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first time in my life...I am eating bran...what else?
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Unbelievable amounts of fluids, flax seed meal or flax seed oil in whatever you can smuggle it into, lots of high-fiber foods, very little dairy. Also I wonder if you're taking a prenatal or something that is constipating you. If you are, try just folic acid for a few days instead of your prenatal vitamin and see if that helps. Sometimes the iron in the prenatals is just too much for your intestinal tract to handle.
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My prenatal is iron free...I take a liquid veggie source iron and I did before I got pregnant and it is not constipating...I drink tons of water and do flax...maybe I will switch back to my multivitamin from the prenatal...see if that helps...I take folic acid anyway...I don't eat dairy...
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Some prenatal vitamins have a stool softener in them-fyi

I'd drink lots of water and maybe exercise? I don't know you and your habits so you could be super exerciser woman but I think that is supposed to help get things going too
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