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newest belly pic :D

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here is my new 23 week belly pic
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Awww your belly is so cute and round!!

My husband keeps running off to work with the digital camera but I'll get a pic soon...
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Well, I took the pic then my battery died before I could upload.
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well dang i wanna see more belly pics
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My 22 week pic is in my sig. It's from last week, but I'm already bigger!
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Beautiful bellies ladies!
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Awesome belly, Selissa!

Davina, you're carrying much higher now. You have a great belly!

Isn't it fun to really fill out those maternity clothes now?

I need to get an updated belly pic in here...still carrying really high.
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I know... My ribs huuuuuuurt! I am NOT used to carrying this high. The boys were both always so low. At 6 months people would think I was due any day and say "oh, i can tell that baby has already dropped". I didn't have rib pain with them... just had to pee every 10-20 minutes (literally a lot of times).
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Nice pics. I am just at 23 weeks and I am going into that "feeling bigger every second" phase. Ugh.

And still puking sick. Double ugh!

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Okie, here it finally is!! A bit blurry but good enough - so what do you guys think, carrying high or carrying low or in the middle?

27 weeks

My belly looks kind of red! Just the pic tho, don't worry
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Cute belly, af! I'd say you're carrying a bit high.
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I can't decide if my favorite is Selissa or almostfey lol! Gorgeous bellies!!!!
I just uploaded mine last night; it's in my sig.
Take care,
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OH MAN!! I have GOT to get DH to take some pics of my belly!! You guys' are so cute!
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Love the bellies ladies

Karen i just can't get over your lovely smooth belly. IT is soo neat seeing how different everyone carries. very reassuring that the world is a varied and fabulous place.
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* kisses to the babies *
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Here's mine!

27 weeks
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My 24 week pic from Monday is in my sig!
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