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We visted our old church yesterday and I am so discouraged, and mad. : There is just a prevailing "The Doctor is God" attitude surrounding pregnancy and mothering in that area. I'm surprised anyone births naturally down there.

*All* of the recent pregnancies in that church except mine have ended up with C-sections (one because the mother was petite, and the ultrasound told her her baby was 2 lb bigger than he actually was, the other because she was an "older" mom, at 35, and her labor went on "too long"), and an upcoming one is planned. The lady was telling me how she is "too small" to birth her babies and they're going to take her daughter out via a belly cut at 38 weeks. Yes, her husband is large, and her last one was 10 lbs, but she is not a small woman. Taller than me, and not petite. She seemed rather proud that she was "too small" to even try natural birth--maybe it was an ego thing, I don't know, but it just bothered me to no end. And of course, formula is the norm once the babies are born. Breastfeeding is either "impossible" or "too inconvenient".

I'm not upset at the women themselves. But I'm so angry and sad that they're only given mainstream information, and don't know things can be better. No wonder so many don't want more children--pregnancy and birth is always a terrifying disease that must be managed by all-knowing doctors, rather than a wonderful miracle! <sigh> If I had disposable income, I would buy every one of them a ton of books with decent information, and pay for a nurse midwife from Pittsburgh to travel down there and hold an educational seminar.

Just whining.