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Lots of questions :-)

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1st question-- I am going grocery shopping tommorow and want to buy some foods for the labor. Now not knowing when labor will be I need food items that are not going to perish. I was thinking of buying a fruit tray when labor actualy starts but being that labor could start in the middle of the night, that seems a bit impossible to be able to get. My original plans were to have the fruit try and then make spinach enchilads, but I know if I have the items in the house to make the enchilads it will get made for dinner one night as this is a fav meal of mine and DH. So any and al lsuggestions for nourishing foods that i can keep around would be awesome

2nd question--Sibling gfts. I want to get each of my children a gift for when the new baby arrives. For my DD I am getting her a new "baby" doll and making some dolly diapers, sling and an outfit to match one of hers. I also have a friend who knitted a wool soaker to match the new babes. But for my 3 boys I have NO clue what to get for them. My 4yo might like a "baby" and some diapers (he is so sweet that way) but then again he is going to want what his older brothers get. I just haven't a clue what it could be for them.

3rd question--I used to have a link on how to make a placenta tincture using water, vodka and a slice of placenta. But my link has disappeared and I cannot turn anything up on a google search If anyone knows where I might find that recipe it woul dbe greatly appreciated!
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NM on question 3 i *finally* found the link woohooo!!!

http://www.unhinderedliving.com/placentaessence.html for those interested
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On unhinderedliving, there is also a recipe for making cayenne tincture to have on hand in case you are worried about bleeding before or after the placenta is out and do not want to eat the placenta, saving it for the placenta tincture.

Just thought you'd like to know! Im not sure about gifts for your boys, do you want the gifts to be related to birth/new baby?

And for food hmm, if a fruit platter is going to perish you could buy apples, oranges and other fruit that keeps well for a couple of weeks in the fridge and get hubby to chop it up when the time comes.

Also I suggest getting the material for making basic sandwiches that you can cut into triangles and keep on a large plate. It'll keep everyone happy and you may find yourself wanting something more solid than fruit. I had cold ham sandwiches after I gave birth and they were the best thing I had ever tasted (ham as in ham off the bone of a large xmas ham!)
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you could probably get good stuff for smooties now.. some might persih though.. hard to say!!
i would like to do the same, but i feel the food would go to waste ( or i would eat it)..lol
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Quikening--Im not worried about bleeding, never had an issue before, but I will look up the cayenne recipe anyways. The placenta tincture only uses a small portion of the placenta so i could still use the rest of it for other things.

Gifts, I am thinking baby/birth related but I am not sure. I am really clueless on what to do for them (they are 9,8 & 4).
Hawkfeather--smoothies would be great, if I had a blender LOL maybe Ill look into buying an inexpensive one tommorow at walmart.
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with my kids I found what they really value as a gift varies (day to day sometimes).. birth related..hmm..
the older ones, what about a journal? a nice fancy one?? big transiitons migth come the need for expression..dolls are nice for the smaller kidlits in my house.. a special *stuffy* they like a lot...maybe the oldest one would enjoy making a time capsule?
hard to say when you don't know the kids..but good luck!@!
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I was thinking of books for my sibling gifts but I don't have any idea what ones

Maybe photo albums or scrapbooks?

I had an all day cooking spree last week and froze enough meals for 2 weeks after the baby is born but I haven't thought about labor foods. Having ice chips for labor seems to be my obsession LOL. I always seem to throw up in labor so I'm not sure what would be good
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Hmm maybe a scrabbook and disposable camera to take pics with? That might work for the older 2! especilaly since my 9yo is always buggin me to buy him a camers

Mama gaia I so wish I could have an all day cooking spree but i absolutely do not feel like cooking freezer meals. no recipe have found appeals to me at all, so i am just gonna stick with my menu planning and cooking every night, or having dh cook everynight.

sucks you alwaysthrow up in labor i have been lucky and never been sick in labor *knock on wood*
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oh, i too wish i could have a cooking spree, but our fridge stopped working. i like the idea of sandwiches and fruit plate for after the birth. both of those are things that dh could handle! i've been at a lack for ideas, so thanks for those!!
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Ooh,the scrapbook and disposable camera sounds like a great idea

Now I have a question...
What on earth do you get for the dh???? I've been wracking my brain trying to think of the perfect gift
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Oh no!! I owuld go insane if my fridge broke down. Thankfully being in military housing they would get it fixed asap.

I had wanted an outback steakhouse meal for after the birth but i dont see that being plausible unless i deliver during the day LOL I dont even remember being hungry after my last homebirth, Ill have to ask dh what i ate or if i ate anything.

On the gifts I thinkI have it figured out for my 2 oldest sons and dd but nothing for my youngest ds. Hopefully an idea will come to me soon.
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isn't the joy of catching his child being born gift enough?
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i got a gift for dh, intending it to be a birthing gift, but gave it to him that night (which was months ago :LOL). it was a few inch tall wooden carving of a couple facing each other, sitting in a full arm/neck embrace...can't see their faces or much detail. it was from a locally owned import store--tibetan/indian type stuff.
dh got me a beeswax candle of a goddess mama. it was such a sweet surprise--this from the guy that doesn't remember to get me a bday gift! i'm planning on burning it during the birth.
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Sprinkle thats so sweet!!
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Originally Posted by Jenniebug
isn't the joy of catching his child being born gift enough?
HAHA. Yeah,well...he caught me looking at various things online and figured out what I was up to and he said something along the same lines...that the baby was gift enough.
Gawd,he's such a sap sometimes.
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