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Nuvaring Safe While Breastfeeding?

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Hi Mamas!

I am considering using the Nuvaring for BC. I am nursing my 17 month old. I know that pills other than the minipill are not recommended while breastfeeding. Is Nuvaring use okay?

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I've read that it isn't because of the estrogen in it.
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I"ve used the Nuvaring for a month now... It took me 2 months to decide to use it... from what I've read it sounds like the estrogen may cause supply problems and its not recommended if you have a low supply or have not established a good supply.
I was so nervous to use BC at all becuz they all seem to be unsafe in SOME way... but the Nuva at least has such a LOW dose of hormones compared to anything else due to it being vaginal that it seemed somewhat ok...

I thought I was pregnant at 10wks PP and got a little scared.. so I cut my DH off from sex until I could decide and finally just decided to go with it.

I haven't had any supply problems.. the only problem I've had is that I can't seem to get it to stay where it belongs... its a great idea.. but I'm considering the mini-pill.

I'm interested in what others have to say... maybe some links on info...
I read alot on Kellymom.com

What is the safest BC?? is there one??

Sorry I'm not much help! LOL

Take care ... good luck in your decision.. its tough!
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Thanks for your replies! I did a little research today and came up with the same info - that it isn't recommended because of the estrogen and that's because of the risk of loss of supply. I actually have anything but low supply, so I don't think that would be an issue.

I have also come across a couple of people, including Andrea, who have a hard time keeping it in place. Hmmmmm. Maybe I'll try it out and see how it goes! I'll talk to my midwife about it.
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that's interesting that you have a hard time keeping it in. Do you mean it almost slips out, you begin to feel it? I wonder if kegelling would help, esp. being knid of newly pp. Not trying to give advice or anything, just wondering aloud.... My sister has the nuvaring and loves it. I'm considering it, since dd is 13m and I'm interested to try hormonal bc again. I'm thinking her demand *should* decrease sometime....if she'd ever eat some solids....it's actually getting better, so I'm hoping we can move on. Anyway, I think there are pros and cons to everything. If you have a well-established BF relationship, you will know if your supply is diminishing, and can stop the pill and work to bring the supply back up. I don't see diminished supply as a permanent thing.
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I used it without issue, I started when dd was about 9 months old. My Gyn suggested waiting till then because it can possibly affect and unestablished milk supply.
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Well, I think that I'll give it a whirl! I'm hoping that because the hormones are localized, I won't really suffer the mood swing effects that I had when I took the pill a number of years ago. Does anyone know if you are less likely to suffer mood swings with the minipill or ring?

Emmajean, it's funny that you should bring up kegelling! I have been told to kegel my whole life because I, and most of the women in my family, pee our pants when we laugh too hard. As a girl, I remember my mom saying "Kegel, Kegel!" when I would really start laughing. Of course, that would send me in to stronger fits of laughter and I was sure to wet my pants. Now, if DH and I are joking around, he will often suddenly whisper in a serious tone, "You should be kegelling" just to set me off. It usually works, and we have spent quite a lot of time cleaning up after me. I really should be kegelling! :LOL
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I actually had that thought the other day, that maybe I'm still kinda "out of shape" down there I've been doing it more...
I'm on the ringless period so maybe when I go back it'll be better...
When I first started it I kinda wonder if my supply did drop alittle. Nora has started nursing more at night and I don't feel as full.. but she has been eating less during the day ( I think cuz she's so busy checkin things out)
but I almost think it just helped even me out...


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