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how *early* would you UC?

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hmm. just curious.. I know only *I* and of course baby can know what is right for us...
i am 35 weeks.. i know where i live if you go into labour before 36 weeks your air lifted out.. and the midwives will attend a homebirth after 37 weeks..

i feel like the process of birthing is the entire pregnancy, and beyond in many cases.. I know the contractions i get now might be deemed *false* by some.. but too me it is labour.. and may very well last a couple months.. my last was considered ptl and i was put on bed rest.. it was *any day now* abotu her arrival and she came at 42 weeks.. the waiting is already a lot.. but i so didn't need that.
I want to embrace what is happening and let it flow...without liability imput from the local caregivers...heh
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I would UC as early as my babe told me to. I would worry about a 35/36 week delivery but I would trust in my body and babe to know what they are doing. We get so caught up in these numbers and weeks that sometimes we forget babies don't always gestate a full 40 weeks and sometimes need to gestate 44 weeks!

I've had this very conversation with myself since I started prodromal labor at 34 1/2 weeks. I don't normally start until 37/38 weeks. i had to seroiusly look inside myself and chat with this wee one about how well she was developed etc. i felt confident after doing this a few times that even if she were to arrie at 36 weeks all would be well with her. Doesn't change he fact that i want her to wait until 37 weeks, b/c yes I am still wrapped up in the numbers and my DH even more so.
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tough call. i think i'd be okay ucing after 35 weeks, but i'd be more inclined to get the baby checked out at the ped sooner than later with an earlier baby.
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For me it would be 37 weeks, but every woman and every babe are different.
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I am a new member to the Yahoo c-birth unassisted childbirth group and just yesterday a mama who had been posting about being concerned about going into early labor said that her baby was born.

You should join this group, they are awesome women (and a few dads), who are very knowledgeable. They gave this mama great advice about listening to her baby and body. I think you will know if it is the right thing.

The mama who birthed her early babe UC was 36 weeks 2 days and the babe was/is just fine, just smaller than her others were at 6lbs instead of 9lbs.

Good luck.
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hawkfeather~ i'm just finishing my 35th week, and have had similar wonderings. i had some contractions for a couple evenings and the morning inbetween last week. so i was really faced with "when would i be willing to uc?" for me, the answer is whenever it happens. i trust my body and my baby to know. dh had the same response. right after i came to that decision, my best friend reminded me of the birth story of a mutual friend. she was still a mw student at the time, i believe, and was at 34 weeks with her 3rd. her water broke, but she didn't start labor. apparently protocol in her town, if you're not going to induce, is to be in the hosp. on an i.v. drip of antibiotics. so she dutifully goes in and starts that b/c she definitely didn't want to induce. then she's laying there thinking i don't believe all this hype, and i don't want antibiotics. so she rips out the i.v. and goes home. she ends up going into labor and has a beautiful/healthy 6 lb+ boy. she put more energy into keeping him near her and warm than if he'd gone full term and been a 10 lb-er. probably doing a kangaroo care kind of thing. so at the end of telling me this story, my friend, who's had her 3 at home, told me that lots of women birth at 34 weeks, even though most mws won't attend before 36 or 37 weeks. don't know about this, but i would birth whenever the babe decided to show up...esp. at this point. i feel like i'm close enough to the "law of 40 weeks" that if he/she was born it would be ok.
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