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Becky, those are very cute.

Whimsy, IKWYM about the raffle. I sold most of Becca's dipes and now here we are. :LOL I like raffles though because once I buy my tickets and donate, it is out of my hands, no more obsessing.
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Originally Posted by tnrsmom
Whimsy, IKWYM about the raffle. I sold most of Becca's dipes and now here we are. :LOL I like raffles though because once I buy my tickets and donate, it is out of my hands, no more obsessing.
You're better than me :LOL I'm fantasizing about that Irish raffle. :

Meanwhile I'm still high bidder on a couple things, although a bit surprised to be so. But fully expecting to be outbid at the last moment and can't really spend anymore b/c I got a gorgeous set yesterday that took most of the free money.

I can afford what I've bid on, and would love the items dearly... but I'd also be happy for the FF auction Mamas if they could get even more money for those items. kwim?
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Virg, that set is so gorgeous!! It will look so great on your little one.

I have started bidding on some of the really low auctions either bumping the price up or getting them for myself. I think the set I really want will be too high for me so I am putting my money elsewhere.
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Well there are still one or two low bid items that we actually NEED. Tyring to get ready for babe can be stressful. I am torn between be able to afford them and uping the $$$ for charity.
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I have a question about bidding. Twice now I have entered a maximum bid and then when I go to the auction it shows me as the high bidder but it is more than what my maximum was. It is no big deal on the ones I have bid on as it has only been a dollar or so but has anyone else noticed this?
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WT, what is your user name there?
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Same as here Yep, last night on the fruit set and something else in the last seconds I was bidding to get some things and the bids came back higher w/ me as the winner. When I checked the history, there wasn't any activity by anyone else. Hmmmmmmm.....
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Well, I spent more than I had budgeted but it's all good . I got some great fluff and was able help AFO at the same time.

How do we find out who wins the raffle? Did she say it would be posted on the main Fluff Factory page?
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Monique, it will be posted on the main page. So are you going to tell us what you won??

WT, I loved that fruit set but was not sure it would fit B. Glad you got it. Very strange about the bidding.
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What raffle(s) are you all talking about??
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I loved those fruit salad sets, too. If the first one with the soaker had been bigger I would have been all over it (I was looking for wool and dipes.)

I won a Benjamuffins daytime diaper, a Knitwitz soaker and felted mocs, and a custom spot with Renate at Nanas Woolies . I can't wait to get my new fluff.
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I sure wish I had known about the mocs before late last night. I never really left the Charity Diapering and 100% sections. Now that I have ventured out into theh Charity Clothing, I see I missed some fabulous things.

I am really contemplating seeing if I can order some mocs. Who did them? Is there some type of skid protection on the bottom?

As for the raffle - it is going to be posted, but when!? :LOL
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oh such cute fluff!!

Stephanie, you will that VK set. i bought a dress/AIO set from her site a few weeks ago and it is soooo darn cute!

Virg, that knitted set is just gorgeous!!

i loved the fruit salad sets too!

colleen, i that sun luxe set! you are lucky that i forgot about it! you and i both have a thing for suns.

cute cute cute felted mocs!

that is pretty weird about the bidding.
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The raffle tickets were for sale yesterday. They sold 100 tickets for $5 each. Here is the link though to show what is included

Meredith from Knitwitzbaby did the mocs and they look awesome. I do not think they have no skid stuff on the bottom but you could always use some fabric paint if you are concerned.

The raffle will not be posted until this evening. I do not know an excat time though.
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Irish Raffle Information... tickets sold, drawing is sometime this afternoon by Marnie's 5yo. So if you're interested in tryng to bribe the picket, think 5yo who likes Buzz Lightyear.

Isn't that set'o'fluff AMAZING?
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O, How Sweet!! I did win the felted wool Easter Eggs. And I'll get 4! One for each child
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If I had won the felted mocs I would have sewn leather or suede to the bottoms once I rec'd them.
I won the Cotton Candy TDD set, and everything I bid on from Abby's Cozys (yummy KAeAus soaps, wipes set and baby massage oil!) My sister's stash basket is going to RULE!!! :
I'm still trying to win some playsilks and uhm, some other things : I've kind of lost track of my bids LOL
Congrats to all the winners! We had a lot of fun doing this
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I can't wait til the drawing!!
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I am still patiently waiting for the raffle ... and for the KSS to end. I have a feeling that someone is going to swoop in at the last second and snipe it from me.

I have had so much fun watching these auctions, I'm kinda sad to see 'em end. I hope they made their goal and more!!!
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Woo Hoo! I got my diaper! I am so excited! It is going in my keepsake diaper stash for Willow.
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