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In the first trimester I had so many vivid dreams (anxiety, I think because of a miscarriage last Spring), so many that I didn't feel like I was sleeping at all. Finally the dreams have quieted down enough that I feel like I actually sleep at night, but I've taken to waking my husband up when I have the sexy dreams- it's worth it to lose the sleep.

I have had dreams about my little girl since I was a teenager. I still remember them, and how she looked at different ages. In one I was going through this broken down old city that was full of children looking for the right little girl and when I finally found her I felt the most amazing sense of relief. I've had this dream again a few times since I got pregnant. I don't know if she is the one that's with me now, but I know that I will find her someday.

I've also had dreams about my children playing with my friend's child, who has Down's. In the dream my son (!) is about five and has surpassed friend's little angel in cognitive/motor skills and looks at me confused because he doesn't want to play with "the baby toys" anymore even though she does. I think that my dreams were preparing me for a pretty likely moment in my life, and challenging me now to think about what to say and what my child will learn. Pretty intense...
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Many months ago, around the time I got pregnant this time, I had a dream that I was having sex with a friend of a friend. Forgot all about that dream until last night, when I dreamt that I was trying to decided whether I should tell that friend of a friend about the baby I'm pregnant with now, and that it might be his!

Funny when one dream can reference another.
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Hi, I'm not normally an erotic dreamer but when pregnant it's like every night and I sometimes am in the same scenario, same people etc. I wake up so ashamed!! Anyway, in the dreams I'm in charge, very sexy and powerful.

I also had a sweet dream when I first found out our baby has Down Syndrome, I was anxious about a lot of things but then had this dream I was blowing raspberries on an older baby's tummy and it was a baby with curly blonde hair and the typical almond-shaped eyes and just laughing hysterically. I was grateful for the dream as what it was really telling me was, it'll all be alright!

Sometimes I can't wait to sleep just to dream! Kitty
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I thought this might get you all laughing. I can't even remember all of the specifics of the dream I had two nights ago, but I remember I kept running into all of these people pregnant with multiples. Most of them were really skinny...you definitely could not tell anyone was pregnant from behind, but there bellies stuck out so far, that each mom was running around holding her belly up. It was as if you could see each baby in his/her own little ball, one in front of the other. If you can picture someone trying to hold three basketballs in a row in front of their bellies.Very bizarre picture.

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just wanted to ask u a question

Originally Posted by MamaRBH
So I always have these really funky dreams when I'm prego.
Last night I had this odd dream that instead of an ultrasound at 20 weeks, my baby was physcially removed from my womb to make sure everything was okay and then put back in. (weird, weird, weird...) Anyway... the neat part about it...(yes, there was a neat part)...was that I saw her...and it was a she...and she had blonde hair just like my other DD's and a beautiful, healthy little body.. Of course while the concept isn't at all realistic... I woke up feeling like I had connected with this babe in a new way...

What strange dreams have you had recently?
do u know what this dream means,i was just wondering because i had the same dream................... thanx
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