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Does anyone else here LIKE co-sleeping?

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I know it can be challenging, and we've gone through our trials. But overall I can't imgine not having DS in bed next to me and my DH LOVES it too. Many of our most precious moments are all snuggled in bed together.

My heart goes out to those who are struggling, but I am so in love with my little guy I can't imagine him in a separate bed. Even on those tough, teething, nursing non-stop, blury nights... my heart still melts when I wake up with this precious little being next to me!

It seems from the posts that most folks here REALLY struggle with it and wonder if it's worth it? Are we just lucky? Anyone else happy with the family bed?
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I love it too. Even the bad nights, because how much worse would they be if I had to get up, you know?
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Oh yes. DH and I love it. We never planned anything different (didn't buy a crib or set up a nursery) so we are doing it because we want to. At around 10 months DS went through a phase where it seemed like he might want a little more space so we put a twin mattress on the floor next to our big mattress. We put him to sleep there for the night with the idea that I could bring him to bed when and if he woke up or didn't seem happy there. I felt so lonely in our big bed with just DH and the dog -- when DS woke up and I brought him to our bed I cried and cried because I was so happy to have him back -- and he had just been a few feet away! Fortunately for me, the wanting more space thing was short-lived so our twin mattress is now mostly used as a jungle gym for DS and a bail-out spot for me or DH on the rare occasion that one of us is feeling cramped. The only time I get stressed out by DS's sleep is when he goes through periods of very frequent waking -- and I can only imagine how much more difficult those times would be if he weren't in bed with us.
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I love it, too! Wouldn't have it any other way. Besides, if my baby weren't right next to me, I'd be up every ten minutes all night long checking to make sure she's still breathing

I think the problem is that only people with sleep problems are posting in this forum, so it's not really a well-balanced picture of AP nighttime parenting at all.
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I LOVE it Wouldn't have it any other way. Though I admit that we are largely spoiled. In some part probably due to an easy baby, but some I think must be due to the fact that she KNOWS that Mama and Daddy are right there and all is right with the world.

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Originally Posted by stafl
Besides, if my baby weren't right next to me, I'd be up every ten minutes all night long checking to make sure she's still breathing

same here! i love sleeping cuddled up between ds and dh, with cats sleeping on my legs and feet. we all sleep great, i feel very lucky!

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I love co-sleeping, even through nights like last night when DS was congested, snoring, sleep crawling and nipple biting : DH loves having him with us too, especially since we've worked out a nice comfy arrangement in another room for "intimate" time. DH is always bragging about how great it is waking up to your little baby cooing at you and trying to pick your nose We've tried other arrangements but DH always says "bring him back to bed honey, it's easier and he's happier"

We have sidecared a crib to the side of our queen size bed, which I usually end up half in LOL! I like having it there because when DS wakes up before DH and I are ready to fully wake up, he can crawl in to that space and play with books and toys without falling out of bed. But when he's sleeping, he prefers to be snuggled right up to me.
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Yea, we love it.
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Yep, I love it too. Especially when the babies are little and SO snuggly. There are nights when I find myself craving a bed ALONE, just so I could spread out a bit, but more often than not it really makes my heart feel full to have everyone snuggled up together.

In fact, just last night DH and I had gone to bed, and our 3 yo was in her room, baby in the cosleeper next to the bed, dog on the floor. DH and I were cuddled up and smooching, and the next thing we knew, the dog jumped up and started licking DH's feet, then our 3 yo came running in and joined us, and the baby woke cooing to be cuddled. We had to laugh at how nice it was, even though our intimacy got interrupted!
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I love it, even when it's tough. But then again, anything you put your time and energy and emotions into is going to tough sometimes.

I love it because it gives me a chance to cuddle with my six-year-old, who is such a big guy in some ways, but still snuggles up to me at night.

I love it because my three-year-old daughter, with whom I really struggle sometimes, is so peaceful and sweet when she's sleeping (and she talks in her sleep and has really funny dreams!)

And I loooove cuddling with my chubby little baby guy, and leaning over to kiss his sweet little head.
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Oh, I love it so much! Actually, a few weeks ago DH and I got some crack-brained idea that it was time to transition Julia out. So we did it for like 6 days, put her in her own bed. SHE did fine, only woke up once or twice and went back to sleep easily with a back rub. But DH and I hated it, and now she's back in with us and everyone's happy. Don't ask me why we even wanted to try-- sometimes my MIL's voice gets in my head and I start to believe her... Anyway, yes we're thrilled with co-sleeping and everyone involved, including my cat, is sleeping well.
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Another lover of the family bed here!

DD "wakes" every 2 hours and sometimes as often as every 1/2 hour and I cannot imagine getting up and going to another room to try and comfort her!

I think many people imagine that co-sleeping is the reason their child wakes so frequently not realizing what it would be like to try and nighttime parent a child in another bed or another room.

I've had one child who slept like a log in the family bed and this one who stirs frequently. I wouldn't do it any other way!

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i love it

she's only three months old and i'm alredy dreading the day she wants her "own bed".

my parents bought me a fancy wooden sleigh co-sleeper... she has never spent more than a few minutes in it! she sleeps between me and her dad.

i don't know how people who don't co-sleep can stand waking up and not hearing those tiny breaths and squeaks and growls right next to them. and the sight of that beautiful sleeping baby face....
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add me to the list!

I do have to say that when ex and I were together, I didn't love it. We have a queen-size bed and it still wasn't big enough for the 2 of us and baby in the middle. She dug her little feet into my back, all night long, and my 4 y/o had to sleep on her own little bed pulled up to mine. Now that it's just me and the girls, it's just right
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And, can I ad that there is no more pleasant way to wake up in the morning than to all those smiles and excited wiggles?
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Love it, love it, love it! Couldn't fathom any other way!
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I love it too. Occasionally we have had problems, but not near the problems we had with DS who was WAY to squiry & kicky to sleep with. It is so nice to have katie roll from her bed to mine in the morning & snuggle. Many times she will go back to sleep, if she had her own room I doubt that would happen.

It is literally wall to wall beds in our room. DS in a twin, us in queen & DD in twin. All smushed together. DD#1 is in her own room since NO ONE can sleep with her in the same room.
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Sooooo happy to hear all of the positive words! Thanks!
And I hope it helps those who are struggling see the light and the end of a the tunnel, so to speak.
Keep the happiness coming!
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DH & I both it!!!! We both smile when we go to sleep and wake up because we know where our ds is! We know he's safe and sound! It's awesome! I can't imagine having him in a seperate room. I'm still trying to figure out why people CHOOSE NOT to cosleep!
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We love it. Ds was NOT an easy baby by any means,and in fact we didn't co-sleep for the first month (although he slept in another bed with one of his grandmas) -- after a month of getting up and sitting in the rocking chair to nurse him during the night, I was exhausted and seriously losing it. Co-sleeping was the only way for us.

Now 3, he's still with us and it is just so precious. He is a real snuggly guy and I know it won't last forever, esp. now that he is such a big boy. We are getting him his own bed soon in preparation for the new baby, but whether or not it "takes" is no big deal to me.
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