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The new Annoying Pattern...

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Okay, maybe it's that I'M high strung and need to just relax into this, but it is really frustrating to me.

Our dd has never really liked sleeping on her own. That being said, I feel like I have taken her lead and tried to do what seems to be best for her. For a while, she napped on me in a rocking chair....lots of sling naps...Although she did sleep in a moses basket a lot during the day when she was much smaller.

Once she gave up that, I started crawling into bed with her at nap time snuggled her and nursed her to sleep. Lately I am just so tired that I frequently fall asleep too, which is just getting annoying because I am not actually 9 months old and I have other things I want/need to do.

Tonight is the most annoying. I was supposed to play a game with dh and I totally fell asleep to wake up with a start about 15 minutes ago. I really wanted to do something fun with him, and now here I am venting at midnight because I cant seem to stay awake for 30 minutes while nursing.

If I nurse her less than 30 minutes then she wakes up.

I guess I should just be happy that she is finally sleeping. I just do not feel that I should have to take a nap every time she does, nor do I need 12 hrs of night time sleep.

Creative idea's mamas??
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I can relate! I'm in the same situation. For us, it's much better than what we used to be doing -- walking in circles around our apartment for up to 2 hours until Simon finally fell asleep) -- so I'm still o.k. with it. I don't have trouble staying up, but I do get bored when I have to lay there for 45 minutes or whatever some nights until he's sleeping.

How about having a bit of caffeine in the evening to get you over the hump? Will your child sleep with the light on? Maybe you could read while nursing or do something else that will prevent you from falling asleep? At that point of the day Simon is usually so tired that I could get away with this, though it isn't always the most comfortable and he is sometimes into some crazy acrobatics-type nursing. Maybe when they are consuming more solids they'll need less at night? Or you could try to increase her daytime nursing sessions? I don't know how this is done though -- it sounds good to me too, but how do I change when he eats in a gentle way? Maybe someone will have some suggestions.

Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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sounds like our babes are very similar. I do think part of the problem is that she isn't eating many solids due to teething. I'm sure teething in general is adding to this. Hopefully this stage will pass soon!
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I know some people have a much stronger reaction to the drowsy hormones released by nursing, so maybe this isn't the case for you, but if I were falling asleep that easily I would take it as a sign that my body needed more rest. BTW, my DH usually lies down with me and DS while DS falls asleep and DH is almost always asleep before DS -- if we had planned to do something it is hard to resist the urge to wake him but I usually do -- and he usually wakes after a fairly short nap. If you are sure that you don't need the extra sleep why not arrange to have DH come poke you after 30 minutes or so?
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Been there! All I can say is that it did get better. Ds is now 14 mo and usually I can get him almost to sleep in the sling, then I lay down with him and nurse him just a few minutes - long enough to get him into a deep sleep, but not long enough to knock ME out. Then he wakes up in about an hour and needs to be nursed back to sleep - this is the danger zone for me, when it's very easy for me to just snuggle up and go to sleep with him, but I really need to stay up for another hour or 2 and get some work done. But that waking/nursing is getting shorter and shorter and sometimes doesn't happen at all. I hate to say it, but it's true: this too shall pass.

Oh, and the teething definitely has something to do with it. When ds was 7-8 mo old and at the peak of his teething, he seemed to need me in bed with him ALL the time. It was extremely stressful for me, as I was in the middle of a very intense full time internship and REALLY needed that time to work. (And he wouldn't sleep with the light on.) But he needed me, so that's how it was.
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I'm of the "if you're falling asleep that easily, you need more sleep" school of thought. You may be sleeping less soundly at night, therefore in need of a nap. Your body is working hard making that milk, too. It's frustrating not being able to get things done, tho. I find everything is easier if I'm well rested, so it's worth it to me to take the time to nap.
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Yeah...I do think its a bit of both. I probably am needing more sleep which is why I so quickly nod off with my sweet baby. It feels pretty indulgent every nap though! Anyway....the encouragement is very helpful. Everytime we move into a challenging pattern it feels like its unending...but then a few weeks pass and I forget all about it either because I have adapted or it has changed.

One day I will get laundry done and dinner made

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I hear ya! I thought I was the only one dozing off each time. I think our bodies just need more rest. It is pretty frustrating to have alot of things to do around the house and not being able to get them done. My house is a mess!!!

When nursing her, do you cover yourself with the blanket? I notice when I'm really warm I relax and doze off quickly.
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