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Please please help with baby names!

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I'm 28 weeks pregnant and losing sleep over baby names

DH and I are both Asian, we're debating whether to use a Mandarin name for this baby. With DD #1, we picked Maya, because it's easy to spell/pronounce and a little exotic. Baby #2 is possibly a boy, so it's hard to come up with something that goes with Maya.

I'm also concerned that if we choose an Asian name, baby #2 will hate us for it (hard to spell or pronounce) and complained why he doesn't have a name that's as easy as his big sister

So far, DH's favorites are Ian and Dylan. I love Dylan, but it's so popular right now.

Creative mamas, could you give me some directions? Just in case the US is not correct, I'd also appreciate suggestion for girl names, too. Our last names sounds like "She" and means "rock" in Mandarin.

Thank you thank you thank you
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What a fun thread idea! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Meanwhile, here are some suggestions . . .

My husband is Latvian, so we will be choosing Latvian names for our kids. However, his favorite NON-Latvian boy's name is Davis. (We met an adorable homebirthed baby several years ago named Davis, and the name has stuck with him.) DH also likes the name "Brook(e)", which works for a boy OR a girl!

I lean towards Celtic names as that is my background--I have always loved the name Declan.

There are quite a few baby name search engines out there: check some of them out at


(this one is cool because you can plug in the meaning and it will come up with names)



Good luck, and let us know what you decide!
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Thanks a lot for the ideas, birth junky
I'm going to check out the links you suggested. Hopefully I can come up with something unique.
It's so hard to name a boy, I don't know why. The choices are limited, too.

Thanks again!!
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My husband has both a Chinese name and an English name. They are similary phonetically - Wie-Lin is the Mandarin spelling, We-Lin is the Toishanese spelling, but he goes by William. Could you do something like that?

I also have a friends named Yao, Yu-Ming and Chi (I like all three of these name). I think they are easy to pronounce and would not be considered too strange by English-speakers.

Good luck!
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