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I think I am nesting! Also though, I am a "planner"--well, most of the time...so I want to make it as easy on myself and hubby as possible for when she comes...I am planning on bf'ing so it is better for us than ordering pizza oe whatever because we are too lazy/tired/busy to cook!

It really is a shame I don't have a stand alone freezer thingie, at the rate I am going I would have meals for months lol...oh well though, I am thankful for what we do have though!
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What does everyone store their soups and sauces in? I only have plastic take-out containers. I am not thrilled about the plastic, but don't knwo what else there is. I need to get moving on filling the freezer as I am alos due in May like veggie!

Also, any good freezer recipes/cookbooks that don't have milk products in them?

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I freeze in plastic containers, I just make sure I transfer before microwaving as mic'ing plastic is a baaaaad idea. (If at home I reheat in a pot, but the only option at work is a microwave, or cold) Someone - I can't remember if it was this thread or not - said they bought a whole bunch of glass dishes at the second hand store and then froze in those. Sounded like a good idea to me.

Congrats on the baby in May! My freezing strategy is to make bigger batches of whatever I am making anyway and freezing the leftovers (mostly soups, stews, so all non-dairy). It is not really very much extra work at all, and I know I will appreciate it later.

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I have read a book by Debra Taylor-hugh- How to cook for a day and eat for a month. ITs allright but it dosen't tell you anything different than from what mamas here can tell you for free.
What kind of dairy products are a concern? Just milk or eggs as well?

Check out Organizedhome.com for some articles on feeding your freezer as well.

For small parts of sauces, stocks etc- use a small container to freezer. Then the next day pop out the frozen item and put in a zip bag and label. Its less space in your freezer and you get your container back.

The only concern w using the take out containers or the container left from your yogurt or sour cream etc- It was not made to be frozen or reheated and you can be letting off unwelcome chemicals into your breathing air and food.
The same goes for leftover bottled water.
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Some leftover containers are meant to be reused. If it has a 1 on the bottom, it shouldn't be reused. But if it has a 2, 4, or 5 it can be safely reused. Water bottles are usually 1s, and definitely not meant to be reused.
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Glad i found this thred and this form!!! YIPPY i need to get back into freezer cooking i did it all through my pregnacy and stocked like crazy before allison was born but haven't since and really need to start saving some $$$ so i need some insperantion to get back in the swing of things!!!
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Really quick, I usually freeze leftover soups and sauces in glass spaghetti sauce jars. I pour it to the top with about 1 inch of air space, feeze it and, AFTER it freezes through, I put the lid on it and stick it in the deep freezer. Any leftovers I'm sending with dh to work I put in empty peanut butter jars, which is a good portion size for him, at least as far as soup is concerned! He just packs along a glass bowl and a spoon.
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help me!

What a great thread! but ack, I need help getting started. I don't know why--I just can't seem to get going with this and I am due with a baby girl on May 25th! How soon should I start freezing? I don't want stuff to get eaten up too soon, or worse yet get stale or freezer-burnt. Can anyone suggest some specific ideas that work well?

I think I am going to go to the hardware store this week and get a bunch of foil pans...
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I would start right away, just making extra big batches of whatever you are cooking and freezing portions. 6 weeks is not too long at all for something ot sit in the freezer. I would start with beef stew (without potatos) as it is hearty and easy to make lots of. That's what we lived on after ailsa was born, but not because we had any time to pre-freeze - she was 3 weeks early, born the day after my mat leave started.

good luck with the new baby and preparations.

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Congrats on the baby! My DD was born on 5-24 so I love May babies!

Start by making meals that freezer well. Double or triple batch and stick them in the freezer. Once you do it twice or so, you will get the hand of it.
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Thanks so much for the encouragement. I really need to get going. After I get the containers, I'm going to roast a chicken and make some pot pies with the leftovers, and freeze those. Then maybe next week I'll do meatloaves. I figure if I freeze one or two meals a week I'll be set by May 25th (since I am expecting to be on time again, plus last time we were given a lot of food by friends and colleagues.).

You guys are inspirational!
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Rainbowbird, Lots of "mexican" dishes freeze easily, enchiladas, beans, if yo can tolerate them post partum (I craved them) they are quick, easy , and reheat well. Also, chili, and you can regulate the heat. You might consider baking a bunch of chicken breast and individually freezing them for those late night snack attacks. Also, fruit muffins for snacking.
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Chicken for a late night snack attack? Theres an idea, I only thought of doughnuts, frozen pizza, chocolate shakes etc when I had late night snack attacks w preg! :LOL
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Definitely pizza for pregnancy, but I needed some protein late at night when I was nursing and a piece of chicken went down real easy and wasn't messy or anything.
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chicken is very good idea for nursing. Its funny, once the baby was out, I craved high protein and veggies- all good foods. I could eat all I want and I kept shrinking everyday. My husband called me the incredible shrinking woman. Thats one of hundreds of great things about nursing.
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Me, too. I kinda plateaued around 10 months, then at 1 year, it started dropping again. I guess a nursing toddler can really suck the lbs off.
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Originally Posted by hlkm2e
Me, too. I kinda plateaued around 10 months, then at 1 year, it started dropping again. I guess a nursing toddler can really suck the lbs off.
no pun intended?!
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