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Éxtended Rear Facing Car Seat Info - PLEASE READ!!!!!

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Hey all.....

So, I remembered that I had posted the link for this site before, but now all of the posts are gone and people that wanted to go back and look can't. So, I am going to stand on my little soap box for a minute and re-post this link:


So, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you love your child, go and check out this link. I read all of the info, and was impressed, but I was also excited at the prospect of being able to turn Quinn around now that she is one and be able to see her better and talk to her in the car. But then I watched the video crash test dummy footage comparing the rear-facing car seat kid to the forward facing carseat kid, and I almost fainted, puked.....I was appalled!!! Seriously, Quinn in not going to be turned around for a LONG time! I can't believe that the U.S. is so behind on their recommendations compared to other places, especially with facts and the VIDEO of this! I am still sad that she is going to be rear-facing longer, but at least I know that she is a million times safer. PLEASE go and look at this video, even if it takes 20 minutes to load up on your slow dial-up. You will be soooo thankful that you took the time. And if you don't have the time, come on over and you can use my super fast cable modem to look at it. I am dead serious. TURN YOUR KIDLETS BACK AROUND!!!!!

Okay, I will come off my soap box now......

....a totally freaked out Angela.
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Thanks Angela - that is a very interesting link. I think we will wait to turn ds around until he reaches the max weight for rear facing - which I think is 30 lbs on our seat. Of course, he is 23# at 8.5 months, so at this pace I still may be able to turn him at 1 year! Silly child!
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Thanks!! We had planned on keeping ds RF for 18 months. He doesn't seem to mind (yet!)

I posted this link on another moms board I post on.

Also....a mom in my playgroup used to design the interior of cars and she said the recommendation is at least 18 months for RF.
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Thanks for sharing. It has a lot of important info.
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Thanks for the link!
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Thank you for posting that. I think I'll go and turn Abi's seat back around now!! She's got long legs so that's why I turned her forward, but after seeing that 5 year old boy sitting that way I gues she can handle it.

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Great link! Love the picture of the 5 year old.

I remember early car seats with my baby sister which were about as safe as a cup holder. With my oldest dd (12years) the car seats only could hold a 20lb baby rear facing. Now we have a convertible seat that can stay rear facing until 35lbs, but I want more! I love reading recommendations and sharing this info with others, but I can never keep my large babies rear facing very long. At least with the 35lb seats we can make a year ( ds is 32lbs at 10mo) and this is a huge improvement, but I had to wait 10 years before the 35 lb seats came out. Maybe by the time I am a grandmother the manufacturers will make better seats.

OK, I am done complaining.
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Dont forget about height limits!

I am way big into carseat safety and keeping baby rearfacing as long as possible. I almost cried when my ds reached the height max on his Britax RA at 12.5 mos! Out of all the reasons I've wished for a shorter, lighter kiddo, that is the number one. I would have kept him rearfacing til meeting a weight or height max, not til a particular age.

Mama to 15 mos old ds
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Isn't it amazing how much our little ones vary in size? Abi was 22 pounds at 18 mos. and only then did I turn the carseat around. But now it's going to face backwards again. I had her in a new booster seat. She loves it and fits the weight requirements but I think I'll put it away for a year or so until she grows out of the convertible one that goes to 35 pounds.

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So what do you do if your child is outgrowing the convertible carseat? After reading that site I want to have her rear facing til she's 18! lol! I just put her convertible back in the car and noticed she's about 1.5 inches from the top of the back of it. Now what?? I don't mind getting a new seat if it's going to last awhile longer with her facing backwards.

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So what do you do if your child is outgrowing the convertible carseat? After reading that site I want to have her rear facing til she's 18! lol! I just put her convertible back in the car and noticed she's about 1.5 inches from the top of the back of it. Now what?? I don't mind getting a new seat if it's going to last awhile longer with her facing backwards. She's only 22 months and not more than 25 pounds but she's a tall girl.

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Darshani, I would keep her rf'ing til she reaches that 1 inch from the top or the weight limit. I wish I could have done that with my ds. The reason for the 1 inch rule is because of propulsion during the crash. You dont want their head coming up over the back of the seat.

Mama to 15 mos old ds.
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Thanks JuneMama, I'm just afraid that the last .5 inch growth spurt will come soon the way she's been growing the last 6 months. I would like her to remain rf until she's like 2.5 or 3 if possible but like I said she's a very tall girl.

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I just wrote Jennifer Matlock, the one who did that site that is mentioned above, about my concerns with Abi being too tall in her rear facing seat. Thought this info might be helpful so I'm posting part of her reply:

"In the lower price range, there's the Graco ComfortSport (or, if you can
still find one, the Century Accel, which is the non-LATCH version).
That runs about $60-80, and you can find it at Toys R Us/Babies R Us and
some Wal-Mart stores are carrying it too. In the higher price range,
Britax just came out with the Marathon, which rear-faces to 33 lbs and
has a VERY tall back. My 3 year old (who is still rear-facing) still
has about 5-6 inches above his head in that one. It also tethers
rear-facing. It is brand new, though, so may be a little difficult to
find. I know most Babies R Us stores will be carrying it, and several
places online have it. It runs $250."

It's funny how much things have changed. When I was little my mom put me in a basket on the floor of the passenger side of the car!! My brother was handicapped and she has to buy him a carseat because he couldn't sit up well on his own-- and there were only 1-2 models to choose from then. The one he used had a *metal* bar with a bit of padding that came down over him after he was buckled in at the waist! Yikes!

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Things sure have changed. My mom always (when she is on her tangent about not putting ds in a carseat) talks about how she used to nurse and drive at the same time. We were hungry and she needed to be some place, so she did it. As if that makes me more likely to take ds out of his seat
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Did you notice what happened to the feet and legs with the rear facing older child? I would think that could be dangerous as well.

My 4 year old isn't even in a car seat anymore because he's too big. He's almost as tall as his 8 year old sister and weighs about the same.

Edited...... I just read this, "Second, there are NO, nada, zero documented cases of children's legs breaking in a crash due to longer rear-facing."

There is more that can happen than just a broken leg. If I put my 4 year old in a car seat rear facing and I had a crash I have no doubt he would injure himself because he is very tall. I have an adult cousin that got hurt from having his legs up like that when he was in the front seat. Why couldn't the same happen to a child?
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I went back looking for this link to send a friend, and found that the link to the other website didn't work any longer. Here's the updated link: http://www.cpsafety.com/articles/stayrearfacing.aspx
I still think this info is really important for us all to take a look at!
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Yes, Jennifer is very smart, and very dedicated to child passenger safety. I originally "met" Jennifer on a mainstream carseat board a few years ago, and she is now one of the community leaders of the board.

Anyway, I just had to throw my 2cents in here. Oh, and as for the breaking of legs, there is a big difference between someone in the front seat with their legs up, and a rearfacing child in a carseat. In the front seat the legs would hit the dash, or the airbag would hit them, causing the damage. In a rearfacing child, those dangers don't exist. This is a quote from Jennifer's site...

First, children are more flexible than adults so what we perceive as uncomfortable is not so much so for the children. Second, there is not a single documented case of children's legs, hips, etc. breaking in a crash due to longer rear-facing. Even if a leg were broken, it can easily be fixed. A damaged spinal cord (from forward-facing too soon) cannot be repaired and subjects the child to lifelong disability or death.
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USA Mama,

If your daughter shoulders are even with the topof her seat she is to big for it. There are seats that harness until 65 lbs. They are pricey but well worth the money IMO. It is the Britax Marathon. It also has a lot of safety features that no other comapny offers.

Ann Marie,

There hasn't been a documented case of legs breaking, but the theory is it is better for your child to have broken legs than a broken spine. If your child fits all the *tests* (heigh, weight, maturity etc) then you can move them out of a booster. I personally will keep my 6 year old in a booster as long as I can. It goes to 100lbs. Als many states have laws that say children under 8 years and/or 80lbs have to be in a booster.


Please do not purchase a seat with an overhead sheild. They are dangerous and can be equal to hitting your child in the face with a baseball bat during a collision. 5pt harnesses are the safest.
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I am proud to say that my DS (Toby) is one of the featured "big kids" on Jennifer's site! At 3 years 2 months he is still RF in a Britax Marathon (in my car) and a Britax Elite in DH's. Even at around 40 inches tall he still has a good three inches of seat above his head in both seats! He is a lightweight at around 27 or 28 lbs, so I don't see having to turn him around any time in the near future and I am hoping he will still be RF at four!

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