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Amber sorry to hear about the rough delivery and your little girl's arm. I hope you're both recovered quickly. Congrats!!

Yikes Shannon! What a predicament. Glad someone helped you out

Heve, hope the acupuncture helps ... go baby go!

Mia's cord fell off around ten days. Seemed like it took forever. Madison's was about the same time frame. It's funny how you just find them lying around somewhere!

Today is my little boy's 6th birthday! So have a great day everyone.
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How pathetic is it that it has taken me until Thursday to be able to subscribe to this thread? :

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AmBam congrats on growing such a big wonderful baby!!! So sorry her arm got hurt! Wishing you a speedy recovery too! Kane slept great last night!!! He only got choked on the mucus stuff probably 4 times and he only ate 2 times in the night well it is only 6:11 and I have already had a shower and breakfast so I have been up since like 4:30 again. I can't believe how much he has grown and that is almost 6 weeks old, I swear he didn't stay "newborn" as long as ds1.
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Hi Mamas! Checking in on Hevea (hope you don't feel like a watched pot!) I hope the acupuncture works! Sending you gentle, loving birthing vibes...

As hevea mentioned in a past thread, I had my baby boy. He is 2 weeks old today -- born on Feb 17 (hevea, great job on the new thread! do you mind changing his bday for me? Thanks!) We had an unassisted homebirth, which was absolutely wonderful. It was 15 hours of INTENSE labor, but the last 2 hours when my body stared pushing actually felt great and once I could feel him crowning I was actually smiling and laughing with joy. It was a wonderful peak experience for me and dh and we're totally in love with our Finn.

Amber, congratulations on your baby girl! I'm so sorry her arm is broken! I hope you both are okay.

As far as belly button stumps -- Finn's fell off in 6 days. He'd had 2 (just water) baths and spent most of his time just in diapers. He actually played with it and "helped" it fall off.

So...we asked our families to give us a week to bond with baby by ourselves before they came to visit. They all came last weekend and dh's father came with a bad cold! Baby's fine, but I've had a temp of over 101 since Sunday and I've developed a breast infection. I just read that breastfeeding moms can get breast infections from being around sick family memebers and my mw confirmed that. Sure isn't easy being new mama with a 101 fever! My smilies aren't working, but picture every irked, angry, and irate smilie there is. The thing that is so maddening is that they were giving us SUCH a hard time because he hadn't been to a doctor yet and hadn't had any shots. They said "well, we don't want to come down until he's had his shots," but they came anyway and brought illness with them! What the @%#$???

Okay, enough ranting from me. Thanks for listening!
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Also checking in on Heve, and to let her know I had a rather vivid dream that she had the baby in her house in the birth tub (I went upstairs to see it) adn that she had "it" (I won't divulge the sex) on Sat early eve after beginning labor in the middle of the night Friday. Sometimes I'm right
Kate, what vaccines would a baby have before 2 weeks old???? Do they really vac that early in the states??? Molly isn't even eligible for her first shot until she's 10 weeks old--I still am undecided as to how I'll handle vaccines. I don't think it's just my doctor but wehn I saw her Monday with Molly she was fairly specific that vaccines could be started at 10 weeks. Oh and big congrats on Fin!!! Woo Hoo!!! How much did he weigh??
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kate - so nice to see you! sorry you've been so sick and that the family descended with illnesses -- somehow wanting to see babies can override common sense, i think.

amber - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! so sorry to hear about her arm. hope she will be better quickly. what a story!

kitty - at least you didn't miss the week!

so leta - getting up 4 times to drain mucus and two times to feed doesn't sound like much sleep for you! now i feel whiny because i would be grumpy all day after four mucus drainings.

shannon and heve - sounds like a great lunch despite the truck stuck thing.

so, mia is now over a month old...i guess we should bathe her at some point... ...but she's so little!

so, i'm supposed to go to the hospital to get the pku test done (since we were only in the hosp for a couple of hours, she doesn't have it), but i'm not sure if she's past the infectious phase yet and i think i may have pink eye (nice!) so i'm thinking maybe i should wait to next week to be sure...what do y'all think?

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nope, no labour last night either...

But Congratulations, Amber! So glad labour went well, and that you had your home birth! So sorry to hear about the rough delivery, and her poor little arm, ouch! Yes, I was thinking the same - how did that affect you? What do they do on a newborn's broken arm? She'll heal quickly. And 10 lbs! wow!

Thanks for the check-ins. No, from you guys, I don't mind. It was the daily phone calls from MIL and such that were getting me down.

I am seeing my acupuncturist again today, instead of waiting until Friday. I guess originally I thought it would be too much to do all the u/s OB stuff and acupuncture on the same day. But I'm feeling totally normal (physically) this morning, so I'm ready for more! Bring it on! Dh and I were wide awake at 4 this morning, too, so we did our homework. Have been speaking with the baby. Up until now, it's been kind of "come when you're ready" talk, but now it's "It's time, little one, it's ok, mama will protect you, we're here to help you, you can do it"...baby likes his/her snooze button. Poor kid comes by it honestly, though...
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Hey ya'll...
Heve - also checking in on you
amber - horray that baby is here... but i'm so sorry her arm got broken in delivery. I hope it heals quickly.
Tug - the problem is dominic smells like sour milk. its making me nuts. or i wouldn't bathe him yet. I think he and i will get in the tub tonight, and we'll wash gently with water and burts bee's, and i'll hand him off to Rod.

On draining mucus. When does one need to do that? Dominic shows no signs of snot. latches on and breathes thru his nose fine.... the snot sucker thing looks tortuous.

big hugs all around....
i'm so proud of myself for posting 2 days in a row.
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oops - meant to respond to Kate's and Shannon's posts...

Kate - how terrible that they came with their cold germs! That would bring out the mama bear in me, that's for sure!! : : : : : (for you!!) I've changed your date on the list.

Very cool, Shannon! Thanks for sharing that dream! My acupuncturist was telling me yesterday that she had a dream my waters broke while on her treatment table! Keep those labour vibes and dreams coming!!!
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Joy, you don't need to aspirate his nose unless he's having trouble with it. Yes, Molly relates it to torture--it's her dad's job, I hate it and he always seems to get far more snot out than I do. I think yesterday was the first day we didn't have to use the snot sucker at all--Yippee!!!
Heve, glad you're going for another treatment today, I was wondering if that was why you were doing another on Friday instead of today, the NST and the BPP u/s is really no big deal at all, the NST is actually pretty fun, you get to see and hear the HB and it's cool to see the heart rate go up when baby kicks. Good luck and be sure to update us when you get back
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Amber! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a nice big baby you had! I'm really sorry about her arm Poor baby and poor mommy!

Autumn has had nasal congestion for about a week. That bulb nose sucker is a torture device. She screams bloody murder when I use it I wish her little cold would go away already so I could put that awful thing away. It is amazing how much snot it does suck out though....ewww!

The visitors never seem to end! We allowed people to start coming over last Friday when she was a week old and every night we've had at least 2 people stop by. We have so many 6-9 month size outfits now I could probably wardrobe an entire school. :LOL I wish I had more newborn PJs though...she is seriously lacking the tiny size clothing now. Every night we end up cooking dinner for all these people though! Ummm something is wrong with this picture don't you think? Not one of our friends brought us food...just clothing. Anyone else go through this or do we just have strange friends?
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Traci, Sorry your friends aren't more helpful. You DEFINITELY should not be the ones cooking dinner!!!

Shan -- Exactly right! He couldn't even get shots for another 10 weeks (which we're not going to do anyway). It's funny, everyone was pretty accepting of our unassisted childbirth ( we told them AFTER) but they've been on our case to go to a doctor. Like they won't believe baby Finn and I are okay until a doctor okays it. Our mw did come over 2 days ago and gave Finn a thorough newborn scan and told us what we already knew -- he's healthy and thriving. And Shan, he was about 8 lbs when born.
Great dream you had about Hevea!

And Hevea, I'll be waiting (im)patiently for an update after your next appt. (and thanks for the irked smilies).

Tug, I'd probably wait until next week for the PKU test, just so you feel safer.

It's good to be back!

BTW, what are all you new mamas wearing? Finn and I haven't left the house since he was born, and we're going out into the world tomorrow. None of my clothes fit yet and I'm wondering about "nursing-friendly" tops?
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Joy, just an FYI, I don't know if you're visiting the life with a babe forum yet, but there is a warning about a potential danger with the Amby Bed you may want to check it out.
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Hey all, Congratulations to Amber on the birth of her baby girl. Congratulations and wishing you both a speedy recovery.

Congratulations Kate also . We gave birth on the same day, and for some reason I do remember thinking of you whilst I was in labour. Ohhh, the birthing vibes must have been strong that day!! I am so glad that you had the birth that you wanted, but not so glad that you have a fever and an infection too. Yep, just love the people that come around with germs. I am very vocal about asking people to wash their hands and to stay away when they are sick too. It irritates them no end, but I just have to do it.

Traci, When we had our first baby it was around Christmas time, and my MIl and Sil were staying with us. Dh was working until the wee hours of the morning, so I was stuck with a non sleeping baby and his family members who would wait for me to cook dinner. So no, you are not the only one with wierd people in your life. I just don't think that they even consider it a big deal.

As for the cord dropping off, with dd 1 we used nothing, and she ended up with an umbilical granuloma, which bascially meant that she was a couple of months old before she had a proper bath. Her belly button didn't dry up and it was left open underneath.
This time, our ped. advised us to use alcohol, and dd2 dropped off in 6 days. She had her first bath the other night and liked it a good deal better than a sponge bath!!
Just wanted you to know my experience.

Ok, I think dd 1 is awake. It will be nice to get some alone time with her. I am feeling so guilty about the amount of time that I have to spend with dd2.
So, I had better go and get her up to play.
Hope you are all well

XXX Jasmine
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Starting to catch up here...

Amber - congrats!!!! Poor little arm, I got shivers when I read that. I hope she's OK! Ten pounds is quite the big baby!!!

Max lost his "stump" at two weeks. I used alchohol sparodically but not with every change. With all my boys it took about 2-3 weeks.

I've been giving him baths in a baby tub and it's going OK. I would like to try taking a bath with him but I know my 27 month old DS would want to join us and I'm a bit nervous about that because he is all over the place when we take a bath together and he splashes A LOT.

Nose sucker things really are torture devices - when I have to use one (which I try to avoid at all costs) I make DH do it!

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Joy, Scott and I bathe together in the tub and DH sits on the toilet (w/ camera) until I've finished washing him so I can pass him out. We took a bath when I was the only one home and that was a mistake. I was dripping and shivering while I tried to wrap him in his towel. Then he pooped in his towel so I threw a towel around me and went to get him dressed. I was still bleeding steadily at this point and made a bit of a mess on the floor while I shivered and tried to get a diaper on him...it was quite laughable.

I also recommend putting a space heater in there with you and bring a hand towel in the tub so you can lay back and relax with him and keep him warm. Just keep a lookout for poo. Scott can last about 15 minutes before he poops. I don't mind the pee because it dilutes, but it's just nasty when he poos. Oh and you'll be amazed at how dirty Dominic is...I gave Scott spongebaths, but he still put a good ring on the tub. :LOL

DH and I traveled to Ft. Lee. We got home an hour ago and I've vowed to stay home for a very long time. I am NOT looking forward to our trip home to FL in April. It's going to be hell. Scott decided that he did not like his car seat and started to scream right at the NC/VA border. It took forever to soothe him and I was at my wit's end but I finally nursed him to sleep and he slept the rest of the way.

Amber, congrats on having your daughter. I can't wait to hear her name! I hope you both recover and heal quickly...ten pounds...yikes!

Hevea - I hope your acupuncture session is less painful and more productive. You'd better have this baby soon.
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Hi everyone!

Congrats to the new mamas! AmBam your babe and mine are the bigguns of the group!!! (ds was 10-9/22.5"!!)

I am in the thick of babymooning, nursing all the time. I posted this before but yes I love my Kangaroo carrier and he is snuggled in it all the time. Does anyone know how to nurse in this thing? Joy? Lesley? We do the kangaroo carry exclusively... I haven't figured out any other way yet.

Ds is 11 lbs. 9 oz. at 3 weeks... yes, that would be ONE POUND exactly over birthweight. My boy is a chow hound. He is thriving and his jaundice is going away, albeit slowly - mostly just his face now.

I am creating a website for photos... will post link soon!!
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I'm wondering what the rest of you are wearing, too. I'm 4 weeks pp, but not much fits me yet. I went to a thrift store and bought a pair of jeans a size up, they fit okay, but way to tight to be comfy all day. I have been trying to stay home as much as possible (flu and RSV germs!!!) so I wear alot of workout style pants, and just regular t-shirts. When I have gone out, I have worn jeans a size or two too big. Size 10s are fitting pretty good, and 8s are getting better, but still pretty tight. I prefer to just lift my shirt up, as opposed to a nursing top, or unbuttoning (takes too long).

Amber, sorry about the baby's arm, but glad she's here

As for vaccinations, they do give the Hep. B to newborns here, but I refused it. No big deal, but a warning that they do give in the hospital for those who might not know! Make sure and ask, and let them know that you are refusing it (I think I signed some form or something saying I refused it). Depending on your ped, they might want to start vaccinations at the 2 month appt. I do delayed, select vaccing of our kids, so I'm planning to eventually get the polio and DTaP, but that's it. MMR is delayed, too. I'm a bit hyped about this right now. I just read the local paper ~ I noticed the picture of a girl I remember in HS a few grades below me, so I decided to see what it was about (it's a small paper, so they do lots of little so-n-so got a promotion, ect.) but this was an obituary! They didn't mention the cause of death, so when my mom called, she told me... FLU VACCINE!!! She got one, and got sick, in a comma,and then died, leaving 2 small kids!!! She wasn't a friend or anything, but to die at age 22 b/c you got a flu vaccine is just beyond me!!! It's making me nausous just thinking about it! There is risk in everything you put in your body, so make sure *you* know the risks involved and that you feel the benifit outweighs the risks. It's your body, and your baby. You can refuse anything you are not comfortable with, or you can always delay if you are not sure. There is no time-table, just a recommended time.

Okay, off my soapbox now...

I took Laina to get weighed at 1 month, she is 9lb, 9.5oz!!! Up from 6lb 15 1/2 oz (just say 7lbs). At 2 weeks she was 7lb 10oz, so she has grown a lb a week the last 2 weeks!!! She is getting so big, the NB clothes are too small now, and she is fitting nicely in the 0-3 month stuff. She is about to outgrow her XS FB, but the KLs, and the small FB are fitting very well now!

Well, hope heve has her baby soon... and a very easy homebirth
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shannon - yeah, i saw the amby bed warning over at LWAB yesterday. we haven't had dominic in his for more than 5 minutes yet becaues i can't bear the thought of not sleeping all snuggled up with him. We ditched the snugglenest when I realized you can't nurse in the darned thing, and we were falling asleep nursing anyway. i feel very secure with him, tho when he starts rolling and crawling, will probably put the side rail guard on my side of the bed.

The Bath - well, i got in with dominic, and we have this safer bather pillow thingy that holds his head out of water and keeps him from sliding all over the place, so we used that. He was very confused. He liked the water, and the warmth of it, but HATED being cold afterwards. I passed him to DH who wrapped him in the hoody towel immediately, but man did he holler. no poops, tho. he's now asleep in the kkafp

speaking of the kkafp - nope, periwinkle, NO CLUE on how to nurse in this thing. i guess it would entail an oxford style or specific nursing top that you could get top access to the boob? i wear mostly t-shirts.

speaking of clothes - Kate - I'm in t-shirts and comfy stretch pants most of the time since he was born... however, today, i got adventuresome, and found some jeans (okay,. they're fat jeans, but still , JEANS) that fit and am wearing them.

I finally changed my sig...
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i've been wondering about clothes too.

i'm still in my maternity stuff - yuck! mostly i'm wearing the maternity t's under big regular shirts and the stretch pants thingies (oh, yeah, i am soooo fashionable and sexy). i like the double shirt bit for nursing: i just hitch up the t-shirt and the bra and the overshirt short of shields things a bit.

i'm so big, i can't even fit my fat jeans (THREE sizes up from my regular size). :

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