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laundry soap help needed!

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So, I have like 14 dollars for 3 weeks! I have tons of food, but I need to get laundry soap. My DS was sick and I have been washing laundry and bedding for a week! I can't afford to buy anything, and the cheap stuff usually has lemon additive that I am very allergic to. I was thinking that I could buy a bar of the laundry soap (about 1.19 or so) and just grate it and use it. Can I do that? Does anyone have any other very very very cheap ideas?
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well, this might not be natural or organic or whatever, but when we were poorer, sometimes I would just use dish detergent and it worked great....you can get a huge thing of it for like, 2 bucks or less and I would use probably a quarter cup, maybe a bit more (t makes a lot of suds) it worked great though---dunno if it would have that additive that you mentioned, but it worked great for me... inexpensive shampoo has worked in a pinch for me too!
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there is more ingo here somewhere. i will search.
here http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=114069
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yea, dishsoap would work good.. I was wondeirng about that...
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For handwash, I've used shampoo - not sure how it would do in a machine, but you could give it a try (cheap shampoo, not salon shampoo!! )
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baking soda and TTO!
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if you have a bar of soap (any old vegetable glycerin soap will do) and either baking soda or washing soda, you can make a gallon of laundry soap with that.
See the recipe sticky for step by step instructions with pictures
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Also, IME, for regular washing your clothes will get pretty clean without soap for a few washes.

Baking soda is useful added too, and super-cheap. I use washing soda, but a big box of that costs a lot more than baking soda. Baking soda is similar to though not as powerful as washing soda. If you go with dish soap, you might add some baking soda to the wash, also. I would do one round of laundry with nothing then try this combo for the next round--soon you'll have survived that couple weeks with almost nothing spent on laundry products.
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Regular baking soda works great! If you really WANT to have a soap/soap...I saw a bar of soap in Dollar General that is a washing soap (grate it into the laundry) for $1.
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When I wash clothes (about half the time), I use baking soda. When dh washes clothes (about half the time...and he believes soap MUST be used to make clothes clean) he uses eco-friendly laundry products (although I don't know if he knows this, as I keep refilling the same Arm&Hammer bottle with a bottle of eco-friendly laundry soap diluted w/water until the bottle is full ). He doesn't notice a difference between baking-soda washed clothes or soap-washed clothes and neither do I.
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I know it's not PC to shop at Wal-Mart, but our local store stocks Zote laundry soap in 14.1 oz. bars and they sell for only thirty-nine cents.

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You can also use Dr. Bronners if you have any on hand. I use 2T. but you could probably even use less.

Also baking soda, borax, washing soda can be used. Vinegar in the rinse cycle.
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Where do you buy Washing Soda in larger quantities?
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