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Well I think it is safe to say that the orphans will have a new handicap room, I am pretty sure we met our goal!
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I am going to leave this open instead of starting a new thread since everything is wrapping up.
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Originally Posted by clynnr
I WON! I WON! I WON! I WON!!!!!!!!

I can't believe it!!!! I only bought one ticket, and like one of the PP's said, I bought it and then forgot about it because it was out of my hands! Until I got the e-mail.....
Congratulations. I guess I can stop waiting for my e-mail saying I won. :LOL Enjoy you have some incredible pieces coming. That will be an adorable soaker.
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Originally Posted by mom2orionplus1
I sniped the Luxe Kanji set. Do you still love me, Kate? :
OMG yes! My PP account thanks you :LOL

I decided to bid on three things before I went to bed, fully expecting to be outbid and I end up winning two of them Let me tell you, that was a surprise when I woke up this morning.

I am not even going to tell you my grand total for this event but I am going to have some very nice fluff coming to my house as soon as I sell my car to pay for it all :LOL

Can we say WAGON? I can!! (ok, I will make an exception for some OC Bottombumpers though)
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THANK YOU to all who helped!!!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Our estimated total is just over $10,000!!!!!!!!
With more coming in!!!!!

We are all just THRILLED at the level of participation in this event. It's been a fabulous outpouring of love from everyone. The event has surpassed even our wildest dreams! Final totals will not be out for about 10 days, but tentatively $5000 will go to the Kherson children's room, and a portion of the remainer to the Kherson infant feeding program and the rest to the Shevchenkovo orphanage for children ages 6-15. These children need basics like toiletries, pajamas, and school supplies.

The donations surely went far this event!!!! The infant feeding program was down to their last 2 mos of funding, and this will surely take them through the next year without a problem!

This is more than DOUBLE what we hoped to make. Thank you again to everyone who bid, listed, and participated in this fabulous event!

Thank you again to everyone! And a special thanks to Mothering and Cynthia for all the help with the event's promotion!
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This brings tear of happiness to my eyes

I am so happy for those children and so thankful to all the mamas who bid and the wahms who donated. Tears of glee!
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<----tears of Joy...that is amazing! Thanks generous Mama's!!
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Wow!! That is so awesome! Congrats to everyone!!
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WOW, that is awesome.
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That brings tears to my eyes too. I am so incredibly happy that this was such a successful event.

WTG Mamas!
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I am simply speechless and touched beyond words by the generosity of all who participated. WAHMs and bidders alike showed what a great community the diapering mamas are. How awesome!
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Omgosh you guys!! You did a great job!
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<----- I'm crying b/c I'm so happy too!! :LOL
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Add me to the tearful w/ JOY JOY JOY list.

I know there was a lot of work that went on in the background to make this possible...not even just making beautiful products, but all the technical work and communications and so forth.

Many thanks to all the hardworking people who pulled this off!!!
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That is so WONDERFUL!!! I could not be happier and I am so proud of all of the generous mama's here! HURRAY!!!!!!!
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Isn't this AWESOME!?!?!?! And all because of mamas like YOU!
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Thats wonderful!
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