofia latched on and nursed like a pro within 10 min of being born!
Tricia is resting with baby Sofia with a happy heart knowing she got thru it quickly, drug free, and nursing went smoothly!
We are all so proud of her and of 7lbs, 1oz, 19in long Sofia!

I hope I haven't forgotten anything...Tricia will be able to fill you all in when she returns!!!

Bobbi (Mrs_Hos)
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welcome sofia:)

wow, that is awesome...tell momma congrats and way to go sending healing vibes and so happy another one has joined our tribe way to go momma
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Congratulations! Welcome Sofia!!!
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Congratulations!! Welcome baby Sofia!! So glad all went well!!
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Congrats Tricia and welcome Sofia, I'm so glad she held off for you until the perfect time!!! How cool.
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Congratulations, Tricia and welcome, Sofia! I am glad that all went well. Looking forward to hearing more of your story! Be well. susan
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Congrats Tricia!!! welcome to the world Sofia
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I'm home and exhausted! Thank you all for the congrats. I'll fill in the details tomorrow as well as post pics of my beautiful little Sofia. Take care! Love, Tricia

I'm so in love
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CONGRATULATIONS, Tricia!!! SO happy for you!!! Welcome, Sofia Rose!
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