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Wow! Lots of great names here! This is so much more of an interesting thread than on the mainstream board I visit!!!

We have Many many choices, but I can't find my list ANYWHERE!! AAAAHHHHH, we'll have to re-write it I guess.

I do remember, BOY : Samuel, Wyatt, and Robert being on our list (haha, mainstream names!!) Our son's name is Jonathan Christopher, and we call him Jack...so we'd like it to fit nicely with Jack. (Sam is probably our best bet)

GIRLS : Autumn, Amber, Dawn, probably Autumn Dawn, or Autumn something....I really really want Autumn, dh wants Amber Dawn (but hey I'm actually giving birth, I think the final say is mine
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I think you are right that the final say should be yours since you are doing all the work and going through all the aches and pains. I think if you don't mind I would like to tell dh about the name Wyatt and see what he thinks. I think Wyatt Leland would be nice, but I am not sure if it would fit in with ds' name. Adam is pretty "normal" and Wyatt is more old fashioned. We shall see I suppose. Let me know how you feel Amanda. BTW, your girl names are terrific. We are kind of limited on our girl names due to dh having 13 cousins of which 9 of them are girls. We seem to lean more towards unique names than mainstream anyway for our daughters.
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Oh please see what dh thinks of Wyatt!

Heck I don't mind sharing 'my' name ideas, it just goes to show they are good ideas!! And it does go very nicely with Leland!! Besides, if we do end up using Wyatt, it'll be his middle name, we'd call him Sam.
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Originally Posted by Galatea
Evelyn we like a lot, b/c my grandma's name is Evelyn. Would you call her Eve?
Yes that would be fine if people called her Eve but I like Lyn better as a nickname. I just love the way Evelyn Grace sounds and what it means...Grace of Life
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I love the name wyatt! I can never convince dh though, all he thinks of is Wyatt Earp. I also like Walker but dh didn't like that either! Maybe he has a thing against W's. Dh liked Ian Nathaniel because it looks nice...so I think we may have found our boy name.

I love the name Eve. Simple and Elegant.

Speaking of Bennet - I actually like that as a name :LOL

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Another possibility

Ok, I'm adding this one to my list for girl names (dh loves Jade, so that's definitely the middle name):

Azalea Jade
Ivy Jade
Zinnia Jade (we'd call her "Nia")

& now...

Leilani Jade - It means "heavenly flower/heavenly child" in Hawaiian. Cute, right?

Can you tell that I think I'm having a girl?
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Originally Posted by Full Heart
I love the name wyatt! I can never convince dh though, all he thinks of is Wyatt Earp.

Oh, my! That's exactly why my dh LIKES the name Wyatt! LOL
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DH likes Jack or Jackson for a boy...

I like Simeon, Silas and Ephraim.

Girls' names don't really come up yet. Perhaps we're having a boy.
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If this baby is a boy, he will be named Sebastian Alexander. We're still working on girls names, but on the list are Aislynn, Isabella, Arianna Denae, and we're still looking for more.
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We came up with a boy name we can agree on! We have decided on John Leland and we will call him Jack. Now we just have to come up with another boy name just in case Jack doesn't fit. Also, dh has decided that he isn't keen on Lorelai for a girl, so we are back to square one for girl names. *sigh* I was 6-7 months pg with dd before we came up with HER name, so I can see this dragging out just as long.
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My cat is Finn, short for Finnbar, a beautiful old Irish name from Irish folklore.
I do not associate it at all with Huckleberry, and I happen to live in a town where Mark Twain had a home! Finny is nice too.
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Ongoing debate in our house. I love everyone else's. I especially like Azalea Jade. Simply gorgeous! Love Griffin with Finn as the nickname. I am also particularly fond of those of you who have Rose as your middle name choice since my dd is Jeanne Rose (pronounced Jean-ie)

If we have a boy dh really wants him named after him but it's very old fashioned (please be gentle ) Ernest Thomas. Now dh goes by Ernie and he's actually a junior so a potential ds would be a III so we were thinking of Trey as the nickname. It goes well with our last name. We are also considering calling him Thomas or Tom since that's my Dad's name and my dh's best friend who died a couple years ago.

Girl's names we haven't agreed on anything yet but I may be more pushy about what I like than I was last time. I'm having trouble with middle names though. Perhaps someone has suggestions? Our last name is two syllables and begins with a "T" and ends in an "A" sound (like neighbor and weigh) so I want to avoid a middle name that ends in that "A" sound. I was thinking one syllable like dd1 would be nice and another flower or color might be a bonus but was having trouble coming up with anything.

So for a girl I really like Alice (so many strong artists, writers, feminists with that name ) although dh really doesn't like it. I also like Esmé a lot. I'm thinking about Dinah as well, not sure why. Other passing fanciful considerations have been Odetta, Nina, Daphne, Penelope and this is super-duper corny but, Amanda Lynn because dh plays the...you guessed it...mandolin (groan)
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snoodess- Love, love, love Esme! Picked it out 10 years ago but dh isn't overly fond of it.

Dh suggested Iris for a girl and he may have me convinced.

I am hooked on Asher for a boy but again, dh unsure.

I am going to suggest some of the names from this thread and see what he thinks.
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Originally Posted by snoodess
Amanda Lynn :LOL
LOL you know that's really funny....I'm Amanda Lynn! Depending on where you look it up it means Beautiful Rainbow or Beautiful Waterfall. (Lynn is even spelled the same way)

Dh has another name....Bridgette Lynn, he had a dream almost 2 yrs ago where we homebirthed a girl, and named her that...so...it's on the list, I'm taking it under consideration.
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What a great thread! By the way, I love the name Ivy but my cousin has had dibs since we were kids :LOL (she's not pg yet but trying)

I am thinking that this is another girl, so I've been thinking Caroline or Amelia. We don't do middle names because we are giving our kids my maiden name as the middle.

Just in case it's a boy, we have our reserve boy name from last time, Quinn. It's my grandmother's maiden name, and I just love it. It might work for a girl too, hmmm...
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Originally Posted by DoulaMommy
LOL you know that's really funny....I'm Amanda Lynn! Depending on where you look it up it means Beautiful Rainbow or Beautiful Waterfall. (Lynn is even spelled the same way)

Dh has another name....Bridgette Lynn, he had a dream almost 2 yrs ago where we homebirthed a girl, and named her that...so...it's on the list, I'm taking it under consideration.

How funny is that?! Don't get me wrong I think it's a beautiful name it's just corny in the context of the instrument my dh plays. Actually it's originally from a joke we heard Ricky Skaggs tell at a bluegrass festival so I can't say we came up with it. I like Lynn as a middle name since we have a few family members with variations of Lynn. Hmmm. Alice Lynn? Perhaps. I like Bridgette, it's my cousins name
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Girl: Eva, Mya, Mila (my best friend's name) or Mae

Boy: We are having a much harder time with a boy name. I liked Jake, but saw that Jacob is the most popular boy name, so that is out.

Wallace (Wally) after my grandpa or
Jozef (after dh's grandpa), but i hesitate on the weird spelling

What do you think on the boy name. Is Wallace to old and weird and my grandpa said that he's never liked his name? I can just see a cute little boy running around named Wally for some reason.
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Amanda Lynn...My best friend growing up was planning on naming a future daughter that. I'm Amanda Jeanne (middle name pronounced Gene...my father's name).

Along the same lines as Amanda Lynn, but not as obvious to many people: Avery Rose. "Every rose has it's thorn, just like every night has it's dawn, just like every cowboy sings a sad, sad, song. Every rose has it's thorn."
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I love Wallace and Ernest! Go for it, both of you!

Alice is great, too, and Asher.

Such great names, everyone! So refreshing to read here, rather than at some mainstream site. (snotty MDC comment of the day)
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I'm enjoying this thread, too. We're getting nowhere on the girl's name these days.

I have a cousin (my cousin's daughter, whatever that makes her) whose name is Amanda Lynn. I don't think anyone in her immediate family plays the mandolin, though! Kinda cute.

Sweetred-I like Mila. Would it be wierd to name your daughter after your best friend, though? I have a casual friend from college whose name is Audra, which I like, but can't see naming my child that. I guess it's different if you're closer. I like Wallace and Max, too.
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