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Hello! My name is Veronica I am 26. I married to Jodie and he is also 26! We have one child that is 2 years old and the absolute love of our lives! He is the sweetest most loving little boy who has been just an absolute joy! Since the say he was born he has been so happy and easygoing. We couldn't have asked for a more happy or well adjusted child....and our fingers are now crossed for another! haha! Testing our luck!

Carson was born after an induction which of course anyone with that in their past would understand why I am quickly coming in touch with the natural side of birth! After 25 hours of labor...they started my labor at 4pm and then put it on hold from 11pm on because of all the emergencies that filled the hospital...thankfully my water broke on it's own at 4:30 am and then they HAD to deal with me. It frightens me to think how long I could have laid there had that not happened! Of course by the time I was in hard labor I was so extremely exhausted from laboring all night...contractions every three minutes that weren't doing anything other then keeping me uncomfortable and awake! By this time I was without sleep and uncomfortable and MAD at all the doctor;s and nurses....I mean if they didn't have time to deliver him then why not leave me at home in comfort till you had time! So I took a shot of demerol to help calm me....if I would have known what that drug really does I woukd have never taken it! It felt very out of body to have that shot. I swoll up like an elephant I just got huge, an allergic reaction. It did NOTHING for the pain and only made it so I was not able to concentrate on anything...the pain was strong but I could not focus on it to try and control or deal with it. I ended up with an epidural and he was eventually delivered naturally....it was just a poor experience!

The more I think about how different every woman is and how different the time it may take that woman and that baby to develop....I think it is a individual thing...maybe I am a slow baby maker! Plus once you see how they decide due dates....how can they even call any baby late??

So now off to find a midwife or a doula.....I am positive this will be a much more peaceful child birth and am excited (and scared) to experience it!!!
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Let's see....I'm Nicole, and my edd is 10/16. I'm 31, and DH is 29. We've been married for almost 4 years and have two great older children. Our son is almost 10, and our daughter will be 7 next week.

I'm a SAHM taking online classes to finish my English degree (I switched to online when we moved last year). This semester I'm taking my comps, which I'm kind of nervous about. I like to crochet and scrapbook, and hope to learn quilting soon. We live on about 4 acres in a great home with lots of character. We're surrounded by woods, so we see lots of wild turkeys and deer. Our town is nice, but almost too small, if you know what I mean.

I had my son in the hospital with an epidural (6 hr. labor), and my daughter in the hospital without an epidural because labor was so fast (under 4 hours!!). I've found a great OB who is in a private practice and plan to go natural this time. Dh was worried about a homebirth, and midwives are extinct around here. My only worry is making it to the hospital on time - it's about 40 minutes away.

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hello all! (nak) i will be 27 when this baby is born, dh will be 31. we have four kids, youngest is just seven months. i homeschool our kiddos, oldest will be 7 when baby is born. dh is a student, we will have just moved to ph,d, school right before baby is born. i am very nervous and worried about loosing my milk (plan on pumping to have milk on hand incase that happens) and look forward to tandem nursing. we are religious co-sleepers and slingers, have cloth diapered off and on, our two youngest have never had any vaxes (we stopped vaxing when oldest was 2). My last birth was the perfect birth!!! It was very fast and I ended up delivering her all by myself on the floor of the hospital room bathroom in the position i had pictured all during the pregnancy. it was beyond cool. All the kids have been delivered at hospitals with CNM's and i like that arrangement...hopefully I can find a birthcenter where we are moving as I don't really feel like homebirth is right for us for many reasons I can't get into right now because my little baby is done nursing and is sick with a fever so I need to go! I look forward to getting to know you all better as the months roll on!
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Hey everyone

I'm michelle (21), SAHM/homeschool teacher to Ryvre (3, Scorpio) and Willow (1 1/2, Cancer). I've been married to Dale (21) for 3 years, but we've been together since 8th grade! We always wanted to get married and have kids together, but Ryvre moved our plans along a little faster (and slightly reordered), lol, since we found out he was on the way our junior year of high school. We both ended up graduating a semester early (luckily, we were overachievers and had enough credits), and i've been staying home (and he's been working full-time) ever since! It's a great life, though slightly stressful (raising 2+ kids on just over $7, 25-35 hours/week), but i wouldn't trade it in, even for all the partying i've missed, lol.

Our first two children were born in the hospital, with the same ob/gyn, but i'll never go back to her! My son's birth was traumatic, i tried to do it naturally, but my doc urged me at 9 cm to get an epidural--i did, and it kicked in right about the time she was sewing my episiotomy! Not helpful, lol. With my daughter, i was horrified, so i got the epidural at 4 cm, and it was great--except that i was left alone for over 2 hours while my child's head was crowning, because my doc was busy (in the hospital!) doing rounds!!! And this after waiting over 2 hours for every appointment i ever had with her, because "deliveries come first." Apparently, all deliveries except for mine. So, i'm obviously looking for a new doc, or midwife (preferred), though thusfar i have not been able to even find a midwife that's still practising. Blagh.

My story is really boring compared to the others, lol. I do, however, find it pretty funn that though i'm considered pretty "out-there" in my parenting style where i live and among family members, i'm probably one of the most conservative moms here :P I definately believe in breastfeeding, though the longest i've done it was 1 year, i love baby slings, but i rarely used them unless i was out-and-about, we sorta co-sleep (the kids come to our bed in the middle of the night, but they don't start out there), our son is circumsized, i didn't cloth-diaper, and we vaccinated (though the kids aren't totally up-to-date, and we're trying to decide if we should proceed or not). One thing we are really dedicated to, though, is herbal healing! There's an herb (or several) for everything, hehe!
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Hi everyone. I'm Leah, mom to Aidan (12/6/01) and my edd for fraggle #2 is 10/26. We found out we were pregnant the day we moved to our new house (Valentine's Day) so it's been a whirlwind of change around here. It's a 1926 house, so we're busy making improvements and just trying to get used to living in an old house. It's really cool, though! We're in a college town now, so there's a little more support for our parenting choices here.

I gave birth in a small women's hospital with an OB and a doula last time. I had no pain meds, but I was hypertensive, so I was subjected to a few interventions, like EFM and magnesium sulfate. I'm hoping that this pregnancy will be better...I don't think I could handle weeks of bedrest again while trying to parent my 3yo! I'm using a midwife this time and am hoping for a homebirth. I'm confident that under her care, I'll avoid the problems I had last time.

Let's see...I'm still nursing Aidan. I thought it would be a lot more uncomfortable for me while pg, but it's not a problem so far. We only nurse for naptime and bedtime. He slept with us fulltime til he was about 2.75. Now, he starts the night in his bed and comes to join us when he's ready. Our thinking is to continue to let him nurse/sleep with us even with fraggle #2 on the horizon unless it poses a problem in some way. My big boy is newly potty trained (easily!), so at least we won't have to worry about 2 in diapers.

I feel very strongly about breastfeeding, extended breastfeeding, gentle birth, and gentle parenting. I always try to ask myself if what I'm doing is fostering a connection with Aidan or severing/straining it. I'm looking forward to having more confidence with this baby than I had with Aidan, and I definitely think I'll be more relaxed! So much of how they turn out, I know now, is based on temperament. I am AP not b/c I think it will make my children turn out a certain way (that's a pipe dream) but b/c it's just the right thing to do. Took a while to get here!
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