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Hollysmom - sorry about the the wicked red-headed visitor!!

Right about now I would be thankful for her to officially stop by!! Could I be pregnant with all this spotting?? It's been about 4 days of light spotting. I thought it was because I just went off of birth control in January but these high temps have me confused.
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zion- my cycles have been weird lately too. I sure hope yours is due to pregnancy! : I forget, have you tested yet this cycle?

HollysMom- sorry about AF! She always disappoints me too even when I'm expecting her.

Well this thread seems much quieter this week....must be all the visits from AF and a bunch of us trying to wait to test. I am thinking about testing Thursday or Friday. I am 10dpo today. I didn't temp though so I could be wrong about O but I'm pretty sure I got it right this month. We'll see! I wish I didn't already have two tests....it is a lot easier to wait when it involves having to go to the store to buy it first.
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Surf mama- I tested last weekend just for the heck of it and it was negative. That was 14DPO I think... so I figured if that test was negative then it's definitly negative. Is that right? Wouldn't it be positive by 14DPO?? And this spotting I'm having now seems a little late to be implantation...right?? I'm so unsure of all of this : I just want to know.

When I thought AF arrived I started taking EPO. I didn't take it today just in case. Has anyone ever heard of anyone with this kind spotting at 17DPO who was still pregnant? The temps are still up so there's hope I guess

Good luck to you for a on Thursday or Friday : !!!
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I'm 6 dpo today and my temps just jumped .42 from yesterday. Nope, no obsessing this month for sure. How come it doesnt matter that my charts go triphasic every month and my boobs hurt every month, yet I still obsess over it? Might as wel move me over to waiting to know since it doesnt seem to help the insanity being in the waiting to be ready category 6 days down 6 to go!
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zion - Sorry I don't have any brilliant insight.

Heather - yah! I moved you!
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Cd 87 4 Dpo

That's right everyone...4 Days Past Ovulation!!! And temp is still high!!! On the off side, I have a pretty rough yeast thing going on. I have stopped taking the antibiotics. I really think that they were causing my digestive issues too. So, I am going to skip a week and see what happens.


Carolyn - 6 weeks. WOW! It doesn't seem that long, huh! How are you feeling today (should you be lurking around....)

Kristine - One more day of high temps and I will let you move me! s that AF found you. s

Chris - s. I am so sorry that AF found you. s

Nemmer - How are the smoothies going? I can only imagine!! I am not a very big fan of the taste of soy myself, so I can only imagine having to choke down an entire smoothie...Yeah for pills!!!!!

Zion - Have you considered testing? 17 days of high temps is pretty good. The spotting could be an indication of low progesterone.

Surf Mama - Are you going to test soon? Girl, I can't help you on the how soon shoule we test, as I am ready to go and buy some sticks now.

Savannah Smiles - Have fun in Vegas!!

Heather - Welcome back to obsession land!!!

Oh ladies, I am so excited about seeing those lines. FF has given me lines before in this cycle, but temp never stayed up there like it is this time. Now, all I need is a steady climb up OR a jump straight up there for the triphasic pattern. Oh, and FF says if I have conceived this month that my DD would be 11/11....so, make a wish!
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Cd 63, 9 Dpo

Hi everyone- I've been working lots and kind of busy so far this week (though it looks like the thread has been quiet) so I am finally doing PERSONALS!

Zion~ Welcome! YES, YES, YES... you can have spotting for a few days and still be pregnant. Especially since your temps are still high. And your first test may have been too early- you could have been mistaken about your o date, the test may not have been sensitive enough (some people seem to take longer to build up enough HCG in their urine), or it may have been a "broken" test or something. Test again (with first morning urine), follow test directions exactly, and come back and let us know about your BFP. How's that for bossy? Seriously, 17 days since your temp spike sounds promising....

Hypnochris~ Sorry about AF and the wasted test. I like the idea of letting your husband find out before you

Kristine~ for the reboot

Justice~ Yeah for the coverline! Hurray for spring!


Kavita~ Good luck with the plumbing....

Surfmama~ Hoping you get a BFP soon!

Heather~ That was sure a short break! Your charts are always so obsessible..stupid progesterone is probably great for your LP but bad for your mental health with those triphasic charts :

Savannahsmiles~ You're only one day ahead of me, and I'm on the same plan as you...I'm going away for the weekend and will test after I get back if AF doesn't show. Hoping she stays away

Nemmer~ Glad you're almost done the soy- good luck!

I had my "infertility" (can't use that word truthfully, I might be sub-fertile, but certainly not ready to call myself infertile yet) ultrasound today. My family doctor is supposed to get the results by tommorrow, but I think I'll wait until my blood work is done to go in and find out results. If AF shows in the next few days, I'll be getting CD 3 bloodwork with my next cycle. If I'm pregnant, then who cares what the "infertility" scan says :LOL ?

to anyone I missed and lots of to us all
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Justice- I must have cross-posted. Just checked out your chart, and it is beautiful....what a relief to get a coverline. Glad you're figuring out the health issues, too. Good luck for 11/11
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Justice- Your chart looks good (finally :LOL)! I hope that your temps stay high and just keep going UP!

Carolyn- More thoughts!

Everyone else !

I haven't been up for personals much lately. Emerson's birthday was last week, and my family was in town for his party on Saturday. Everything's finally getting back to normal. I'll try to be more supportive this week.
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Ok, so I called my aunt this afternoon and told her that I had stopped taking the antibiotics. She told me that I really needed to check and make sure that my problems were listed as possible side effects. So I did and here is what I found:

from HealthSquare.com

Less common or rare side effects may include:
Abdominal pain, agitation, colitis (inflammation of the large intestine), confusion, dizziness, fatigue, fever, genital and rectal itching, hallucinations, headache, hepatitis, hives, indigestion, inflammation of joints, inflammation of the stomach, joint pain, nausea, rash, seizures, severe allergic reaction, skin peeling, skin redness, swelling due to fluid retention, vaginal discharge, vaginal inflammation, vomiting, yellowing of skin and whites of eyes
The bold are my symptoms. So, I called my doc and she said to stop taking the Keflex (really...). She said that I didn't have an allergic reaction, just a reaction.

I knew those antibiotics were causing my problems...
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Wow! Some seriously cool new smilies!
Sorry I got distracted...

Anyway, ds is feeling much better. Things are getting done around here, but I think my garage is an endless pit! It just never ends!
And I finally made an appointment to see my boss this Friday...I am officially resigning. (Short version of the long story...I'm a teacher on leave this year and thought I might take another leave...especially if I got pg by now.) Anyway, I decided it was stupid to hold on to something that I know I will NEVER go back to, even if I di have to go back to work in the future. And you know what they say about when one door closes...another opens. I made sure to make the appointment before I ovulate...just in case.
Anyway, dh is headed back into the doghouse again...he screwed up last night and has yet to apologize or do anything to make it better. Why are men so stupid?
Well that's it for me, on to the personals...

greenfaery - : : : : : : : : : : : : CONGRATULATIONS

Justice - Nice temps! Glad you finally got a coverline! :
And Keflex is yucky! It almost always gives me a yeast infection! Hope you feel beter soon.

hypnochris - Sorry found you.

nemmer - Good luck with your soy experiment! Let us kow if you can tell a difference.

zion - If you use Fertility Friend it will automatically adjust your chart once you fully get AF...if you do. I agree that you should take another pg test just in case.

surfmama - I got my fist BFP with ds at 10 dpo, but it was really light. It was much clearer on 11 dpo. But you should definitely be able to start seeing something by 14-15 dpo...although it doesn't always work for everyone.

HollysMom - Sorry found you too. You've definitely got a good attitude toward it though!

savannahsmiles - have fun in Las Vegas and we'll keep our : for you!

surfmama - : let us know when you test!

Heather - Waiting is always hard, but especially when you get symptoms that are the same every month. Here's an extra

momma2emerson - Wow, parties and family at the same time...you must be worn out. Hope you recover quickly.

MelW - Hope your tests went well...let us know what you find out.

Well that's it for me. Time to go eat dinner and then I have more stuff to do around here. Including baby blankets for my friend's soon to be coming twins!
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Thanks you guys!!! Good luck this month!!! I'll keep checking back to see how you do. Oh, and this is for you...

: : : : : : : : :
: : : : : : :

Thanks for everything!
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I love this new sling smilie!!! My dd doesn't like the sling anymore and I would love to have a little one to wear in a sling again!!!

Anyways I'll get back on topic. I think it is too early but I'm impatient so I think I will test tomorrow morning.

green faery-thanks for coming back to visit and thanks for the baby dust! How are you doing? Has the nausea hit yet? Hope not.

Justice2- Hope you are feeling better soon.

Joey'smom- sounds like you have a lot going on. Hope your appt with your boss goes well and hope dh apologizes soon.

momma2emerson-wow did Emerson turn 1? Happy Belated Birthday to him!

Okay I've got to go but hugs to everyone else and oh I hope I know something tomorrow morning!!!
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Good morning everyone!!! I love the new smilies especially this one boy: and this one girl: but these are cute too : ! I am good...still lurking...haven't been online much..very busy...napping~LOL~taking the service vehicle back this morning and getting my truck back finally~yay!

Justice...great chart

Joey's mom...I don't know why men are stupid.. I think their mothers have something to do with it..LOL

kyle98sean02...I really really really want this to be your month..you have waited long enough! : :

everyone big

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Well, 5 DPO. Temp dipped slightly but still well above coverline. I guess it just makes me nervous. I want it to go UP not DOWN.

I like the sling smilies too, but these are pretty cool too!!! boy: : girl:
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cd 2

Good Morning,

Justice - I am sooooo happy for you! Your chart looks great! Glad you figured out that it was the antibiotics making you sick and ditched it! Just saw your last post. As long as the temp is above the cover line I am sure it is fine. Ready to move?

Mel - : hope you don't need the results of those tests

Cat -

Erica - Sorry dh is being a pain. I think the stupid thing has something to do with the Y chromosome :LOL

Surf mama - : Keep us posted!

Hi Caroline, glad you are resting. Sounds like everything is going great!

Well obviously not much happening here. But, a funny thing happened last night. dh was out of town on Monday night and when he came home yesterday he was getting a little friendly and I told him that had shown up early. He said you should be pregnant by now and I said " I told you it wouldn't be like last time". I think maybe he is starting to get it. Here's hoping! :
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OK everyone...my temp was still up this morning. Now I'm definitly starting to wonder. Being the newbie that I am I have no idea how to put my chart in a reply. I would love for someone to take a look at it and tell me what they think. Can I get a quick lesson?? I'm hesitant to POAS again because I don't want to be dissapointed!!

BTW- I second men's stupidity and everything else being caused by their mothers. One way or another it always comes back to their mothers.
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cd 24 & 11 dpo

well my temp took a big dip this a.m. :
AF is eminent


I did finally talk my Dr into checking my Progest. level the next cycle

: : KHA for everyone else in the wait

for everyone AF found. I'm there with ya
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well I think I am 11 dpo today and I POAS and BFN so far. After hearing about faint lines I spent quite awhile squinting and looking for any bit of a line.
It's early so I still feel good and hopeful. Now I'll try to be good and wait much longer till I use my last test.
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Well, dh did apologize last night, but I had to tell him why I was upset...and I'm kind of getting tired of him being so obtuse that he can't figure it out.
I guess that Y chromosome is missing some vital data. And I hope that I don't screw up ds as much as dh's mom screwed him up. We're all GOOD mommies, right?

surf mama - I'm with you...I can't wait until I have a little one to (I put the pink one b/c I'm hoping for a girl...but I'll take what I can get.) Sorry about the BFN...hope the next one's a BFP!

Justice - a temp dip at 5 dpo could be implantation...I don't want to get your hopes up too high, but both times I was preg I implanted on 5 dpo. Good luck sweetie! : You definitely deserve it after a cycle like this one!

Hollysmom - I'm with your dh...shouldn't we ALL be preg by now? It would be nice though, wouldn't it?

zion - Take a test, please! It's always better to know isn't it? And as for putting in your chart. Make sure you have made a chart homepage on FF. Then when you post here click on the little globe icon at the top and paste in the address to your homepage link. Then give it a name when prompted. I know this is the quick version of the directions so if you can't figure it out let me know.

polka123 - sorry you dipped. I hope your doc continues to go along with what you want. I'm kind of thinking I need to do the same thing, but my doc wants me to wait until it's been 6 mos. Well, only 2 more to go. Let's hope something better happens for both of us!
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