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Does anyone else here LIKE co-sleeping? - Page 3

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me, dh and ds all love co-sleeping.. even though sometimes it can be hard.. it is still the only way I wanna sleep
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I LOVE co-sleeping. It is truly attachment parenting at its finest.
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I love co-sleeping, too!

My impression is that most of us who post here like co-sleeping, but sometimes could do with a bit less night waking. With various degrees of emphasis on the last part.
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I co-sleeping.........

I love my little one wrapped up next to me (or dp), I love knowing that we are all safe and sound, I love knowing that no one will wake up alone/scared/afraid.........I love knowing we are all together

I love night-nursing too, always have........ds is nn-ing alot less now and i really miss it

We have an open bed (for all our sleeping areas that is!) policy now and when dp or ds want to sleep elsewhere it makes me SO sad.....

I actually think alot of this is related to being left to CIO when I was a newborn- I sleep much better now knowing everyone is content
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We totally it. Dh is sad he doesn't get to snuggle right up to dd! She's b/w us, but snuggled against me
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love it
In fact, the past few nights dd has been slee[img better than she has since ds was born(!!!) and I actually missed her midnight cuddles!!!!!I hug her more on purpse when I don't get em.
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I love it.
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LOVE it!

We set up a nursery and everything, and still ended up co-sleeping. I never really had a parenting plan anyway, so I just did what was natural...
Co-sleeping was just the right thing for us.

I LOVE waking up to happy kisses every morning! Wouldn't have it any other way
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Yes! WE DO!!!
WeVe got the family bed-room. It's set up like this, left to right: dd, me, dh, ds, dog, dog ( last two on their own beds on the floor :LOL )
For any on-the-fence-maybe-ttrying-co-sleeping this is my theory: all of us mostly grew up learning to sleep alone and so of course it's tough in the beginning. I mean, sure, You just want to SLEEP, RIGHT? I understand,really i do! Just like so much of parenting is tough in the beginning. so, hang in there if you really believe in it... One day you'll look over and gett all warm and mushy inside and wonder how you ever could have done it differently.
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I am a light sleeper and definitely like my space! I look forward to the day when I again have my bed all to myself. But for the time being it feels like something is missing or amiss to have my children sleep apart from me (and they feel the same.) I'm sure I could train us all not to feel that way, eventually with enough time apart we might lose that longing. But my gosh I don't want to lose it! Not yet anyway! It is too good to have it fulfilled!
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We absolutely love it. I can't imagine what nights will be like when ds is ready to move into his own bed. I'm trying to soak up every minute that we are co-sleeping.
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dh and i love our family bed too...it's a slice of bliss every morning!
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I can't imagine NOT co-sleeping. It's one of the best perks of being a parent!
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We have had our problems like everyone else, but I can't imagine not having Noah in our room. I love sleeping with him snuggled up against my body, so warm, so safe, so content. And i love not having to get up to feed him - this way, the All-Night Diner's always open, whether I am awake or not.
I really love feeling so secure that he's warm, he's happy, and if he has a need, i can take care of it before he becomes frantic.
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I am so glad to see this thread here!

I have always LOVED cosleeping, and wouldn`t have it any other way.

Noah is soon to be 4 years old, and he still cosleeps with either me or his father every night. (Sharing a house, not a couple, separate bedrooms)
He sometimes starts out in his own bed, wich is pulled up right next to mine. But most of the time he cosleeps all night.

And will continue to do so until he decides otherwise.
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We started out w/ a crib & the whole baby's room setup. I had never even given co-sleeping a thought. After ds was born it was a whole different world. We also had gotten an arms reach co sleeper & wound up starting him in there first. Even that was too far away from us!!! I had to leave my arm on him for him to sleep. I breastfed him & after his 3rd wk i just couldnt take sitting up & nursing all night anymore. So i tried nursing lying down & it was one of the best parenting decisions i've made so far.

Both dh & I love co-sleeping w/ our son. He's only going to be little for such a short time, i treasure every moment he is w/ us.
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I love it. I cant imagine sleeping alone.
If she goes to sleep first shes in a pack and play next to my bed until I finish whatever and get in bed. Sure I could leave her there, and have the whole bed to myself, but that would be so lonely!!!
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We are so glad we have co-slept from the start. Yes, it can be trying. And actually, my dd sleeps better (for longer stretches) when I'm not right there next to her. So sometimes she's in her own bed now. But overall, we are total proponents of co-sleeping and encourage all our friends who have their first baby to try it out.
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We still have a family bed, and it. I love sleeping cuddled up to Ben's soft, round body and baby breath...(his 4 y/o baby breath) and having Ellie within arms reach. We love going to bed together and waking up.
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We love it

I have no complaints with co-sleeping. I get a lot more sleep than I thought I would with a baby; I nurse her while I sleep and often don't wake up for the feedings at all; and my girl is super snuggly and sweet. I can't imagine doing it any other way.
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