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What my mom did .. and how much it rocks for us.

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About a week ago, my mom and stepdad came up for a visit .. which was nice, because we don't see them all that often.

Mom mentioned that they're remodeling their living room, and have been shopping for new furniture (they asked me about some of our local stores.) So .. I asked her what she was doing with her old stuff. "Well, it's probably going to the dump, to be honest. We can't find anyone that wants to take it all."

Flash forward This Friday we're going down to Massachusetts to pick up our "new" sofa, two armchairs, two end tables, a coffee table, a buffet, a room-sized area rug, four sets of draperies that match the living room set, and a farmhouse-style kitchen table with benches.

My mom paid over $10k for this furniture less than 3 years ago .. and it still looks almost brand new! And all it costs us is the Uhaul rental. (And eating mom's cooking that night :LOL)

I'm all excited! Our furniture's falling apart and we were thinking of at least a new sofa .. since DH sat on the arm of ours the other day and it flat out fell off the couch :LOL

Will definitely get pics up as soon as everything's settled in - I absolutely can't wait!
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Good for you for rescuing that "trash" from the dump. Way to take one for the team! :

I'm just feeling goofy today - cabin fever I guess - really that sounds wonderful! congrats.
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Wow! What a score!

My parents still have the junk they got from a yard sale when they first got married. They've reupholstered their couch a few times (I think it's cheaper just to buy another). Actually, they don't even have anything I'd want. Not like they don't have plenty of money or anything... they're just tightwads I guess! LOL
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Awsome! That's how we got a couch, loveseat, coffee table, end tables, kitchen table and chairs, tv, and a couple crappy(but bette rthan nothing) bookcases. Oh, and a desk. And sewing machine. My IL's are the perfect american consumer but we get all the castoffs for free, so I don't complain/
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That is awesome! I'm sure you are so excited!

I'm excited for you!
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Woo-hoo! Green with envy here! My mom buys new furniture quite frequently and I told her I'm next on the handmedown list! (She's given to everyone but me! :LOL )
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Generous moms are a blessing...

My mother, without whom we would have been sunk long ago (the list of her helping out is longer than the phone book), just gave me her "old" Ford Escape. I was driving this 2 seater truck and since #1 is on the way, she gave me hers and bought herself a new minivan (granny-mobile). She also doesn't want any of the proceeds from selling my truck.

LOVE my mom!!!!
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wow she was going to throw that stuff away???

too bad for me my mom was the one who taught me how to be frugal! lol

nice score though... don't forget to post the pictures when you get it all!
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Nice score. She was really going to dump it????
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Hooray! That's how we got our sectional too. One leg fell off in the move, but it's probably fixable. (and not too lopsided without it LOL)

Won't it be fun when I'm able to buy new furnature and hand down the old stuff to DD and DS in their new houses?!
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Btw... tell your mom about freecycle and such if they're in the habit of junking perfectly good stuff.
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Btw... tell your mom about freecycle and such if they're in the habit of junking perfectly good stuff.
Just tell her to call me

I'm so happy you got some new furniture!!!!
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Oh, I'm especially jealous of the table & benches. A la The Waltons. :LOL I know if it weren't for my parents, my bachelor brother would be sleeping in a sleeping bag in an otherwise empty house. Congrats!
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I'm so happy for you! That's awesome!
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Wow! Cool for you!

The table and benches are just what I want for our house - where'd your mom get it? And if you want to trade dining room tables I have a great big one that tips over when you lean on it too much (great when you're loading it up w/holiday goodies, I have to remember to balance out the load) but it was free to us - so I'll give it to you for free too!
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What a find
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Very awesome!!!

Post pics once you get things home!
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We finally got everything moved in and arranged last weekend - it ended up delayed a week with the new babe and all Will get pics up tonight if I can find the camera cord (Jeez, I finally get batteries for it and dd runs off with the cord!) It looks SO gorgeous! And totally shows off that my mom's living room is about twice the size of ours ROFL
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That is so awesome! MY SIL is talking about getting a new dining table and chairs so I think I'll put in the hint that we'll take her old ones off her hands (they're in pretty good condition and we don't have a table lol)
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