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I am writing to say thank you to this wonderful community. I have lurked for a while before registering, and I have spend hours reading and reading and learning. I don't often post on the GD forum, but this is the one I read the most.
When I had dd1, I was young and took wrong advice from many people, and now regret it: I treated her like a little adult, and expected WAY too much from her. I have been to harsh on her many times (I'm crying writing this) not realizing that my smart little girl was just a baby, even at 3-4 yo, and that it was normal for her to behave like a baby, or at least not like an adult . You mamas have made me aware of those mistakes, but also gave me options to "repair" what I had done, but most importantly, you made me feel welcome, and made me forgive myself.
I know I am a better parent now to my dd2 than I was to dd1 when she was young , but also, I know that now, I have tools to deal with the problems that arise.

I have changed the way I view my kids. I have learned to respect them for what they are.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I owe you all so much.