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The One Thread February 20 - 26

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Bemommy (Be)
Bex80 (Rebekah)
brandybehr (Brandy)
Hollysmom (Kristine)
HypnoChris (Chris)
Joey'smom (Erica)
magical knitter (Monika)
Polka123 (Desiree)
RedOakMomma (Elisabeth)
Squeakermansmom (Jodi)
Ursula Rose


Gumby74 (Tricia)
Heather (kyle98sean02)
Justice2 (Laura)
Kelden's Mommy


Cat (momma2emerson)
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Allgirls (Carolyn)
GreenFaery (Erin)
Savannah Smiles

Well I hope I did this right! Please let me know if you need to be moved

Good Luck!!!!!!!
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Okay I'll go first.

Well I am 10 dpo (AF is due on Thursday) and I have had sore boobs for a week. What is up with that? My PMS usually starts about 4-5 days before, not like 7 - 8??? : Must be some kind of punishment :LOL

Justice - Sorry about the diverticulitis the good news is from everything I have heard you can control it with diet pretty well.

Sorry I don't have time for more personals today. Setting up the new thread took a lot out of me. :LOL

Baby dust to everyone!
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I'm really sorry I haven't done any personals yet. I had some news the other day that took the wind out of my sails. I had an ectopic back in December. At first, I was told there was considerable damage and that ttc would be difficult. Then, we were told "No no no, all is good". Well, now I'm once again being told things don't look great. I'm not sure I have the energy for all of this anymore. I've tried to be optimistic (and have really felt optimistic), but I feel like just throwing in the towel now.

Sorry to be a downer so early in the thread!
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CD sixty-something, 7 DPO

Justice~ hope you're feeling better soon

Holly'smom~ Thanks for the thread- looks great! I always have tender nipples for my entire LP...hoping your soreness is a sign that you're pregnant.

Now down to the one week wait. I'm going away next weekend with my youngest sister and hope AF doesn't come while I'm there. No symptoms here yet (except the usual LP nipple stuff- never sore, just super sensitive)
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Hey all.
Things are picking up around here. Ds is feeling much better. Our heat is working. And dh and I actually had time to watch a movie last night...TROY (Brad Pitt is so HOT!)
Anyway, nothing much new to report here other than AF is leaving...I think. Kind of a short stay for her since I had a longer cycle, but who knows, maybe I'm just finally regulating out from when I stopped pumping.

Justice - glad you went to the doc, but I'm a little confused. What is going on with your ovary? You said you have diverticulitis, but that's a colon issue, not an ovary issue. What did the doc say about your ovary?

allgirls - your dh cracks me up...with worrying over all the new stuff you need so quickly! And that sucks about the truck, does your insurance take care of any of that?

polka123 - : good luck

hopeful130 - Hope you will join us more often!

*green*faery* - : I hope AF isn't playing hide-n-seek with you like she did with me! Good luck!

savannah smiles - :

Hollysmom - the link worked...nice job too! And sore boobs can be an early symptom of pg...could you be pg?

Jellyfishy - I'm so sorry to hear about your ectopic . I had one too, 2 years ago...before ds. Where was your ectopic located? How was it taken care of...naturally itself?/meds?/surgery? Have they done a dye test to check your tubes? And why aren't they telling you that you can still get pregnant from your other side?
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hopeful130~ Yeah, I'm not a big fan of soy, myself. I try to avoid it as much as possible as far as diet and daily intake. The last thing I need is the excess estrogen. But in that thread greenfaery mentioned, it talks about a specific use of soy proteins to do the same thing clomid does. http://www.soulcysters.net/showthrea...&threadid=7981 So, that's what I'm trying. I'll only take the soy for 5 days and then see if it helps me ovulate any better than the clomid does. Honestly, I don't like taking either one, but with a body that doesn't ovulate on its own, you gotta try something, right?

Justice2~ Wow, how unexpected!

HollysMom~ Thanks for the new thread. Do you guys just take turns doing it? : for you, hope the early sore boobs is a good sign.

Jellyfishy~ Sorry about the ectopic.

MelW~ Good luck! :

to everyone!
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8 dpo and resisting the siren call of the FRE tests in my closet!

Boobs are still sore, as they've been since 1 dpo *but* I remember them being super sore when I was pg with my dd (4 years ago - eep!) so I'm not putting too much stock in that. They also feel more full to me but each time I ask my dh for his "expert" opinion, he get's carried away and we end up GIO and I'd rather him save the little swimmers for bd'ing, lol! He is so loving TTC!
I'd say that the only thing of note that's been going on is the tugging, stretching ect. feeling I've been getting in my lower abdomen since about 5 dpo. Of course, it could just be the stuff that's lining my uterous breaking down in prep for AF but it could also be something much, much cooler like an egg setting up shop!
I'll POAS Tuesday morning which is 10 dpo because I can't hold out past that!

Hollysmom - the new thread looks fabulous!! Thanks so much! If there's any chance your sore boobs mean anything, then I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jellyfishy - Don't worry about being a downer! We're all here to listen.

Mel - I'll hang out with you in the torturous 2ww! Like you, I'll be out of town when AF is due to arrive. I'm hoping that it will help the time pass and make things easier if she does show.

for all of us waiting to test and : O-vibes for everyone else!
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cd 21 & 8 dpo

checking in !

: : : for all of us in the wait

for those AF found

: for the BFP's this month

BTW - my PMS & early PG symptoms totally mimic each other :
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Me again.

I just can't stay away!

Jellyfishy - So sorry about the bad news! Did you ask why they went back and forth on the prognonsis?

MelW - I really hope this is you lucky cycle :

Joey's Mom - Glad your ds is feeling better. I love Brad Pitt too! - I wish I were PG but it is unlikely this cycle. Our timing wasn't great

Savannah smiles - I hope sore boobs mean something for you :

Nothing else to report

To everyone else.
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Nemmer - Sorry I missed you on my personals There is a thread under trying to conceive where you can sign up to do the thread. Just add your name to the list. This was my first time and it was quite easy.
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The thread looks great Kristine, thanks for keeping it this week Hopefully the sore boobs are a good sign for you I get them every cycle from the progesterone supplement. I'm hoping you have some extra preggo progesterone in there this cycle :

Justice. Diverticulitis is painful. I hope you are feeling better soon. The dr. sounds cool too

: Savannah smiles

Hopefully the witch will stay away MelW :

I am so glad everyone is feeling better Erica We are all trying to get over this head cold/virus here too.

Well, for me I am 4 dpo. I didnt temp today. Since I am trying not to try and trying not to get my hopes up I am hoping that not temping during the LF will help me obsess less Its so hard to see my chart go triphasic every month for nothing.
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Originally Posted by Joey'smom
Jellyfishy - I'm so sorry to hear about your ectopic . I had one too, 2 years ago...before ds. Where was your ectopic located? How was it taken care of...naturally itself?/meds?/surgery? Have they done a dye test to check your tubes? And why aren't they telling you that you can still get pregnant from your other side?
My ectopic was on my right ovary. Miraculously, I didn't need surgery...it took care of itself, but it didn't do it any good, either. My tube is fine. I can't get pg from the other side, though, as that ovary was damaged years ago (long yukky story). My body has been around the block!! Anyway, I guess I'll just wait and see...and if it happens it happens. I get all these different answers from different doctors, and I'm getting really fed up with the medical profession.

Savannah Smiles: fingers crossed for you when you POAS! I hope those sore boobs mean something good!

kyle98sean02: I know what you mean about the charting. Mine always seems to go triphasic too, even when I'm not pg. I'm tempted not to chart this month...but that darn thermometer keeps finding its way into my mouth...

Polka123: My PMS and pg symptoms are the same, too! So annoying. I've been absolutely convinced I was pg only to have AF show up. Unfair! I hope this is your month!

to everyone else!
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Good morning!
Ok, AF is a day late, I took a test this morning... and but the one line was very faint, so I went back to bed thinking I will retest later since the one line was light maybe something was wrong with the cheapy test. An hour later I got up and the test had The one line had darkened and the second line was medium color???? I know, I need to retest, so I'm on my way to town right now. Could I be??? I know your not really supposed to read the test after an hour...?????? My husband wants me to wait until morning to test again, I don't think I can Sorry for the lack of personals! I'll post later.
: TTC #1 :
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8 dpo

well I have made it 8dpo! Over halfway there! I don't think I've ever had sore boobs with pg or AF. I have been feeling cramps this cycle though. I had cramps after ovulation and then again for the last two days. Sure hope that's a good sign. This whole cycle is different for me. I usually have 35+days cylces so ovulating this early in the cycle seems to mean a much shorter cycle this time unless my body was just teasing me.


kyle98seano2- I am impressed at your not obsessing! Hope it helps.

HollysMom-Are you planning to test this cycle? I'm still hoping this cycle surprises you with a BFP.

polka123 and savannah smiles- : I can't to see all the BFPs this month!!!

Nemmer- Hope the soy helps...sounds like it has less side effects than clomid.

Joey'smom- Glad everything is getting better and glad AF is gone.

MelW- Isn't it nice to be on the 1 week wait...for me it is a little bit more bearable than 2!

Justice2- hope you are feeling better soon! Glad you at least know what it is and glad your ovaries are alright!

Well I really should get my dd down for a nap....maybe me too.
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I just had to post again to say green faery I am really hoping you get to test again today! How exciting!!! : : :
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*green*faery* - Pleaaaase let us know what is happening :

surf mama - I think I will only test if AF is late. She is due on Thursday so we'll see....
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Hi all. Just subscribing to the thread. I am gonna take a nap (all my company has left....!!!!!!!!!) and then will return for personals!

Ohh, Green., :!!!!!!1
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test results and hpts

you should all check out consumer reports reviews of hpt. it was in one of their 2003 issues. they gave lots of interesting facts about different hpts and their accuracy. they also of course gave reviews. some were definitely more effective and accurate than others.

green faery -- we wish you the very best! i would test again as soon as i could. one of the things it said in consumer reports is that the accuracy does change when you read it after the 10 minute wait period.
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Green - fingers X'd
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Well, I tested again, and got a BFP!!!! I will make an appointment for the doctor this week to confirm : I can't believe it! I felt like I was going to start at any minute and even had menstrual like cramps starting Thurs., but now I feel fine! I think its hard to believe because I don't feel sick or anything yet. I also had mild cramps for about a week after 0.

Hollysmom~ Its hard to wait, but I think you are right about waiting to test until AF is late. Not only do you save $, but I test 3 times leading up to AF and keep getting BFN, which is just disappointing and not conclusive. Sore boobs is a good sign! Mine didn't start hurting until a few days before AF was due, but they are starting to pop out of the side of my bra a little. I wish you luck!!

Jellyfish~how frustrating to keep being told different things from the doctor! Thats a lot to go through, maybe you should get a second (or third) opinion. I'll send some healing energy your way. I saw the pictures of your daughter, she is sooooo cute! I love her hair!

Savannah smiles~ :sounds promising! Good luck with your POAS!

Surfmama, melW, polka123...and everyone in there 2WW : :

Everyone waiting to O~ Don't forget to have fun trying!!! : :

I'm so happy this month worked : because otherwise we would have had to wait until May to try again. My husband could only take like one day off work if it was late Nov. through end of Jan.. Thank you for listening

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