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I agree with most. It is the WAHM choice to smoke, but the items shouldnt arrive smelling like smoke. That is just bad business in my eyes.
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I just don't think a smoker entering a room where fabric is will deposit a huge smoke odour into the fabric.
There are actual studies showing that the residue on a smoker's clothing can be as harmful as second hand smoke, therefore debinking the myth that it is okay to smoke outside when you have kids, cause the second you, in your smokey clothes, pick up that baby, you are giving him or her toxic fumes via your threads.

Because of my slight asthma/allergies to smoke, my mom ONLY smoked outside, and that did not prevent MY clothes, from smelling like smoke. Everything she touched that was fabric ended up smelling like it, and even stuff in our house, inlcuding my clothes, smelled like it.

It is the WAHM's choice to smoke, no problemo, but I do think it should be disclosed, cause even if she is not smoking around the product, the smoke residue on her hands and clothes WILL make its way onto the fabric.
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Also..a note about organics...lotsa people, including me, buy organic fabric and diapers cause they do not have the usual chemicals that ordinary cotton has. Even though several people assume regular cotton is okay cause the chemicals wash out, I do not. I think some chemicals, even if hard to detect, are there for the life of the fabric. So, if I get an organic item that smells like smoke, there goes the reason for even buying it. I mean, I buy it cause it is chemical free, and someone has placed thousands of chemicals right back in it? Do they wash out? Maybe? Maybe not. Lavender may bother some, but it is not full of, for example, thousands of chemicals!
There are over 4,000 identified chemicals in cigarette smoke. Listed here are 109 of the more toxic chemicals. Those proven to cause cancer are in boldface type. Those proven to cause birth defects are in italic type. Click on the chemical names that are linked to see other ways in which the chemical is used.

TO name just a *few*

DDT, AKA, insecticides
Hydrogen Cyanide, AKA, gas chamber poison
Acetone, AKA, nail polish remover.

So, do I think we are blowing it out of proportion? NO! Do I hold WAHMs to a higher standard? No, I hold ALL people and companies that I buy from to a certain standard. It is my right not to buy from a woman or a company that gives me a smoke ridden product, but IMO, and I say this as a woman that is working on becoming a WAHM, when you chose to become a WAHM, you are selling your products for money, and with that privilige and profit, comes the responsibility to act responsibly towards your product and intended customers. Giving someone a product intended for a baby that reeks of smoke is bad business and irresponsible. It'd be like me blowing smoke in your newborns face. it IS second hand smoke, and it's just not right.
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Originally Posted by papaya rain
Honestly, it has never occured to me to ask if the diaper would be in any contact with smoke.

I think it just came as a shock to the OP being that the cding population is cding because of health risks and environmental hazards that sposies pose.

I agree with this...I never think to ask! I assume that if I spend a lot of money (or even a little money) on a diaper, that it is clean and not reeking of carcinogens...I ESPECIALLY assume that ANYTHING I buy for my children will not be covered in something that could kill them. My son is high risk for asthma...my husband has asthma. I have the right to expect clean products that are not full of smoke...I shouldn't have to assume that my products will come covered in smoke and make it my responsibility to demand clean ones. If I wanted nasty smoke covered diapers, I'd ask for those. Besides, if you work hard on a diaper, WHY WHY WHY would you want to do something to stink them up and discolor them?? I prefer pretty vibrant clean smelling diapers for my babe, thank you!

Yes, you have the right to smoke...but unless you work in a bar, workplaces are supposed to be considered smoke-free. And the last I checked, noone was allowed to smoke while on the clock in the workplace. I wouldn't want my diapers made by someone who was drunk or high at the time either...neither would I want my soakers to be knitted while the knitter sat on the toilet, or my soaps made on the same counter that some raw meat is sitting on. I just expect that the job is professionally done, even if it's done at home. If you worked in an out of the home office, you'd be forbidden to smoke while working and around products...why is it any different because you have the luxury of working at home?
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We always seem to be on the same page...must be the organic side of us.
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