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Baby Names

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So, is everyone already thinking about names? I'd love to hear them, if you are...We have quite a few picked out, so we just have to narrow them down.

For a girl, we like: Ivy Jade, Azalea Jade, or Zinnia Jade (Jade will definitely be the middle name, as you can see...It's dh's favorite and I'm just so glad he has an opinion about this!)

For a boy, we like: River Jude, Ezekiel Aidan, or Jude Ocean

I have a ton more, but I think those are the top three for each. I can't wait to find out if we're having a boy or a girl, so I can definitely start narrowing them down.
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Ugh, we are really stuck. We've been talking about them, but we're having a hard time agreeing on anything. The best we could do was agree on one boy's name, but I'm not totally sure it feels right. We're thinking of Jacob Emery (the middle name is a derivation of DH's father's name), but we'd probably call him Jack. For girls' names, I like Zoe, Chloe, Abigail, Emma--names like that. But he doesn't like any of them Emma is a maybe, especially since Bella heard us talking about it and has been calling the baby Emma since then, LOL.

There's going to be a LOT more discussion over the next 6 months, I'm sure!
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For a girl dh and I agreed that Lorelai Jadzeha/Isabelle {not sure which middle name we like best or we might go with both} and for a boy we don't hate Nathaniel Leland or Nathan Lee but we aren't over the moon for them either. Leland or Lee is definately going to be the middle name for a boy though. Family tradition.
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I think I remember posting about this before, but my dh tends to joke about names more than he actually discusses real possibilities. Just last night he finally came to the realization that we might actually have a girl (he's had another boy on the brain for some reason) and, of course, noted that it would be pretty tough for a girl to grow up with the name Tyrone.

That said, we are both not opposed to the name Gavin Joseph for a boy, but I would like to come up with more possibilities. I like the name Greta for a girl, but dh doesn't. I've been looking into girl names more than boys, as I'm thinking we'll have a girl. I've jotted down Saffron, Amara, Talia, Elsie, and Gaia as I've seen them come up in my searches, but haven't asked dh about them yet.
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For a girl, we're going with Sarah Elisha, and we'll call her Elisha.

(Back story on that name: My mom's name is Sara. My sister's name is Sara. Dh's mom's name is Sarah Louise, and she's always been called Louise. My best friend in elementary school was named Sarah Elisha, and she went by Elisha. And, we want a Biblical/Israeli name to match dd's name.)

For a boy, so far we've settled on Emet Jeremiah. You may have read my previous thread about choosing between Emet and Ethan and so far Emet is in the lead. It is the Hebrew word for "truth." We will probably alternate between calling him Emet and the nickname EJ, which is also dh's initials and nickname.

I think this baby is a boy. But I'll be happy either way. It would be nice to have one of each. But is there anything cuter than two little girls? The only thing I didn't want was to have all boys so it was a relief when dd came!
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If it is a boy, he will be Griffin and we will call him Finn. Middle name Louis for my dad.

If it is a girl, she will be Rowan, though dh keeps bringing up Jane, which I don't particularly like. Middle name Mary for my aunt.

I can't believe I just told! We don't tell our names! But as long as Marie doesn't steal them, I am safe IRL.
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Oh Iike the name Griffin. I don't know that I like that particular spelling, but the name is great! Don't worry, I won't steal it, as I don't think dh would like it as much as I do. Your girl name is very pretty. I am hoping that through this list dh and I might be able to come up with some names that we truly are over the moon for. Best of luck in the name department for those of us who have a hard time of it.
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Originally Posted by Goldiemom
Oh Iike the name Griffin. I don't know that I like that particular spelling, but the name is great!

How would you spell it?
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I *would* spell it Griffin... substituting y's for i's (which is what I'm assuming Goldie is talking about) is kinda girly. And I think Finn is the cutest ever!

I vote that you cannot name a girl Jane Mary.
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For a girl: Autumn Rose.

For a boy: Maybe Ian Orlando. We are still trying to find the perfect name. We want something that has a nice meaning especially for us personally.

Any ideas?

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We've settled on Rebecca Mei Ling if it's a girl, but can't decide on a boy's name. I really like Alexander, but that's DH's cousin's name (though we've been together for 11 years and I've never met the guy -- he lives in England). The dealbreaker on Alexander is that it's one of the top 10 these days, and I just can't bring myself to give a top 10 name. On the other hand, there are so many diminutives for Alexander (Alex, Sandy, Xander, Al), that perhaps it wouldn't be a problem.

I also like Jeremy, but can't stand giving a name that is a diminutive, and the full name would be Jeremiah, which I don't like. That, and a jeremiad is: "A literary work or speech expressing a bitter lament or a righteous prophecy of doom."
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we've had a girl name picked for years before even conceiving ds.

we have picked clara grace for a girl (it's a family name on both sides)

but if it's a boy, we are stuck. dh hasn't come up with any names yet, the only one i have mentioned that he kind of likes is adrian. haven't thought of a middle name yet.

we can't go naming another boy john or something like that when ds's name is satchell paige! we need unique and different.
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We've had names picked out for a while, although we're open to change if an even more "perfect" name is discovered along the way! We also always have names ready should we have twins!

Dh is in charge of boys' names: Ryu Night (if twins Thorin _____ )

I'm in charge of girls' names: Tayen Rainbow (if twins Nym Alia)

Our kids picked out Night and Rainbow for middle names. Our 2.5 year old dd says that she has a baby in her belly and that her baby's name is Rainbow Night.

We haven't told our families the names yet, and I don't think we will (although if the kids tell, that's ok). I know they probably won't like the names, as they like "normal" names, but frankly, we don't care!
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Amanda, how do you pronounce Ryu? Just curious, never seen it before!
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Ryu ... (rye-you) ... Japanese for "dragon" (one of my dh's nicknames is "dragon man" for his many dragon tattoos!)
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Right now, if a boy, he will be Ryan Christopher. Ryan is my maiden name and Christopher after dh. I do have reservations about naming him such a popular name, but I think it would be cool to use my maiden name.

I need girl name suggestions though. We have no clue. I like Emma, but it is so popular right now. We really have no idea about a girl name. I like old fashioned names and also unusual names so I guess we have lots to choose from. lol Oh and I think Diane will be the middle name - after my mother.
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Angie - how about Adele (my dds name) or Robin or Melony...They are all older names but not really old or popular.

wenat - I have a brother named Jeremiah...we call him Miah. I don't hear it very often!

Michelle (who was gonna be Daisy Mae but my dad said no lol)
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Originally Posted by Galatea
How would you spell it?
I would spell it Griffen, I am not sure why, but I have always liked that spelling. I know it is kooky, but there ya go. With the nickname being Griff or maybe Fen, I think I don't like the Griffin spelling because if he got called Fin, that could deteriorate to Fish, and I didn't name my kid Fish. Make sense at all?
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Oh, I like that spelling (Griffen) too. But I still think Finn is totally cute, and I wouldn't want that spelled Fen, and I don't like Griff. And I don't see the Fin => Fish thing happening, maybe because I've never, ever heard anyone called Fish. Meathead, Meatball, Porky, Shrimp, Bull, I've heard all those... sure, but, "Hey, Fish!" just because of a nickname Finn? Just don't see it.

Just my $.02!

PS. Amanda... thanks! That's a very interesting name. And easy to pronounce once you know how.
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I actually know a guy who's last name is Gill and he has been called Fish since he was in like 1st or 2nd grade and he is in his 30's now. So at least here in WI it does happen, I just wouldn't want to put my dc in the position of possibly being called Fish. It would bother me.
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