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Got my swap gift

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OMG... Thank you Jenniebug, as I type my DD is taking care of her baby doll in her new sling wrapped in her new silky. I love the sling you made for the new baby It is so cute, I cant wait. I wanted an adjustable sling so bad And the tie die is so cute!

I will post photos later of my DD and her sling and silk- after nap time

I was just telling my mom yesterday that Rainey needed some more play silks, she just loves them so much....

Thank you, it was so sweet and so needed.....
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Ok now you can ignor emy question sin the other thread

I am so so glad you like the tye dye. I stressed over the colors and finally had to go with my gut. If you need instructions for wearing the sling I will link you to my site.

I can't wait to see pics of Rainey with her silk and sling.
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yes send me a link- I am sure I could figure it out, but it is nice to have links

My DD is in love with this silk We didnt use slings with her, because I only had a new native and it hurt me- because it didnt adjust, so I am trying to show Rainey how to wear it, but she is not getting it, perhaps she will need to see me wearing the new baby and then she will understand her baby goes in there too... I just love it!

Thank you so much.. I will take photos
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I had to go look it up, Im terrible at remembering the link lol
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