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Feb 21-28 It's the end of February...here they come!

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Feb 21-28 It's the end of February...here they come!
kavamamakava Mei Mei Feb 17
Kater07 Lorelei Michelle Born 1/30/05
Isabeau due early February
3 Little Birds baby boy born Jan 22
Chiku due Feb 1 birthing center
Parker'smommy (Heather) due Feb 1
Lisashepp (Lisa) Evan born Feb 5(?)
Sadkitty- Nigel Wren born Feb 10
FreeThinker Laina Beth born Feb 1
Dandylion (Stephanie) Irina Zoey born Feb 1
Truvie due Feb 2
Lasofia Ilario Joshua born January 27
PeacefulVegan- Ben River born Feb 13
Lou due Feb 3
Orange due Feb 3 Birth Center with OB
Twin Mom (Deb) VBA2C homebirth Joe born 1/23
Free Thinker (Mandy) Laina Beth born Feb 1
Wtchyhlr (Joy) Dominic Alec Whitcomb Valdez born Feb 11
HelloKitty (Kitty) Maxwell Dennis born Feb 4
Letabug (Arleta) Kane Aubry born 1/25
LianneM- Allen Cramer IV born Feb 10
TexasSuz (Susan) - Leah Sheryl born 1/24
Happymamajenni (Jenni) Parker Donovan Black born Feb 5
Lousli - Hazel Eliana born 12/21
Parthenia due Feb 7 home waterbirth
DeirdreAlison (Deirdre) Rachel born Feb 14
New Life Due Feb 8
kimbalicious- Lucinda Pearl born Feb 8
ElizaBird (Eliza)- Orian James and Jonah Green born Jan 27
Shannon0218 - Molly Joan born 1/24
ella-makes-3 (Jasmine) Lilah Geneve born Feb 17
Marcella Ezra Omani born
HeleneP, due Feb 12
Tug (Terenia) - Mia Rose born 1/29
lisabc311- Gavin Joseph born Feb 9
Firefly due Feb 13
Um Hanna (Heather)- Yasmeen born 14 Feb
Christi Viola Rose born Feb 23
Periwinkle- William Thatcher born Feb 9
Fairymomma (Pamela) due Feb 14
Jorie (Margorie) due Feb 14
AmBam (Amber) due Feb 14 homebirth
carrie24 (Carrie)- Edward IV born Feb 7
rose angel (Karen) Levi Fox born Feb 18
shyly (Monica)Scott Francis born Feb 17
mama2m&m (Denise) due Feb 16
HydeParkB Flannery Grace born Feb. 14
Karennnnn (Karen) due Feb 17
Coopsmama (Kristen)- William Sidney born Feb 2
Bella'smamma (Cecily) due Feb 17
luvmytwo (Karen) due Feb 17
HydeParkB (Bridget) due Feb 17
alaskanteach (Gretchen) Oscar Tomas born Feb 11
Zandersmom- Zander born Feb 11
weesej (Jen) - Emmanuel Colin born 1/13
Ekblad7+ (Amy) Samuel Joseph born Feb 20
kinsey43 (Kinsey) due after Feb 20
heveasoul due Feb 21, h/b with m/w
veggiemommy (Holly), due Feb 21
mehndimama (Stell)- Robert Kenneth Evans Michelsen born Feb 12 unassisted homebirth
Emmama-Liam Joseph born Feb 12
Mainemon (Susan) Andrew David born February 23
earthmama007 Hannah Ruth born Feb 16
Mama2Chloe (Tricia)-Sofia Rose born Feb 18
Threeforme2005 (Traci) Autumn Eve born Feb 18
artgirl (Kelly) Beckett born Feb. 20
munki'sMom (Tammy), baby #2 due Feb 26
woolfairy (Elle) due Feb 27, baby #2 homebirth
Maprilynne (Aprilynne) due Feb 28, birth center
KateSt. Late Feb. Homebirth
4Given (Stacey) due end of Feb
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Hi there! I've updated the list. If I missed you, let me know. Sorry, I don't know how to do the cute pink and blue on my wacky computer!
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I'm just subscribing! Busy Busy Busy...first whole day at home alone with the kids since Kane was home...Daddy is back at work and in meetings all day :
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still pregnant ;)

Hi all.

Letabug - ouch on the sore tushie. Hope it heals soon. Take a look at the ingredients of the herbal bath my mws give their clients for after the birth - I was told by a friend, who had used it not till 2 weeks pp, that it truly helped in her healing.

Shannon - on the crap you're going through. I know. Nothing much I/we can say to make you feel better. This, too, you will survive.

Tricia - sorry about the rough night for Chloe - hope you guys find a nursing groove. Enjoy your sweet little girls!

Congrats, Karen - welcome Levi Fox! Enjoy your babymoon!

Hope all you mamas with new babies are doing well!

Nothing new to report here - saw my mw this morning, but decided not to have an internal - it wouldn't change anything. So I wait for some signs that baby is ready to come out...I will start on Evening Primrose Oil, and dh and I will get out for more walks, and GIO (get it on, for those not formerly ttc!). We have our home to ourselves again, so it should make that more fun. My mom left, after being here since sometime last week. We have so much food in the freezer now, yay! Although if baby permits, I may still make a few more things this week...
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Hi all! Wow that updated list is amazing, I haven't been getting on here as much as I'd like being a busy, busy new mama I've missed a bunch of births!!! Going to backtrack now and read up on everyone. CONGRATS on all the new births.

Hope you ladies still in waiting are holding up ok, the end is tough sometimes.

Going to my first ever LLL meeting this afternoon - wish me luck that I can possibly make some new friends.

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Still pregnant!!! Are we sure that ALL babies come out eventually?

Holy cow!! I never imagined that I would STILL be pregnant!! I know there are a few of us past "due date" now! I just never thoought this baby would hang out in there so long!! I get nice contractions still pretty often, they just never keep up!!

Kitty ~ Good luck at LLL! Sounds fun. I wish I had one in my area!

Heve ~ Hope something happens for you soon! I opt out on the internals also. Not a whole lot of fun if ya ask me and I'm not sure it makes much difference!

leta ~ good luck with your first day home!! That can be overwhelming I'm sure!

Leslie ~ Thanks for the new thread! I was going to do it but I don't even know how!

Shannon ~ I'm really sorry!! Hope they figure things out quickly!!

Well, I should probably get in the shower and do something with myself today. I need to go to the bank and pick ds up from school and take him to his taekwondo class. It's funny how people look at you when you are somewhere and they ask when the baby is due and you tell them a week ago!! It makes me laugh. Like they think I should rush right to the hospital or something!!
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heveasoul--thanks, actually my doc here on base has a wife who belives in the power of herbs and essential oils and she sent some herbal sitz bath stuff with the stuff mentioned and then some! It is awesome and helps for a while it is slowly getting better I guess I shouldn't complain! Plus Doc's usually don't do personal stuff like that on base so I am lucky I have such a good doc...even if he did miss the fact that Kane's head wasn't engaged it was his rear!
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Hey everyone. Today is DH's last day off from work. So I'm on my own tomorrow! letabug- How's it going for you?

We are heading out to get a double stroller today! I know I am going to want to get out of the house this week or else I will go completely stir-crazy!

~*~*~*~*Happy Easy Labor Vibes!!!~*~*~*~* to those still waiting!
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Hi everyone
I just wanted to say that her name isn't actually Mei Mei. I just call her that because it means little sister and she's still nameless :/
She's 6 days old and starting to smell funky so she's going to get bathed today. I have a doula here to help me since the kids will want to participate and they will need supervision while participating. :LOL
When did you bathe your baby for the first time? (If they didn't do it for you)
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Still going good on the homefront! Kane is asleep in my arms and Korbin is "napping" but I hear him ratting around. Only a few minor problems, Korbin won't eat ANYTHING for me, he just throws it on the floor and says no bebe whatever that means, usually that means binky so I gave it to him and he threw it and said NO NO NO bebe so I got Kane and said baby and he said no and laid his head on the table, so I got him down and we did taeboe together and read a BUNCH of books.

Daddy just called and said I have to drop the motorcycle key off at the shop b/c they can't start it without it...ARGH if he hadn't been so careless the motorcycle would be in the shed and I wouldn't have to get dressed to leave the house and get both kids dressed. Why couldn't the shop just call yesterday when he was home.

Now that DH is back to work I can FINALLY use my cloth diapers. He absolutely HATES them and so does my mom so when they both were here that was terrible. Kane seems to like them but he is apparently a HEAVY wetter, more so than Korbin so my system doesn't work as well for him as it did for Korbin. I used fitted diapers and usually wool covers but they make Kane get spots so right now I am using a prowrap cover and I have a bummis hanging up to dry. Korbin is sad b/c Kane has frogs on his cover and he just has a solid two tone celtic wool on so I think I will embrodier something on it tonight for him.

Well now korbin is singing so that can only mean one thing he is screwing with the cd player in their bedroom so gotta run before his beloved cd gets broken.
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I haven't been reading everything since I just had my daughter on Thursday, but Kane was a vaginal breech? Sneaky guy. hehehe
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Baby was weighed yesterday morning... 10 lbs 12 oz!!! That's three ounces over birth weight at 12 days old! Wooo hooo my boy can EAT!!!

I am still pumping/supplementing EBM, but not as much. He hasn't gotten a bottle yet today and it's almost 6pm. He is heading into his hungry time (when I needed the supplement of EBM via bottle to top him off after a feeding) so I may need to use an ounce or two mid-evening, but it feels good to finally be getting my supply on track to meet this big boy's big calorie needs!

Does anyone else have a Kangaroo Carrier? I am friggin in love with this sling. He loves it and it is so comfy. A perfect sling for these cold winter days (it's Malden Mills fleece). I love this thing!!! :
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Lesley - to get the pretty colours, just select the text you want in colour, then click on the colour dropdown menu, and select a colour. To make it bold, select the text again, then click on the "B" bold button. I would do it and pm it to you, but I don't think you could copy it and retain the colour/bold codes. I'll send a snippet for us to test if you'd like.

Amber - nope - it's really only a snapshot - if I am at a certain dilation and effacement in the morning at my appt, it means nothing - things could progress later that day, or not. Also, it doesn't change what we're doing (the main question before I agree to any procedure), so nah - please don't push your hand up there, thanks! She also asked if I wanted her to do the sweep and stretch - not that she's concerned (I'm only at 40 w, 1 d). I'll try other things at home first - ie intercourse, EPO, bouncing on my birth ball, walks...

Hey - new smilies! : : boy: girl: !!!

Peri- one of my slings is the kangaroo fleece pouch! I got a charcoal grey one for dh, and a cream one for me (L and M, respectively). I also have my Tricia-made sling! Can't wait to use both! :

letabug - you cracked me up with your cd-destroying boy line!
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Touching base....
Big hugs to Shannon - please keep us posted.... Christine said it, this too you'll survive.

I also have a KKAFP, and a Tricia sling. Have tried both of them once. I need to go rewatch the maya wrap instructions, cuz Dominic doesn't like cradle position, so i have to figure out how to get him upright, yet support his head.

my parents are coming for the weekend. that should be interesting. WE'll see if they really manage to be helpful or if they just get in the way.

AmBam and Heve - sending you "go into labor already" vibes...

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subscribing. busy. more later.
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Here's a link to some pics http://www.livejournal.com/users/shylye/48564.html

I got Scott's birth certificate today so he's official now. We tried to register him on base too, but the lazy civies said they were too busy and turned us away. We have to go back in the morning

I think my baby is going to be in a permanent boob coma. He'll wake up, look around quietly and if I don't notice him in a few minutess he'll fuss a little. Then I'll nurse him, change (torture) him, nurse him on the other side, and then he'll pass out again. The boy lives for the boob.

Well I'm going to run. It hurt to sit at the desk and my butt is going numb.
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Thanks guys, I still don't know anything about the results of the cat scan. My ob was in this morning but she's been on call all day sunday and monday and hadn't left the hospital in 40 hours but still had to fit in a morning worth of appts, so after that she was going home to sleep. The general surgeon was away today at a conference, I'm assuming if something horrible showed up someone would have come to talk to me. The cat scan itself was awful, when I arrived I had to sit for a while so they gave me yet another of the contrast cocktails to drink, I thought my eyes were just itchy then a nurse stopped and took my pulse before she said anything, my entire face was one big hive, so they tried to give me some IV benadryl but my IV had blown in transport (heplocks never last more than an hour or so with me, not sure why) so they had to restart. Then the tech says, gee I hope you don't react to the injectable dye--I told him, I can't have the injectable dye, it has iodine in it and I will stop breathing rather quickly--I was standing at the OB desk when my doctor told them that while booking me yesterday--they said, oh well usually some steroids and benadryl and you're usually ok, thanks dude, but I'd rather not risk it for usually so they did the scan without, I just hope they're able to see something.
Does anyone know, can they see adhesions on cat scan??? Can adhesions really form this quickly (I'm 4 weeks post op but the pain has been getting progressively worse for 10 days) From the little bit of reading I've done today and last night, it looks like the things that could be causing this may need to be diagnosed with an exploratory laproscopy and I just don't know if I'm up for that right now, it may put me over the edge mentally and what if they find nothing. If anything life threatening can be ruled out I may ask for injectable pain meds for home and wait some stuff out. Unfortunatly, I reliably puke 2 hours after taking oral demerol, only once and stuff but with the belly pain I have right now, it feels like someon is ripping me in 2.

So how many of our regulars are waiting for things to begin???? I need some good news folks, tell me a joke, whatever
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Oh Shannon!! What an ordeal!! I hope you find out quickly what the heck is going on and get yourself some relief! You are a strong woman! I think I would have freaked by now!!

I wish I had a joke for you... but I don't!! I am going to kill someone if I am pregnant for much longer and that is not a joke!! : No... I really am trying to be patient, it is just getting difficult! I really never thought I would still be pregnant!! I know I am not the only one overdue, so I should just quit whining and be grateful that the baby and I are both healthy. Everything checks out just perfect, I guess it just needs time!!

My ds (almost 2) is really struggling! He is pretty demanding anyway, but he has just been soooo whiny and cranky and much more demanding than usual. It is more than I can take somedays. I feel bad cuz I know he's not going to be my baby for much longer and I wish our time together could be more enjoyable. Ya know? I think he just senses the change coming. Plus things are stressful here right now anyway. Trying to be a wife and mom and help dh run a business and be 41+ weeks pregnant is about to push me over the edge!! I keep thinking that once the baby gets here things will be so much easier. In all reality I will just be busier. Owell. I am sure everything will work itself out!! I will end my whine session now!! : I keep telling myself I need to be positive...
Thanks for listening...

Good luck to all of those still waiting along with me!! Can't wait to hear the birth stories and I really hope mine is one of the next ones!! Take care everyone!!

Monica ~ BTW... Scott is adorable!!
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Oh Shannon, I'm sorry. I don't even know what to say. Just...wow. Wish I could hug you.

Ambam, It must be so hard to be waiting and waiting. I've never had that problem (LOL) but I can imagine the discomfort and anxiety, especially with other little ones to care for.

Joy, Try this with the Maya wrap. Place the ring part on your left shoulder. Make a pouch in front, and put the baby in it, upright (legs can be froggy style inside or dangle out of the pouch). His head should be between or resting against your breasts. Tighten the tail of the sling, especially the side which supports the baby's head. When I do this with Hazel, I pull the sling so snug that her head is really supported by the fabric, and the fabric goes over the back of her head. This was a position suggested by Periwinkle. It has worked very well for us. I'll look for a link, but I think it is called the snuggle hold.
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kavamamakava--yup Kane was a surprise vaginal breech birth with no pain medication and a dr with VERY large hands trying to pry me open but it all turned out wonderful and tho the birth was not what I had wanted I got to cuddle with my slimy little man for about 45 min before anybody touched him to check him over he went from me to doc to me and that was amazing!

Shannon--you poor thing hang in there hopefully they can find the root of the problem and get you some relief so you can enjoy Molly to the fullest!

AmBam--Korbin started acting like that right before Kane was born it was like he knew something big was going to happen the whole week before he was a terrible little monster I was huge so I was slow and couldn't sit on the floor anymore and he couldn't understand why I couldn't chase him or do the stuff I normally do with him. I am still waiting for my sweet Bug (korbin) to return maybe it is the terrible 2's kicking in but I wasn't expecting that until later. Every now and then I see I glimmer of my sweet baby and then he looks at Kane and becomes possessed. Good luck!

Not much time for more personals...Kane was up most of the night eating and then choking on the mucus that he can't seem to get up since birth. So take care while I take a nap!
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