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What did you have?

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I have gone through the old posts and haven't really found anything that answeres me directly (there's no way I am going through the UC thread....that is so long!!!! ).

So my question is: What did you have in your UC homebirth kit? I really want to start finding things but would like to know what others have had that worked for them. TIA!
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I got my kit from www.inhishands.com
The deluxe kit is what I ordered. You can modify your kit to suit your needs also.
As far as what I had?
Between the kit supplies and what we actually used were two different things.

From the kit purchased, We "used"
the chux pads to protect floor
OB adhesive pads( until I decided to buy serenity underwear/pads- so much easier to deal with!)
clamps for cutting the cord
plastic backed sheets- to protect the bed
flexible straws for sipping fluids while lying down(very good to have)
infant hat for baby's sweet little head
herbal afterbath....yummy way to relax and soak in the whole event with baby!
(prep-time is 45 mins prior to actual bath btw)
plastic disposable bed cover king size- put on well in advance!

All the other stuff in the kit was a waste for us.

stuff we had ourselves:
clean sheets and a made up bed
white towels for bundling baby
hydrogen peroxide to clean up stains on carpet and presoak any laundry
premade food in the freezer and fridge for mommy (lots of greens!)

herbs & suppliments:
arnica tablets (took 1)
sheperds purse (1 glass of water with 3 drops in it)(came from birthkit)

We never weighed or measured our baby, never used the peri-bottle, never checked temperature of baby, never suctioned the baby's mouth either.

I guess it al depends on what happens at the time of birth that can dictate what you will and won't use.

We did fill a crockpot with facecloths and water for perinium support- but never bothered with them.

*Something I wish I had that I didn't at the time of birth-
a maid/chef/babysitter/masseuse/chiropractor visit. (he he)
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well, we didn't have a "kit" ~ i had ready:

* a basket-load of clean towels
* all the clean diapers and mama cloth (yes, i consider that part of the UC experience!! :LOL)
* clean gauzy undies (from my son's birth! these were sooo comfy after i had Lyssi, with a large cloth diaper draped inside as mama cloth, wonderful stuff)
* herbs for tea that i ended up not needed (in case of postpartum hemmorhage, sorry if i spelled that wrong)
* music (a radio in the bathroom w/ Lorena McKinnit and a mix tape of radio songs i made in like, eighth grade :LOL)
* the special candle i also used in the fertility rituals i had done (burned while in labor)
* a "puke pot" (clean, large heavy pot)
eta ~ we also had some straws on hand, which i had heard other people say were totally useful... but i ended up never using, because it went so fast for me, i never got a chance to have to eat or drink in labor!

after birth we sterilized string and scissors for the cord (we had been planning a lotus birth)...

here, this is my birth story ~ http://klothos.net/Birth.html ~ it might help. i have notes at the end about specifics that we did / didn't do / should have done, plus some links.
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we don't have a kit persay but are gathering up things i feel i need or want close to me.
We have shepard's purse tincture, homeopathic arnica, a special bowl from our wedding to catch the placenta, chux pads.. various alter things..hmm whatelse.. i have a heating pad to warm babies clothing..we have some blankets and clothing dried extra long on high and tucked away to stay clean and nice... i would like a bulb syringe, a plastic sheet or shower curtain, i need some pads.. I doubt i could afford cloth ones this late in the game, but I am finding myself with none...something for the cord but i am nto to worrie about that one.. we have no plans to cut it right away.. but I would like something in case i feel the need..i would also like to get a therometer..
not sure what else.. i am sure i have other things.. but oh well that is what i can think of rigth now!
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I only had a few things:

- water-proof pad for bed (made out of cloth b/c I thought that would be more comfy)
- towels
- mesh panties (I like them )
- pads
- sea salt and lavendar for placenta (we had a lotus birth, but didn't end up using that stuff)

That's it! You don't need much for a UC.
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oh, i forgot the bulb syringe! we didn't end up using it.

and of course clothes, :P
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bendy straws
chux pads
old towels
placenta bowl
fish scale
shepard's purse
emergency childbirth
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We are planning a water labor/birth so I figure I will need--

Chux (if I do wind up birthing "on land" and for the immeadiate PP time)
Cord Tape, might braid some embroidery string for a prettier look (hated the hard plastic clamps against my nb baby's tummy)
New Mother's Tincture (for after pains)
Various homepathic/herbal remedies -- arnica, pulsitilla, skullcap...
Bulb syringe
Mesh Panties
Organic Pads
Herbal bath for afterwards

That's all I've on ordered from www.inhishands.com and herbal stuff from www.wiseways.com... Things I will gather from around the house --

A basket of clean towels and a couple receiving blankets
baby hat
hydrogen peroxide (for blood stains, if any)
fishy pool (with the filling/draining kit)
old comforter for under the pool to add cushiness (sp?) and so the floor doesn't get too wet
puke bucket (always puke at the height of transition)
something to put the placenta in
sports bottle to drink from (the simple act of drinking from a glass during my last birth was like asking me to climb Mt. Everest)

That's all I can think of. Sounds like a lot when it's typed out, but everything fits into one midsized Tupperware bin that's sitting in my bedroom closet.
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Like the first reply I bought the delux kit from inhishands.com for my last UC

Out of it I used the infant cap, the chux pads, the plasic backed sheets, the mesh panties and the OB pads. Everything else was a total waste as far as I was concerned. I didn't really need any of that stuff.

Items that were not in my kit that we used, scissors to cut the cord (we did not clamp or tie it off) towels to wipe down baby and help prevent messes, birhball, arnica tablets, arnica gel, homemade laboraid drink.

This time I only purchased a few supplies from inhishands. Chuz pads, hydrogen peroxide, plastic fitted sheet to double make the bed (wish I had done that last time!) a few herbs my midwives said are nice to have for after the birth to put on the pads and freeze for a nice soothing compress. We also got a birthpool this time around. In all honesty I think the only things we will really use are the pool, the birthball, some towels, scissors, food and drink. But I have the supplies here for the "just in case" scenarios.

No mesh panties this time either since I am using cloth and ordered custom made postpartum pants to hold the pads in from www.snoogiesnaps.com
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clean towels (did not sterilize)
placenta bowl
sterilized scissors and shoelaces
receiving blankets
baby diapers (disposable at night at first, so I could get some rest, cloth rest of time)
cloth and disposable pads for me

Clean towels: Lots and lots. Basically I just laid towels down over some cushions. I don't have the most messy births, though. For people who tend to produce lots of fluid and blood, I can see that a plastic sheet of some kind would be nice. Plastic tarps and drop cloths can be found in the hardware section and are pretty cheap and are available in various thicknesses. If it was for a bed, though, I would just get a cheap plastic mattress cover because if it's not secured it's going to move around under the sheet (which would annoy me.) I really didn't consider birthing in the bed, or I probably would have gotten one.

I sterilized my hair-cutting scissors (my sharpest one) and some white baby shoelaces for tying the cord, although you wouldn't need that of course if you planned to do a lotus birth or wait a day or two to cut the cord. I cut the cord both times well before that, it was cold and limp but not completely closed off yet, hence the shoelaces to clamp. (The placental side does not need to be clamped if it's already come out.)

I didn't gather any special baby supplies this time, like bulb syringe or thermometer. I guess I'm just really skeptical that suctioning ever actually helps, and it's just so invasive. How must that feel to the baby? I would worry that it could interfere with the breastfeeding instinct too. The thermometer just seems unnecessary. I don't believe a healthy baby has to have its temperature checked to make sure it's warm enough -- if it's with mama, it is. And I know what a sick baby look like, so knowing the internal temperature would be irrelevant. I'm sure there are other reasons... shoot, putting a thermometer up someone's anus is invasive too!

I had my husband fetch a big bowl from the kitchen when I started feeling like I was ready for the placenta to come out.

Baby coverings: I kept the baby close to me with just a diaper on and a receiving blanket covering her. No hat until much later. It didn't even occur to me, and later I thought, well, you know how a newborn's head smells? I think it smells that way for a reason, namely that it is part of the bonding process. My first two babies were capped immediately after birth, and I never developed the swoon on smelling their heads that I did with my uncapped babies. Also, there has been some talk recently on a midwife's list about the idea, pretty firmly entrenched in our culture, that to keep the baby's head uncovered is dangerous because it allows too much heat loss, and that maybe just maybe this was something of a myth. One midwife pointed to studies showing benefits of cooler temperatures (maybe Pamamidwife could elaborate on this,) and conjectured that maybe we have been overheating our babies. After all, for most of human history babies did not wear hats after birth, and not only that, but they were also outside, not in a nice warm house! Wouldn't nature have put a big mop of hair on every baby if it was so important to prevent that heat loss?

I normally use cloth pads when menstruating, but oddly I had an allergic reaction to the ones I was using this time postpartum. Still not sure what that was about. Anyway, I switched to disposables (unscented of course) and as long as I replaced them frequently, they didn't bother me.
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We didn't have a "kit". I have a shelf unit & some bracket-type shelves above it next to my bed. All of the baby stuff is kept there, along with my birth supplies. I had:

Chux pads
prefold diapers
my laptop computer (yes, this was important! My water broke 12 hours before labor started, and I was online frequently during the day......plus, we started watching Monty Python's Flying Circus DVD's as part of my labor-coping strategy )
basin for the placenta
baby blankets
Motherwort tincture
coconut water (a natural hydration drink)
dishpan for putting stuff in (bloody scissors and the like)
diaper pail (automatic cleanup )
braided embroidery floss, scissors, rubbing alcohol
my monster stash of postpartum pads (Wanna see? I'm very proud of my stash! )

The only thing DH had to leave the room to get was a blanket for me, as I started shaking soon after the placenta was birthed.
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Originally Posted by mehndi mama
my monster stash of postpartum pads (Wanna see? I'm very proud of my stash! )
They look great! I'd like to see all the different types you have there.
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Im drolling over your Freshies stash Stell LOL and wishing I had the funds for the AFO Freshies auctions *sigh* but I can dream and droll over em at least :LOL
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We didn't have a birth kit ready as ds was born early so we used things from around the house.

Bath mat on the living room floor as we didn't have any chux or plastic.
Gallon of distilled water(I drank this during labor in about 45 min.)
Wool yarn from my knitting basket to tie the cord.
Kitchen scissors(sterilized).
Preemie prefolds for ds and infant prefolds as mama cloth for me.
Little baby hat
Receiving blankets
Dh's flannel shirt to wrap babe in right after he was born(it had just been washed and the laundry was folded and laying on the couch. It was handy. )
Cayenne tincture in case of me bleeding(didn't use).

I think that is it. Dh went out later that day and bought a fish scale so we could weigh ds.

Stell, LOVE all of your mama cloth!
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Most of my pads are from my own pattern, but I've got that substantial pile of Freshies! there in the top corner, a few SnoogieSnaps, and a couple specially-made Luxe Baby pads in there, too. It's been nice having enough of everything, so I don't have to worry so much about doing laundry all the time.
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we have:
towels, maybe 10?
a mattress cover
baby clothes/cloth dipes/blankets
clay (for packs or drinking)
weleda calendula cream
honey for yoni or energy food

i think that's it. pretty basic, haven't really bought anything special for the birth, except some extra herbs i didn't have. i'll either have time to serge some mama pads, or use the dipes. it's our 1st, and we're not expecting to need alot...so we either have a healthy view of birth as normal or are painfully unaware of the reality...:LOL
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No birth kit here either. We had towels, a water proof cover for the bed (an old shower curtain will work), scissors for the cord and a bulb syring. I had an herbal bath that we used after and of course pads for me diapers and clothes for Rocco. Oh and most important to me, my DH.

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I know just what you mean!! I have some snoogies (and her custom PP pants), some Freshies and a huge stash of my own pads and PP pants that I just whipped up the other day.

Originally Posted by mehndi mama
Most of my pads are from my own pattern, but I've got that substantial pile of Freshies! there in the top corner, a few SnoogieSnaps, and a couple specially-made Luxe Baby pads in there, too. It's been nice having enough of everything, so I don't have to worry so much about doing laundry all the time.
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here are 2 links to threads like this one and a homebirth version of it...they may have other ideas for you?

uc supplies:


homebirth supplies:
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about the shower curtain thing ~ i probably would have planned to get one of those to cover the bed, if i had planned on giving birth in bed (and it might have been good to have on hand "just in case")... but as it was, i always "saw" myself in the bathroom giving birth, so, i just went with my intuition.

BUT ~ i think i would recommend having one on hand... because not everyone delivers in a bathroom!
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