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I'm back! I gave birth to a boy on the morning of the 22nd of March, 8:32AM in the water! He weighed 7lbs-ish, and was 20 inches long. Smaller than I expected! Still no name, though...we're working on it.

I was indeed in labor on Monday when I posted about having contractions...things got more serious after dinner, and our doula came over a little after midnight. It went so well-I couldn't pick anything to change for the better! Labored at home all night, stayed in control the whole time and was even laughing in between contractions right up until the end. Around 7:00 our doula and midwife (on the phone) decided that I should probably come into the birth center soon, but we thought we'd let my hair dry first as there was frost on the ground. Well, with the next contraction I started sounding "pushy", so dh and doula looked at each other and said "or we could go now!"

The birth center is only about 1/2 mile from our house, so I only had to have one contraction while the car was moving, thank goodness. I had my first exam and was 7cm, so I got in the tub at about 7:30. Less than an hour later I was checked again and was complete, and out came baby 7 minutes later! Woo-hoo! He had quite a time pinking up and breathing, since the placenta had already separated, but he came through just fine.

I had one small tear that I could have had a few stitches for, but it was holding itself closed with my legs wide open so I opted to just let it heal. Except for some pain in my tailbone, I feel really good. And my stomach looks like it might come through this pregnancy thing still looking pretty good....we'll see!

We stuck around the birth center for about 3 hours after he was born, and got home by about 11:30AM. We all managed to sleep the rest of the afternoon....now dh is home from work and is doing such a good job taking care of me-I couldn't be more in love.

Here are some pics: http://homepage.mac.com/stomko
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congrats!! he is a cutie
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Posted my birth story with my announcement here

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Originally Posted by simplehome
now dh is home from work and is doing such a good job taking care of me-I couldn't be more in love.

Here are some pics: http://homepage.mac.com/stomko
i have the same feeling about my dh. that is so cool that he is taking such good care of you. he realizes what aonderful thing you have done and are doing . your little one is adorable and i am happy to hear everything went so well. it really is empowering. can't wait to hear the name of your little cutie pie
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Katherine Elizabeth’s Birth Story

Short version: Katherine was born on Friday, March 18 at 4:41 pm at the hospital following an induction (by breaking the animotic sac) at 9:20 that morning. She weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces.

Very long version: On Thursday, March 17, two weeks past my EDD, I had contractions about every 15 minutes from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm. They only lasted about 45 seconds each, but they seemed real and I got hopeful that I was going into labor on my own. Then they quit. They started up again around 9:30 or so, every 12 to 15 minutes. At 11:30 I decided to go to bed and try to get some sleep. I was only awakened by contractions about 3 times between then and 3:00 a.m., so when I heard DH get up for a snack, I suggested we try sex, which we did. Nothing happened. I lay there until 4:00, when I got up and tried walking up and down the stairs for a while. Again, nothing happened. So much for the old wives tales about inducing labor

At 8:30 we went to the hospital for a scheduled induction (I will save the discussion about why I choose to be induced for another thread). A check showed me to be 2-3 centimeters dilated, 80% effaced, and at 0 station. My OB broke the amniotic sac at 9:20 a.m. Nothing really happened for about 45 minutes; then I started feeling some contractions. My nurse suggested that I try nipple stimulation, which helped the contractions come on. By 10:40 the contractions were coming on pretty hard. They started getting more painful so I got in the shower. I felt the pain mostly in my back and down my legs, and somewhat in my tummy.

At 1:00 p.m., I was still only 4-5 centimeters dilated, 100% effaced, and –1 station. The contractions were painful, but emotionally manageable. I would stay in the shower for a while – standing, leaning against the grab bar, with the water aimed at my back. When I got tired of standing in the shower, I would get out in sit a chair that rocked – rocking back and fourth with the contractions.

In between contractions I would sometimes notice the baby moving. It occurred to me that if this is my last baby, it might be the last time I ever feel a baby moving inside me.

By 3:30, I was really starting to be unable to cope with the pain and I was starting to consider getting drugs (I had both my boys without pain meds). I asked to be checked, hoping I was well into transition and was devastated to hear that I was only 6-7 centimeters dilated. They wanted to hook me up to the monitor for a quick check, so I sat in a rocking chair with the monitors on. By the time they were done monitoring me, I was unable to move. I was having contractions on top of contractions with no space in between. I was in extreme pain and unable to cope. I decided that I couldn’t deal with it any more and told DH I wanted drugs. He asked me something like, did I want him to discourage me from getting them. I answered something like “Arrrrgggghhhhh! Oh god! It hurts! Arrrrggggghhhh!” I had become the crazy screaming lady who was probably scaring all the other women on the hall.

When I was able to talk again, I told DH that I wanted to be checked, and then get drugs. I have no idea what type of pain medication I would have requested – knock me out with ether would have been my first choice! The nurses had changed shifts, so now I had a different nurse. She checked me and said she thought I was 10 centimeters, but she wasn’t sure if she was feeling a lip, or if it was just wrinkly head. She got another nurse to come in and check me also. That nurse agreed I was ten centimeters. My nurse told me I could try to push, which I did half-heartedly. The other nurse told her she was crazy to have me push without the ob there. So my nurse went off to call my ob while the other nurse went back to her patient. At the next contraction, I felt the need to push, which I did (while howling). DH looked and got a funny expression on his face. At first I thought I had maybe pooped on the bed, but them I realized he had that expression because he could see the baby’s head. He started ringing the nurse call button repeatedly. At one point I saw him with his hands out in front of him, as if he was getting ready to catch the baby himself (I think he was pretty excited about the possibility!). My nurse came in, called out for help, and some other nurses came in (DH described it as a herd of nurses). She told me to just pant through the contractions and not push. I yelled that I couldn’t help it and proceeded to push anyway. She yelled for a doctor, any doctor to come in. One of the other doctors in my practice came in. The pain at this point was excruciating. As bad as any I have felt in my whole life. Forget all the books I had read and all my good intentions about being calm and controlled. I was yelling, “Get it out! Get it out!” At last I felt that wonderful relief when the baby slid out of me. I finally got to hold and meet my daughter!

After the placenta delivered, the baby went to Daddy and the nurses while my OB (who arrived just as the baby was being born) gave me a shot of lidocaine and began stitching me up. I had a second-degree tear, not too bad. They weighed the baby – she was 8 pounds, 14.6 ounces (the smallest of my three babies). She was 21 ¾ inches long. Her head was 14 centimeters. She has lots of dark hair (I have a redheaded son and a blond son. I wonder if her hair will stay dark.).

She has a stork bite above her nose and one ear is kind of bent – she is just beautiful, of course, newborn imperfections and all!

At one week, she is a great nurser and such a sweet baby. She seems very serious. The boys have been very sweet to their new sister. I am in absolute love with her.
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great story congratulations and thanks for sharing.
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I am loving all of these stories... Will add mine soon!

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Congrats to all the mamas!

It now pleases me to announce the birth of Sage Dylan Herr, born March 24 at 2:07am.

Contractions began March 23 at 2:00am, every 15 minutes. We went to the hospital at 4:15 am, only to be told by the midwives to come back when the contractions were every 5 minutes or so. At 10:45am the contractions were still 15 minutes apart, but they were very intense, and I knew I should go to the hospital. So off we went. Again the midwives checked me out, and again they told me to go home and come back later. I refused to leave the building, I knew it would not be much longer before I was in active labor. Dh, doula and I hung out in the lobby and ate. Within 15 minutes of leaving the midwives, the contractions began coming every 5-7 minutes, and they were very strong.

I was admitted at 1:45pm, at 4 cm dilated. Contractions became more intense and I felt them entirely in my back. I lasted until 8pm walking, using the birthing pool, all different positions, using imagery and breathing techniques -- but by the time 6 cm rolled around I was screaming with each contraction. It was all in my back -- the pain was so bad, it felt like my lower back was begin ripped apart, that it was going to explode. Between contractions I would panic at the thought of the next one. So I ended up begging for an epidural, even though I had really hoped for a water birth. However, my first brith was a natural one, and the labor pains were bad but NOTHING like the back pain I experienced with this one. So I'm not too regretful about opting for the meds.

Either the epidural slowed down the pushing stage, or the baby was stuck for a while, unable to turn. I pushed for 6 hours -- I am so happy the midwives allowed me to push for that long! Doctors would have pressured for a C-section after 3 hours -- but the midwives believed (and I agreed), that if neither the baby nor myself was in distress, I could push for days if that's what it took.

Finally, Sage came into the world at 2:07am, 24 hours and 7 minutes after labor began. She was jaundiced due to blood incompatibility issues, but one day of phototherapy solved that issue (and I was able to be there with her and pick her up whenever she got upset -- a very stress-free medical intervention, completely noninvasive).

Now we're home, and now I'm going to try to sleep. I've had 5 hours of sleep over the past 3 nights, and I've very tired!
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rhiannons story

Excuse my poor typing during this lol

Saturday morning around 8 am I woke up with ctrx and a dull ache in my back. I was sure it was probably just another pre-labor spell and it would pass. The ctrx were anywhere from 10-20 min apart but as the morning went on the ache in my back got stronger.

Around 11:30am i decided to go ahead and call the mw and tell her what was up, fully expecting to call her back saying nevermind false alarm.

I think it was aorund noon or 1 I walked over to Patrice's house and we all went on a walk around the entire neighborhood. It didn't bring my ctrx any closer together but it sure wore Rory and I out so we took a little nap. I woke back up to some more ctrx and then had a series of 4-5 that were 1 min apart. It got me out of bed and on the task of cleaning.

Still even after all of this the ctrx were very sporatic 4-20 min apart. I went back over to Patrice's after Calling Monica. We went for another walk around 5pm. After that walk my ctrx did start picking up and gettng closer together. It was somewhere around 7 I think that they suddenly became 2 min apart.

After they stayed that way consistently we went ahead and called the mw to let her know. She had wanted me to call at 5 min apart but they enever got that way! i expected to have the baby before she and her crew arrived but the baby took a bit longer than I had hoped after making the phone call.

I kept waiting for tranistion to hit me and for me to become totally unaware and unfocused as I had during Rorys labor. But all the way thru I was able to walk and talk, and even crack a few jokes. At one point I would gues around 9:10-9:15) I had to get out of the pool were I had spent most of my time laboring. I needed to pee so bad but dreaded sitting on the toilet. Once I got back there I had a really intense contraction with a ton of pressure. Then splash my water broke and all o fmy plug came out. i got off the toilet, walke dout of the bathroom and said "well my plugs gone and my water broke!" Started to walk down the hallway so I could get back in the pool. A few steps down tho I had another strong contraction that had me pushing. It was a rush to get me either back to the pool or to my bed, I wanted the pool. I barely got into the pool before I was pushing again and realized this baby was coming out NOW!

I put my hand down to support her head and tried to blow thru the contraction as i could feel her coming down way too fast. I wanted to avoid any tearing. She had other plans, there was no slowing this girl down, she was coming out like a speeding bullet! She had her fist up near her face which did cause me 2 small tears but they are minor so no big deal.

Having her in the water was so awesome! I think being in the water helped to keep me calm and focused. I am pretty sure it helped prevent me from having any major tears with how quikly she came out. I never even felt the ring of fire I recall so distinctly form Rorys birth.

So Rhiannon was born into my hands at 9:20 pm March 26 2005 weighing 7lbs 6oz and 19 1/4 in long. She has a full head of black hair, a cute dimple in her chubby lil cheeks and the sweetest dispositoin you could ask for. And speaking of the sweetheart she is waking up and ready to nurse again )

I know there are a few more details like when the mw actually arrived (I ant to say it had to be around 8:45 or so). I do appreciate that they staye dout of my way during my labor and birth since i had not wanted them here anyways. But once Rhiannon was out I was swarmed by all 3 of them. I really wish at that point we could have tossed them all out in the cold. I hated how much they interfered, intervened, poked and prodded. Totally unnecessary IMO, but I had the birth I wanted and thats what counts!
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Jacob's birth story is posted here.
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Wonderful to hear the stories of Sage, Rhiannon, and Jacob. Welcome sweet little ones!
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Welcome to all the new babies and congratulations to all the mommies!!! I too had an epidural due to tremendous pain in the tailbone region, I could hardly feel my stomach contract due to all the pain in the back. I could have kissed the anesthesiologist after she put in the epidural. Being a first timer, I never expected "back labor" to be like that!
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I felt like a wuss, even in my screaming agony, begging for the epidural. I had So hoped to give birth in the birthing tub! But the tub wasn't helping, and I really did feel like I was going to die right there in agony. My first was NOTHING like this, the labor pains were intense and I screamed a lot, but I never felt out of control or as though I was being tortured.

I know what you mean about wanting to kiss the docs after the meds kicked in. All the pain disappeared and I was actually able to enjoy Sage's birth. I even enjoyed the 6 hours of pushing!

I hope you don't feel guilty (like I do) for opting for the meds. There's no reason to. I sometimes get disappointed in myself for not being Superwoman, hence my own guilt. But logically I know that I made the right choice, as did you.
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No I don't feel guilty. I did what I had to do to concentrate and give birth to my son. I sat in the tub at home for a while andI had my back to the faucet to let the water run down my back, when I reached back because the water seemed cool to my tailbone, (it had eased the pain at first having warm water there) the water was actually so hot I could not touch it with my hands, so I got out, thinking I was going to boil my child in utero before I could even get into labor. That pretty much sealed the fact to me that I needed some medical intervention at that time!!!! You do what you have to do and go with the flow.
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You asked for it! :) It's Looooong :)

Ellery’s Birth Story

I knew Ellery would be coming early, I wrote it often in my pregnancy journal and so she did! On February 23rd, I posted on my favorite mothering board my guesses for my baby’s birthday, weight and length and I was only off by an ounce and ½ an inch. I got her birthday right! A few days later , I went to my second hypnosis for childbirth session and in that session Ellery “told” me that she was coming on March 12th. It wasn’t that March 12th was in my mind from the previous days, I had chosen March 12th on a whim not really even thinking…after all it was a guess. On March, 7th, I had my 37 week prenatal visit during which I informed my midwife that Ellery would be coming “this weekend”. She laughed and told me any day but Friday. Her husband was in a performance and she was hosting an after-party. She was kidding of course, but it ended up affecting my labor, in a good way I believe. A couple days before her birth, I started to feel pain when walking, or changing positions. I had to have Cameron pull me up out of bed sometimes because I just couldn’t do it myself. I could hardly climb the stairs in the house. I knew it was about time. But I still had my doubts that March 12th wasn’t going to be the day…that I would probably go to 40 weeks!
March 10th came and my water broke at 7:30pm. I was upstairs in our bedroom with Cameron and I was telling him how much it hurt to lift my legs to put my pants on (I’m doing this while attempting to get into pajamas pants) and right there, a foot away from Cameron, a stream of fluid started pouring out of me onto the floor. He said “You’re peeing” and I said “No I’m not, I can’t stop it”. After a few seconds and after a very wet spot on the rug, it stopped. What just happened? Did I pee? It felt like I was but when I tried to stop it from flowing, I had no control over it. Cameron went and got some tissue and soaked some of it up to smell it to see if it was pee or amniotic fluid. We couldn’t decide what it was. But in hindsight, the tissue was still clear even though it was soaked with the fluid. Panicky feelings set in. Adrenalin kicked in full blast. I started to talk to Cameron about my worries while he calmly set up a station on a shelf in our closet. The station you ask? Well it was lots of medical stuff from his paramedic bag. Cameron was going to be ready for an emergency whether or not there was one! I got online and started looking up stuff about water breaking during labor. I still didn’t know for sure. Should I call my midwife? Should I wait and avoid making a fool out of myself? After all, I wet my pants every day over the winter whenever I coughed! I called my mom to let her know she was now officially on call to come over and be with the kids while I labored. Cameron went and poured me a few sips of wine which I drank with hesitation. Finally around 10pm or so, we paged my midwife. The wine calmed me down and I started to get sleepy. I knew if my water did break, I had plenty of time to start having contractions. When Valerie, my midwife, called back Cameron was the one to speak to her. She told me just to rest and call her if things started to happen. I slept four hours. I woke up to pee and when I wiped the fluid was slightly pink. Just a dot of it, but knowing this, I couldn’t fall back asleep. I wanted to know what was going on with my body. I called my mom who informed me that she was coming around noon. Cameron slept in. I called Cameron’s dad around 7am because he was due to head out of town on a business/leisure trip to Florida. He cancelled his flight and was now waiting at home for Ellery to arrive. Cameron’s mom was in Seattle. She couldn’t come home right away because she was visiting my sister-in-law and her family. After I made that call to my father-in-law, I started to worry that maybe this wasn’t “it” and I was getting everyone all ready and hyped up for nothing. I was especially worried that he cancelled a trip! I tried to wake up Cameron so he could panic with me but he was too tired. A couple hours later, I noticed some stronger than usual Braxton hicks and I went to use the bathroom again and noticed I was losing my plug. I used the bathroom again at some point in the morning and there was some bloody plug. This was it!!!! It wasn’t until that moment that I realized my water did indeed break the night before. But I felt I had time. I wasn’t having any real contractions. My midwife called and I gave her my update. I knew she had a big day ahead of her. I was so worried that I was going to interfere with her husband’s night and the party she was hosting. I know that my body was holding back because of this worry. I also knew the next day was March 12th! I had to hold out to prove my prediction true! Maybe it was both things. But my body was certainly easing into her birth. Around 10:30am, Cameron and I headed out to go shopping. Kaya was at school and Cody was with our babysitter. We went food shopping and went to the Target too. I got some spring clothes for the kids because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to go shopping for quite some time and also knowing they were going with my in-laws on vacation when Ellery would be about a month old. By the time we came back, my mom was there. My contractions stopped. Flashback of my labor with Kaya! My mom informed me Ellery definitely dropped….when I did look down, I noticed myself that my belly was very different. I noticed when I lied down, I was able to squeeze the fat on my belly…it wasn’t taut anymore. In fact, I was worried it looked so much flatter than it was before. The play-stands I ordered for the kids arrived that morning, so I proceeded to put them together around 2pm. My mom and Cameron helped! Kaya was home from school by then. Then, I started to get really tired. I went and took a nap. At some point I started to visit the bathroom often. Another flashback! My body was emptying to get ready! I started to have contractions but they were not consistent and didn’t feel strong enough. I wish I could remember more details of that afternoon but right now as I type it’s hazy! I know I was having inconsistent contractions and laughing with Cameron and my mom through them towards the evening. I eventually got on my bed and I listened to music and my hypnosis cd. I was still contracting on and off. I remember my mom kept coming in and asking me how I was doing (stop asking me will ya!). I know Cameron was still in denial. He kept telling his family when they called that it could be a while. A while!?!? I gave up trying to convince him that Ellery was on her way! My mom put the kids to bed. Cameron was just hanging out and checking in on me often. All I know is my first painful contractions started around 8pm or so. They were 20 mins apart, then 15, then 8, then 16, then 5, then 11…..by this time, it was around 11pm. Our room was ready by the way. The tub was set up but empty. The table for my midwife was set up with all the supplies. Ellery’s first clothes and diaper were all ready to be worn. My mom and Cameron were asleep! I stuck through some pretty painful contractions on my own. Then I decided to call her. I knew the party was over with. I wasn’t interfering with anything! Valerie would be relieved! I called her around 12:30am on March 12th! She said we’re on our way! Good God…she’s on her way! Is this really happening!? I got Cameron up. I woke up my mom. This is it guys! And then I was gone! By the time they arrived exactly an hour later, I was kneeling on the side of my bed, in a calm daze of painful contractions coming every 45 seconds apart. My back was starting to hurt. I was a little worried as I had horrible back labor with Kaya. My midwife and her assistant, Gail, set up their bags and got some coffee and came back up and said, let’s fill the pool. Okay, sounds good to me! Where’s the hose? What hose? Well, my midwife forgot to tell us we needed to buy a hose to fill the pool! DOH! So she filled the master bathtub and I eagerly slid into the nice fairly hot water. It felt so good. The lights were out, candles were lit and some meditation cd was on. I was in some serious back pain. I rode the surges for days it seems. I was naked. I never thought I would labor in the nude, I’m a pretty modest girl…but I felt different somehow. I wasn’t worried about anything. I was so focused on giving birth. Gail came in and talked me through the contractions for a while. She also willingly got her arms soaked while she bent in the tub to give me hip squeezes to alleviate the back pain. I loved her I decided! I owed her big time! I never met her before that night but somehow I loved her. My midwife visited the bathtub several times. I heard Ellery’s heartbeat a few times. I heard Cameron talking to me. I saw Cameron leaning over me with a look of concern. I started getting very vocal during the contractions. I was moaning and moving up and down, side to side in the cramped tub trying to ease the back pain. At times, I felt panicky. I wanted all the pain to go away. I wanted to go to the hospital and get an epidural. What was I thinking, thinking I could do this without medication? How much longer? What if the pain never went away? The water was getting cold. Valerie let most of it out and refilled it. I was given sips of water…some of them I was told had a diluted homeopathic remedy for my back labor. Cameron was back leaning over me. I started to feel helpless…begging him in my mind to save me. Time seemed to go on forever. I sat up and leaned against the tub faucet. The back labor became bearable. Then I wanted out of tub. I don’t know why. I just wanted out…. fast! There I was naked again leaning against the blanket trunk at the end of our bed, my dimpled rear end out for all to see. I begged for hip squeezes from Gail & Cameron. I looked up a few times to see my midwife sitting on the bed over me….her face I’ll never forget. It silently told me… “You’re doing it”. “You’re almost there”. “Don’t be afraid”…She was watching over me like some birthing angel. Out of reach….but right there with me. I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it…I was going to collapse under the pain. I started asking her in a helpless voice…”how much longer? I’m so tired” “how much longer” Valerie asked if she could check to see how dialated I was…I said with hesitation. What if she told me 5 centimeters? I’ll be devastated because I can’t do this much longer. The pain was constant. I didn’t feel any relief from contractions. There was just one constant contraction taking over my body. I couldn’t control it. I felt her hand inside of me, I heard a voice…10 it said! Ten??? Wait, ten? I did it!!! Now what? Take the pain away now….I made it to ten! Someone asked me if I had to push….I don’t know, do I? I asked “what does it feel like? How will I know when I need to push? Valerie said, “You’ll know”. I stood up and saw blood streaming down my leg. Cameron was standing beside me and I leaned on his shoulders. I let the weight of my whole body lean on his shoulders and I slowly collapsed to the floor. My head was between his legs and I was squatting with my behind on the floor. I was talking to Ellery. Get out Ellery. Come out! Come out Ellery. Come out nowwwwwww. I started to thrash around a bit on the floor. I didn’t know what to do, what to think, where to go. I still wanted to know how much longer. I wanted to run from the pain. I started making this sound…it was a sound I’ve never made before. It was loud. It hurt my chest. I was seeing African tribal woman in my head giving birth by themselves in the jungle….then I heard Gail “Erica, Erica! Put that down in your body…You’re going to make your throat dry…put all that energy down to your baby”. So I did. But now I had to go to the bathroom. I was about to poop the biggest poop I’ve ever pooped “I think I have to go”…“I have to poop” I exclaimed….Do you have to push? Someone asked…No!!! I have to poop. “Okay let’s get you into the bathroom”. I never made it to the bathroom, by the time they held me up to stand, I was there again. I was in another world. I could hear them, I couldn’t see them. I was alone with Ellery. I leaned on my legs just above my knees and pushed. Why isn’t the poop coming out? I know I have to go! Suddenly, something came out…what was that!? Is it Ellery? I’m still in pain...how much longer!? I looked down and asked “what is that?”. Valerie said your fore-bag of water. It looked like a water balloon was hanging out of my body. Get it out I yelled. Take it out! She broke the small bag and the water fell to the floor. I have to “go” still! Go ahead they said. By then, there were towels and sheets and padding under my legs. Gail was just behind me sitting on the blanket trunk. Cameron and Valerie were on the floor under me. Valerie asked if I wanted my mom there for the birth. I don’t care…whatever! She can come in! I was alone again….pushing this big “poop” out. I didn’t care if I made a mess…I had to get it out! I heard Valerie say “her head”….then I saw Cameron’s hand go near my body, near her head. Then I pushed again…man! This is a huge poo! Then I felt it! I felt it! I forgot all about it… the ring of fire! “She’s right there, Erica”. Owwww, it hurts. I push again. When’s this poo coming out, I’m thinking and then….RELIEF!! RELIEF! RELIEF!!! 3:45 am. I sat down on the trunk. It came out! Thank God! A few moments later, I looked down into my arms, I heard Valerie say “Erica!! Look down at your baby”. My baby!? Where!? Oh my God, my baby! I did it!!! I did it! I had my homebirth! I have my baby! She’s tiny. Look at her tiny tushie. Her little chicken legs. Look at her hair! A whole head-full like Kaya! Oh she’s so tiny! I try to calm down inside. My body is still birthing it feels although the pain is gone. It took me a few more moments to come back to and realize I just gave birth…I wasn’t pooping. I was pushing her out of me! So that’s what the ‘urge to push’ feels like..ahh! Now I know!

She’s crying. She’s pink. She’s loud. She’s Ellery! Ellery Saige!

The rest of the story: I got onto the bed. I stared at my baby. She stared at me. She’s beautiful! She looks just like the baby in my dreams! Just like her! I started to cramp. I birthed the placenta. That was a pain! Cameron and Valerie helped. I never saw Kaya’s placenta….this was pretty awesome! I saw the membrane, the sac, that housed Ellery for 37 ½ weeks. Wow! There was blood everywhere. I nursed Ellery. I was struggling to get her to latch on right. I was a little nervous. I had such a hard time in the beginning with nursing Kaya. I wanted this to be perfect. Valerie checked me for lacerations. I had one. She got to sewing me up. Cameron watched. My mom came in and watched. Somehow, I could care less. Ellery was on my chest and I did it! I was so proud of myself and Ellery! We didn’t need meds. We did it together! Valerie and Gail brought me a platter of fruit and cheese to eat. I ate. I ate a tiny piece of the placenta while Valerie and Gail had fun making placenta prints. Cameron took pictures. Ellery got weighed…7lbs 2ounces. She looked so much smaller to me! I got in the shower. Felt so good! I got back in bed. Valerie and Gail hung around for a bit then started packing up. Don’t leave! I need you two! Kaya came in & met her sister with excitement! Cody woke up eventually and finally got to see “Baby”. My father-in-law came! Phew, he didn’t cancel his trip for nothing! After the excitement was over, I slept. Yeah right! I wanted to sleep! I haven’t slept in a month….but in that month, I’ve fallen in love…in love with Ellery…with God for creating such a beautiful life and entrusting us to nurture & love her…the life that I birthed naturally from my body that was her vessel for 37 ½ weeks.....Ellery Saige.

~The Beginning~
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Beautiful, Erica! Congrats! I'd love to see pics of your Ellery, to see if our Elleries still look alike. Mine's already gained 3+ pounds, though!
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Originally Posted by somewhere to grow
Beautiful, Erica! Congrats! I'd love to see pics of your Ellery, to see if our Elleries still look alike. Mine's already gained 3+ pounds, though!

here's my Ellery Saige!
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Wow! Such beautiful Elleries! Kitty
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