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vegetarian cookbooks?

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What are some REALLY good vegetarian cookbooks? I'm new at this and only have a limited amount of money to spend.
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What kind of food do you like to cook and to eat?

Are you vegan?
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I'm still actually a semi-meat eater. But I always feel better when I eat a vegetarian meal. I'm especially looking for vegetarian meals that are high in protein.
Also, I'm BF, and my son has sensitivities to dairy and eggs, so I guess that makes me vegan by default!!
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The Farm cookbook is a good one. It's vegan and has very simple recipes in it. It was my first veggie cook book and it made the transition easy!!!
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I have a lot of cookbooks on my shelves, and right now these are my favorites:

The Moosewood cookbooks are classics. The older ones are pretty heavy on the dairy, but the newer ones have much less. The one I use most is Moosewood Restaurant Cooks At Home. In my opinion it has the most family-friendly recipes of all the Moosewoods. It has a lot of vegan recipes.

The Voluptuous Vegan is my absolute favorite vegan cookbook, but it is gourmet, not simple easy stuff. The paella recipe is to die for, but more work than I'm willing to put in for a regular weeknight dinner.

I can't stand the name, but How It All Vegan, has very good recipes that are relatively simple, and many of them are kid-pleasing.

I have a pressure cooker and use Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure a lot. If you have a pressure cooker, that book is practically a necessity! This cookbook doesn't call itself vegan, but it just happens to be egg and dairy free.

Two cookbooks I've been using a lot lately are the Kripalu Cookbook, which has a lot of kidpleasing recipes (the fried tofu is divine), and the 5-Ingredient-Vegetarian-Gourmet, for ideas for when I have to make dinner in a big hurry. Neither of these are vegan, but they have plenty of nondairy recipes.

Vegetarian Planet is another great one, but it has a fair amount of dairy.

I can't believe I forgot one of the best -- Feeding the Whole Family, by Cynthia Lair. Great for families, of course.

If you want a healthy vegan dessert cookbook, try Great Good Desserts.
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My favorite vegetarian/vegan cookbook is Lean and Luscious and Meatless by Bobbie Hinman and Millie Snyder. It has recipes that are so delicious and fast to make.

There are literally a dozen recipes in there that I make frequently. I just can't say enough about it.

Check out more info at:
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I love the book "May All Be Fed" by John Robbins. Only the second half of the book is a cookbook. I've tried several recipes out of it and I have like all of them. My hubby's liked most of them and thought the others were okay.
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I second the vote for Lean and Luscious and Meatless!!!The recipes are easy, yummy and great for everyday meals.

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My favorites that I use all the time are:

Almost Vegetarian (good one to start with)
Pasta Verde (Italian meatless)
Vegetarian Times
Feeding the Whole Family
A Taste Of Heaven And Earth
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My favorites are:
Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair and the Moosewood cookbooks are great as well. Good Luck!
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The Moosewood collection and of course, the classic, Laurel's Kitchen.

I have a lot of fun in the cookery section of our library -- it's a nice and economic way to review books before you splurge and buy them.

bon appetite!
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I second the vote for Moosewood Resturaunt Cooks at Home and I would further recommend Moosewood Resturaunt Lowfat Favorites.

Borrowing books from the library is a wonderful way of previewing cookbooks and do not forget "hold" and "interlibrary loan" Right now I have Laural's Kitchen andLaural's Kitchen Breadbook from the library, If it works out I may buy them...I may not. I am also waiting for my amazing librarian to find me a couple other Moosewood books that I saw in Borders. Since I average 2-4 "keepers" from a cookbook, this saves $ for other books I would rather buy

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I have s cookbook that I love called Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. The recipes are easy to follow with wonderful complex and satisfying flavors. And it just wone a couple od culinary awards.
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veggie cookbooks...

I agree with the moosewood cookbooks as being ranked up there with the best. I did buy an incredible new book last week and I love it. I'm very excited to start using this cookbook. It is Deepak Chopra's "The chopra centre cookbook" And there are some great recipes and lots of wonderful advice about healthy vegetarian eating. The book is $25 and just came out. I lucked out and scored a brand new copy off e-bay for $12. Bon appetite! melanie
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For great easy veg and vegan recipes try Better Than Peanut Butter and Jelly , I recently picked up a second hand copy, am working our way through most of the recipes, and EVERY one has been a hit with the whole family. They are such easy and quick recipes, all vegan or vegetarian!
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Ditto on the Moosewood Cooks at Home and Lowfat Favorites - those are two of the best! Have you looked on Half.com or Amazon to see if you can get these used for cheap?

If I were to buy just one, though, it would be Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone (mentioned above) - it's amazing. This is where I look first when I have an ingredient I want to do something with these days (like, hmmm, I bought all these beets, now what??). It's huge, over 1400 recipes - you'll never run out!

I love reading cookbooks recreationally - as my mom says, you can always follow the plot, and they always have a happy ending!
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I like:

The Farm Cookbook
Whole Foods for the Whole Family
Still Life with Menu
Lowfat Moosewood
Quick Vegetarian Pleasures (I think that is the title)

I know there are others I like but I'm at work and can't remember the titles.
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I like Simply Vegan by Debra Wasserman, there is also a section on where to get all the different nutrients from, like best vegan sources of calcium, protein, etc... done by Michael Klapper, MD. Actually, any of the cookbooks put out by the Vegetarian Resource Group are good. The group is non-profit, with a preference for vegan over other types of vegetarian. I think they also have some jewish vegetarian cookbooks.

I would also emphasize, as already mentioned, the library. I have borrowed a great number of cookbooks that turned out to be not very useful to me, and many others that only had a few interesting recipes, which were very easy to copy down, much cheaper than buying the book.
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Originally posted by leigh
I like:

Whole Foods for the Whole Family

I know there are others I like but I'm at work and can't remember the titles.
Ditto the Whole Foods for the Whole Family cookbook.

I also LOVE and get so much encyclopedia type use out of
Nikki and David's Wholefoods Cuisine

Also Vegetarian Ecstacy
and the one I refer to the most is for 'fun stuff' is the
Vegetarian Gourmet
Receipies from a Vegetarian Goddess

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My favorites are Laurel's Kitchen (lots for the whole family) and Celebration of Wellness (lots of delicious vegan recipes - easy to make).
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