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March Mamas: February 28 - March 6 (How is everyone doing??)

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So, how is everyone doing?
Any more babies to report?

39weeks + 5 days today
I had a VERY VERY strange night - it actually felt just like the night I went into labor with DS. First diarrhea and nausea (TMI - sorry) and then timeable strong contractions. I could not even lay in bed and had to take a bath but that did not help either.
Eventually, everything stopped and I went to sleep - tired and confused.
This morning I saw a big thick mucous blob in the toilet (again, sorry for TMI) and it looked very weird. Mucous plug maybe?? Have no idea... never lost it ahead of time with the other babies.

It is so frustrating to keep having these trial-labors forever and ever. At this rate, when I actually go into labor my body will have done all the work and I will probably go quickly... Let's hope

There is a big snow storm arriving in town today and will stay over us until mid-day tomorrow. I am so afraid of sitting in a car while it is snowing - and having to do it whille in labor is not my idea of fun... Ok baby, I want to meet you, but maybe you can wait until the roads are clear??
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Polihaupt--Yep that mucous blob was your plug ;-) Just like a big ol ball of snot. Sounds like the bit of labor you had last night did some cervical changes so woohooo you are on your way!!

We have that same storm system moving thru here. I am actually hoping to go into labor during it so i can have my UC as the midwives would not be able to drive in the mess. But thats just me Of course this puts a crimp in my grocery shopping plans for tommorow.

I am 36.5 days. I don't feel ready, heck half the time I don't even feel pregnant. I felt like this with my DD too even when I went overdue. Nothing really to report on my end. I have everything ready, now its just the waiting game.
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Crayon-- This weekend was the first time I have ever found my cervix in the 3 years I have tried :LOL I didn't hang aorund in there to get any real idea of if it was effacing or dilating, maybe I will later tonight or something. Then again its not going to tell me anything so why bother.

Sounds like you have an active toddler! Mine can be like that at times, especially my 4yo. Where that kid gets his over abundance of energy is beyond me. He is very hard to keep up with.

If i didn't mind my ankle bones being touched id probably have DH apply some pressure . I also believe there is a spot above or below the ankle one? I can't remember now.

Patchfire--I'm sorry to hear about the car issues If it hadn't been for our tax return we would not have been able to get the minivan we so desperately needed so i can totally sympathize. Even about bein gin the city and needing a car to get anywhere. I can't even get my kids to school unless I drive them. I will hope and cross my fingers that you don't go into labor until you have transportation!!

Ravenmoon--So glad to hear you and babe are doing well! I remember that "omg my boobs are enormous" stage after my dd was born. I just kept looking at them in the mirror and going, what the heck do i do with these suckers?! Of course i went from a 32aa/a pre-preg to a 40dd/e by the time my milk came in. That was a total major shocker and took a lot to get used to lol.
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Our List!

The List!

~Brand New Babies~
Michelle (Mtm) - 02/19/05 - Noah - 7 lbs 8 oz - Birth Story Coming!
Kylie (luvmy3boyz) - 02/21/05 05:00 am - Kessa Lynn - 8 lbs 8 oz - Birth Story Coming!
Rebecca (Ravenmoon) - 02/23/05 11:54 am - Stellaria Avani - 7 lb 4 oz - Birth Story
Heidi (Weebitty2) - 02/23/05 10:04 pm - Melissa Kimberly - 7 lb 3 oz, 21 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Shirada - 02/26/05 4:52 am - Baby Boy - 6 lbs 15 oz - Birth Story Coming!
Christine (Cholderby) - 03/01/05 9:56 am - Owen Michael - 7 lbs 11 oz, 21 1/4" - Birth Story
Eva (Finnsma) - 03/01/05 8:04 pm - Charlotte Fern - 10 lbs, 21 inches - Birth Story Coming!
Citygirl - 03/02/05 - Baby Boy - weight? - Birth Story Coming!

~Ladies In Waiting~
polihaupt 3/2 Boy
LeShea 3/3 Girl
Barb (meant2beamom) 3/4 Surprise
Alicyn (mommy2b) 3/5
OaklandMama 3/5
bubbles 3/6
JoyfulMomma 3/6 Surprise
MsDoula 3/8
Shannon (MamaSpruce) 3/8 Surprise
Aquarianmom 3/8
Emily (AnneCordelia) 3/8
Susan (srmina) 3/9 Boy
Fiercelove 3/9 Boy
Cyndi (CyndiN) 3/11
mommyto2 3/11 Surprise
Kimberly (kimisaur) 3/12
Sarah (mamasarah) 3/12 Surprise
Ang (Crayon) 3/13 Surprise
Jo (Jocmtl) 3/13 Boy
Autumn (newmomma2005) 3/13 Boy
Serina (Somewhere to grow) 3/13 Girl
Annabelle's Wish 3/13
Melissa (Ladyelmo1) 3/16
Maya (muse) 3/16
Rachel (rad) 3/16
Shannon (RaisinGirl) 3/17
Wildcrafter 3/18 Surprise
Rebecca (MamaGaia) 3/20
Rebecca (GeoGirl) 3/20 Girl
Shannon (sm3247) 3/20 Girl
Tiffany (TTaylor) 3/20 Girl
Kash (Patchfire) 3/21 Surprise
puddinnpeanut 3/21
Trish (Ellis Herr) 3/21 Girl
Amanda (TXmidwife) 3/22 Boy
Shannon (Isfahan) 3/22
Desirae (mamadaisy) 3/23
Jennie (Jenniebug) 3/23
Kim (EllieB) 3/23 Boy
Molly (Mimim) 3/23 Surprise
Simplehome 3/23 Boy
Dee (Morningtillmoonmama) 3/24 Boy
Jen (LoveChild421) 3/24 Boy
Lotta 3/24
Lise (TOmomma) 3/25 Surprise
Gina (stringbean) 3/26 Boy
Ryann (anazmommy) 3/26
Giggs 3/28
Sprinklepocket 3/28
Erica (Kindermama) 3/28 Girl

Sometime in March:
Pam (EMZ) Girl
Carla (carlasher)
Mady (Mady5) late March Girl
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Thirty-seven weeks today!! Whoohoo!

I've been telling Spike all along (dd's name for it, that everyone's picked up on) that s/he had to wait until at least today. I hope s/he didn't take me too literally.

I'm feeling a bit better about everything this morning (mommyto2, I'm in Marietta, just inside E. Cobb off the loop... thanks for the offer, I may take you up on it later in the week if things don't change!). The good news is that the credit union where we get our car loans basically said we're pre-approved for 'anything' because we did so well with them on our last loan, took care of the car, et cetera. So that's not a worry, just finding a car is. :LOL

This weekend I was pretty miserable, physically. I realised last night that part of the problem was I have a UTI (how can you have a UTI for two days and not realise it??), so I broke out the cranberry pills and I already am feeling much better. I slept so much better too! I am definitely having prelabor activity, though. There are things I need to finish up before Spike comes that make sometime after next Monday much more attractive, but I'll take what I can get, now.

I think we have the rainy end of the snowstorm some of you are getting!
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I did the STUPIDEST thing on Saturday, I ate a whole bunch of almonds. This gave me the worst digestive trouble I've ever had. I actually hope its NOT labor as I am so bruised and sore at the moment that I just don't know if I could handle birth. Even worse, there's a contractor at my house right now and I keep having to disappear into the bathroom every 10 minutes! :

My husband is so edgy about birth! Its funny to see him like this. The slightest wince on my part brings on a full scale interrogation from him about whether or not I'm having a contraction. I actually think he might be more excited than I am, although I don't know if that's possible.

Give me 2 days to recover, baby, and then lets get going!
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Hey mamas!!! Well, we are getting a huge snow storm too... We are getting between 7-10 inches today, 7-10 inches tonight and 7-10 inches tomorrow- so DH is way to excited that our MWs will be snowed in and will not be able to make it up our hill.... We had a phsyic (sp) girl tell us that they baby will be born on the 1st! So, bring it on baby. But I have not felt much of anything. I have felt really good the last 2 days- besides the mormal late preg pain. I even jummed DH 2 times yesterday- I told him I was using him I dont think he minded because the labido in this house has been way way down.... I tried again to feel my cervix yesterday and I dont know if I felt it or not. Felt something very low and very soft with a opening the size of a small grape. But who knows, it could have just been a flap in skin... I have no idea what I am feeling for.

I made some cloth pads yesterday- I made 12 so I guess I need to make about 12 more and I am good. I was very worried about not having any after the baby. I dont know how good they are going to work becuase I have never made pads before- with DD I just made a bunch of long flannel ones and put them in my panites- these ones have fleece and wings. So we will see soon enough.

Happy vibes to everyone !!!!!!
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I'm doing great! I am just about 39 weeks and still scheduled for my c/s this Friday. My parents are coming in Wednesday and will be here for a week.

I have had some digestive upsets too, but that may have to do with the pint of Tofutti Chocolate Cookie Crunch ice cream or my sudden facination with Pop Tarts. Contractions have been getting a little stronger and more painful, but labor does not seem imminent. Walked 1.5 miles yesterday. Slowly with several breaks.

I think we finally decided on a name, but I'm not saying for sure until I see the bambino.

I am so not looking forward to being in the hospital. Especially since DH can't stay with me because he needs to take care of dd at night and the hospital won't let dd stay with me. I wish I had other options, but I am just thinking of a long life and future with my new babe...

On a more positive note, dd decided she was old enough to fall asleep by herself in her own bed this week, which will be very helpful with the new one. She still ends up in our bed every morning, but we wouldn't give that up for anything!
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We've been sick in my house for the last week - me and the kids, anyway. My house is currently a pigsty! I get short bursts of energy, but just enough to fix something for us to eat (nothing big, either) and then I have to rest. Good thing DH is home today to help clean up... I can't imagine having a homebirth at this home right now!

So I finally get back on the computer to see if there were any babies born and WHOA! Last I checked there were none and it looked like it would actually be March before I read the first announcement! Congratulations to everybody who has had their baby/ies, even if you haven't been able to post about it yet. I'm just hoping for my energy levels to get back to normal before having to deal with labor. And I really need to wash the sheets and blankets on the bed before the baby joins us.

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Ang--Are you hoping for a UC? I tell ya these storms need to keep up and happen when labor hits, as much as I hate all this icky white stuff it would be a great reason not to call the mw! I need to make some more pads and attach the pad holder to the postpartum pants I made last week. I am sure i have plenty of pads, I always had more than I needed, but I want to me sure I have enough so I am not doing so much laundry.

Christine--Sorry about the digestive troubles I can barely eat nuts so now I know to stay away from the almonds :LOL good luck on resting for the next 2 days.

Susan--Im like you with the baby names. I have settled on a boys name and have a few picks for girls names but I am not going to post them until I see the baby and know which name fits her. (yea I am sure its a girl now watch her be a he)

Thats so awesome about dd!! I am working on my dd and ds right now. ds has been sleeping in his own bed for a few weks now and i am trying to stick with a routine so he learns to sleep on his own but right now he still needs some cuddles. dd takes FOREVER to fall asleep, even with me sitting on her bed. Last night was 1.5hrs of me sitting trying t oget her to sleep in her bed. She finally went to sleep at 10:30, she had been sent to bed at around 8-8:30, most of which she did a good job of staying in her bed but then she decided she needed me. i hope for both of us that she adjusts quikly to her room and bed. Setting up a bedtime ritual with her will help but as I reach these last few weeks I just want to plop into bed and do nothing at night!
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Ooh, a snowstorm sounds great! I always envisioned DS being born at night, full moon, in a big old thunderstorm. As it was it he came on a sunny Saturday Californian afternoon! But I may be in luck with this one, we've been having flurries of snow (not so common here in southern england) but it never seems to settle.

polihaupt, that all sounds very promising

Well, my diaper service brought by the diapers today (can't believe how tiny they are!!!), so that's it. I'm ready. This baby can come whenever it likes. I never felt impatient with DS but this time I'm finding the stress of waiting and having to constantly keep the house "ready" is really hard. Plus all the pre-labour contractions which never had with him, making it feel contsantly like it could happen any time.

So it's on with the raspberry leaf tea, hill walking, curries and maybe even a little lovin' if I can stay awake long enough
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Hi everyone,

I haven't posted here in a while b/c-well there's no excuse I'm just lazy and exhausted. I have been having contractions pretty much constantly day and night since Friday that feel like menstrual cramps. I was 1 cm dilated at my appt. today which made me feel a bit better, at least progress is being made from my discomfort! I just don't feel ready though even though I've already done this twice! Congrats on all the new babies!
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Originally Posted by EllieB
I just don't feel ready though even though I've already done this twice!
I know exactly how you feel! This is my 4th and while I am ready as far as having everything I need, I am not ready for this one to be born. I mean in a way I am b/c I can't wait to find out if I am right about it being a girl: and to use these cute lil diapers on her. And then there is that part of me that goes....5 kids in the house all dependant on me *scream*
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Snow storm does sound good i went into labor with a huge rain storm.I lost my mucous plug two days before going into labor and that was the first time that happened to me as well.But i do think our emotional state shows alot.I was feeling very calm and centered but irritable the day i went into labor.My midwifes said i had this glow and they could tell.

On another note ladies i am so very sad right now.An online friend of mine that i have know for 4 years now gave birth to her stillborn baby this morning.It was her fourth and she was 33 weeks along.She hadn't felt the baby move in a day and went in to get it checked out.I thought for sure it was nothing but i sit here holding my amazing new daughter and feeling so blessed for my family and so sad for hers.If you have a moment say a prayer for Jenna and her family~
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Prelabor, prelabor, prelabor. When can I take the "pre-" off? Lots of Braxton-Hicks. I never had this with my daughter, so I never know what to expect.

We're looking foward to lots of snow in the next 36-48 hours, too. Since we're close to Lake Michigan, we'll probably get lake effect snow, as well. I bet a lot of babies will come these next few days...they always seem to know when storms are around!

We've been praying for a March birth--that's tomorrow! Plus, my toddler says the baby will be born on "Tuesd," which either means Tuesday or "I'm being silly," depending on how you interpret it. So I'm praying (hard) for tomorrow, or even tonight after midnight. It would be just perfect!

We had three showings this weekend, and no word on offers yet. I think the baby may be waiting for the house to sell!

Our waterbirth ideas are continuing their descent into the "impossible" file. We tried the pool this weekend, and ran out of hot water. We turned the hot water up even further, and that kicked the overflow valve on and started flooding the basement (right between showings #1 and 2).

We have all the baby diapers on a cart in our bedroom. Looking at those teeny things every day is making me just crazy with anticipation! To think of the little tushie that will fill those itty bitty prefolds!
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I'm doing good. Cleaning like crazy around here. Trying to get everyhing done before the babe gets here. I had a couple hours of contractions last night. Nothing to major to report, since they stopped and I could actually go back to sleep again.
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No storms here in the PNW. Although it did finally get a little windy and chilly, a change from our early spring February.

I'm feeling really good. I think I'm going to my due date at least (which is a week from tomorrow!), and am just fine with that (although I do think 3-4-5 would be a cool birthday). I'm ready and all, really excited for the birth and meeting our baby. But I'm savoring being pregnant too, I have to say I love it! Just started feeling some low, very subtle crampy feelings but no other labor signs.

Definitely thinking of your friend, Ravenmoon, and wishing her peace. I can't imagine the loss. Praying for good outcomes for us all. Will think of you especially on Friday, srmina! Sorry it has to be that way but wishing you the best for a healthy babe and the best cesarean birth experience possible.
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I got my swap gift from Jenniebug It was 2 slings (one for me/the new baby and one for DD ) how sweet is that! And it was all pretty and wrapped in a play silk that DD has her baby wrapped up in and is laying down to take a nap.... It is just so cute! So thank you again for the lovely gifts!

And as far as a U/C- I have my fears, because my DD was transfer to the hospital- puke... puke....- from an U/C. I was in labor so long and could no longer feel her kicking or moving and I knew I was in transition but DH could not feel my cervix- that is what happends when you try to feel it and it is no longer there- I was 10 cm So I transfered my self, I know all I needed was someone to tell me it was normal and try to push a little.... But after 40 hours what is a girl to do? So, I have told DH that he has to at least call the MWs and tell them something is starting, but we will call them when we want them to come over. I need them to get some cord blood for my bone condition so they will have to come at least right after the baby is born, if not a bit before. I am really playing it by ear, and I hope that I can just do it on my own and not have that feeling of not needing to push at 10 cm... that is painful and very emotional. My MWs assitant is wonderful, very young, like 21 and she is pregnant too, but she reminds me very much of my nieces mother (who I would stab in the eyes and leave her to RIP someplace very hot and dry with mean huge birds who like to eat 1/2 dead people! if I could ) Did I say I hate her...... So I am kinda praying that I will not need to call them too soon, because I dont want the feelings I have for this other person block my labor because my assitant reminds me so much of her- yet my assitant is so nice, but you know how you meet someone and they look and speak like someone you hate so it blocks you from good feelings? That is how I feel... Sorry that was long and unneeded

I have been feeling tons of pressure today- but I dont feel labory. But have that pressure on my cervix and in my bottom and lower back- but not crampy just pressure- yk?

So the flurrys have started outside- perhaps we will get baby born in a storm That would be cool- but no I am not naming the baby Stormy- I can not have a Rainey and a Stormy Nope I dont think so... I am feeling a kinda loss for names too. I love Journey for a boy- no middle name yet- but for a girl nothing- I like Journey too but... and I dont even know if I am 100% set on Journey.. DH will not talk about names until the bean is born, so I am sure anything I think of now will be out anyhow.

Wow, the snow just started picking up and so did this pain- but I have another 13 days to my EDD so I am not holding much hope I guess we will see..... I am just so excited about all these babies born at term and all the healthy mamas and babies we have

srmina, I want you to know that I will be thinking of you and your sweet babe too. I know it is not how you want it really, but I know you are a very educated mama and that you are doing what is the very best for you and your baby. I hope you find peace in that. I cant wait to hear you birth story So you will have a 3/4/5 baby huh??? That is so cool!!!! When I was pregnant with Rainey I thought it would be cool to have a 3/3/3 baby but she was a 3/31/3 baby But if I have this baby on my due date I will have a 3/31 and a 3/13 baby Dates are so funny. I asked DH last night what the odds are that I would have 2 babies born in the same month but one on the first day and one on the last day and he said it was like 1/5000+ odds
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I just cleaned my washing machine.

Not the actual washing part, but the outside of it on top and the lip where lint collects around the lid? In my defense, we 'inherited' the washing machine when we moved in, and it looked like the previous owners never so much as wiped it off, but. Still. I hate lint. And I just cleaned it. ewww.

It's after 4 pm here and I am still in my pajamas...oops. I need to go get dressed, because I have a meeting tonight (got a ride), and also the car person is 'test-driving' the car to our house (so we can test drive it).

I also (finally) ordered diapers. : We're going to use disposables for the first few days anyway, between meconium and no one but me really knowing how to wash diapers (and me not liking laundry even when I'm not immediately postpartum!). That makes all of the purchases that needed to be purchased, purchased. The only other thing(s) I've thought about are a support pillow for the sling (never could get dd comfy in the sling as a newborn), and *maybe* another sling. I'm thinking about trying some kind of pouch instead of a ring sling - any recommendations? I want to try a fleece hotsling, but I think I'll wait until autumn because it'll be too warm for fleece here in, oh, a few days.

So now I feel like maybe I could be ready soon - lots of cervical pain today, the home visit tomorrow, some contractions - we'll see!
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Ravenmoon, I will be thinking of your friend. I cannot even imagine the pain she must be going through.

My Granny passed away last night after a very long battle with emphysema. She was in hospice and had been unconscious for the past week. Dh and I got to see her and talk to her before she got really bad though, so I'm glad for that. It's hard to think about attending a funeral as I am working towards birthing this baby, but at least she is at peace now and I know that she will be watching over my sweet baby boy as he makes the transition into this world.

Wishing you all peaceful birthing vibes, be it at home, birth center, or hospital.
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