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Puffy feet?

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How 'normal' is it for our feet to puff up a bit at this stage of PG ...I NEVER got puffy at all with dd ... but lately at the end of a long day of chasing a toddler and sewing my brains out I'm noticing that my feet are getting fairly swollen ...not HUGE or anything ...but my skin is definitely tighter and I can't see the tendons or veins as well as I normally can.

... and it's just my feet too ..not my hands. When I wake in the morning everything is back to normal.

I'm eating lots of protein ... a la brewer diet ... and drinking a ton of water ... so I'm pretty sure it's not dehydration. Just exhaustion? My BP was normal at my last MW apt.

I don't want to call my MW about this though ...it's a split practice (2 MW's 6months on and 6 months off) and I've suddenly wound up with the one who's ON for the time period where the baby will be born ...and I DON"T like her ...VERY medwife ...felt like I was at a walk in clinic ... so I'm trying to find a 'new' one at the last minute.
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I think it's fairly normal at this stage. With #3 I had quite a bit of swelling. This time around I've had much less. I think it just varies. As long as you can push on your feet or ankles and not have pits where your fingers were then you should be ok.
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I haven't had any yet, but with ds my feet were pretty much constantly swollen, especially on warm days or on my feet all day kinds of days.
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It's totally normal -- although I haven't had swelling, tons of moms in my prenatal yoga class are having a rough time with it. Try doing lots of little circles with your ankles to increase circulation!
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Like Lia warm weather really affected mine. I was in the third tri in summer with DD so I attributed the difference between that experience and this one largely to the weather. I'm not sure if it's warm where you are right now or not but that would certainly be a contributing factor.
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It's definitely NOT cold out anymore ... sort of 'spring-ish' ... but not hot either.

I had a nap today and that seemed to help (they were starting to swell around noon).

I think it's just time for me to start taking it easy and put my feet up :LOL ...as if I can do that with a three year old running around!
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Here are some good exercises for swollen feet and ankles:

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putting something under your mattress to elevate your feet at night helps a lot. I am sleeping on a feather bed now & put a pillow under that & it has helped.
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My ankles are pretty swollen towards the end of the day, especially if I have been sitting at my desk or riding in the car. Laying on my left side helps. My MW says it is pretty normal, just to stay hydrated.

I don't like it but it is apparently harmless- just your circulatory system struggling with all the extra blood and that uterus in its way!
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just like everyone has said, totally normal for you to see swelling in your feet in your third trimester. it's your hands and face that you'd need to worry about.

i'm not experiencing any swelling in my feet this time, normally they get huge at the end of my pregnancies ( but i'm usually delivering in a very hot month LOL). however, yesterday i had very swollen hands, and i think my eyes are puffy too. and it's very cold here. yesterday i couldn't even get my rings on. i ate pretty high protein yesterday and drank lots. today they still feel puffy, but my rings can go on and off without difficulty. i think my eyes are still puffy too. i'm just drinking lots of water and eatting high protein again. i'm due to be seen on wed so we'll see then if my BP is up. 33-34 weeks is when it usually goes through the roof.
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Yeah, my feet just started to swell for the first time this whole pregnancy. It goes away when I put my feet up for a long time (30 minutes or more). I also noticed that it is worse the warmer the weather is. Same for my hands. We finally got a little bit of cool weather again for a few days now and my hands aren't puffy for the first time in weeks! Yay!

When my feet get really bad I try to cool them off with a cold, wet, washcloth and put them up as high as I can get them. That helps.
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